Customer testimonials

Thank you Mr. Fierens for your time and assistance.
Just want to say your VCL Pack is fabulous.

— Mark Mihevc via Email
As a developer for 30+ years, and a Delphi developer since 1996, I've a solid foundation on desktop development. But I was skeptical of indulging in web development. Though the market was demanding a switch, it seemed too difficult to make the transition. TMS Software was my "magic bullet" to get me started with zero intimidation. Love their Web Core and XData products. Now I can develop powerful web applications using Delphi. TMS Software has renewed my love for Delphi and won my heart for their innovators. Thanks to the team for great products and a large volume of demos and manuals. You ROCK!

— Larry via Social Media
Regarding TMSFNCRibbon: It's a great component and I appreciate especially its HighDPI awareness and option for using SVG images - it's a huge saving on my time, thanks for a great job.

— Karel Janecek via Support Center
Thanks I will be upgrading. In the 30 years I’ve been doing development I’ve never been happier to spend $$$ on a product. Your product line is astounding. As a fellow wizard my hat goes off to your tech team lead by Bruno.

— Mike Margerum via Email
In the past I have purchased other components from other parties. I will say proudly that TMS is the best in support, price and style.

Whenever I need a help your team is always there to help me.

Keep up the good work

— Mohamed Thooloon via Email
On another note keep up the good work over there I am loving the TMS Web Core saves me learning a million lines of JavaScript at my age, its astonishing how good and fast it is and the range of demos have given me some additional insight as to what's now easy to achieve for me in web development.

— Paul Krasnowski via Email
Thank you for this superb tool collection!

— Henning Swiboda via Email
We had a very positive Flexcel talk in our meeting yesterday. Dave Martel was very positive about the product; the support; speed to fix an issue.
By doing the talk he realised improvements over the years and has an amazing success story from analysing a large number of human created spreadsheets (1000’s of spreadsheets with 1000’s of readings).
The speed of analysis allowed them to refine and re-train the importer to deal with human vagaries (comments / colour etc).

— Jason Chapman (JAC2 Consultancy Limited), via Email
I just read the release notes about TMS WEB Core v1.8 Sirolo and noticed improvements about problems I reported. I greatly appreciate the reaction speed on such issues.
I installed TMS WEB Core v1.8 Sirolo and tried dynamic frames, which was one of my biggest issues. They work now. This is great. This results in so much cleaner user interfaces.
Thank you for this release.

— Huybrechts Michel via Blog Post
Thanks again for your great support & video webinars!
You have changed the way I build Delphi apps,
I can't begin to thank you enough for your products,
Looking forward to your next updates!
Please keep up the great work!

— Lawrence Green via Email
I have to say that MQTT is working well for me. I had been trying to use the Kinvey service to push messages, but this is much more elegant and easier. Thank you

— George Kirkwood via Email
TMS Cryptography Pack / installed yesterday, to replace our legacy encryption solutions. It works great. Many thanks!

— Kyrylenko Oleg via Blog Post
Thanks for the effort to create the VCL grid goodies !
These chunks of outcome-oriented teaching-material are very useful.
It's unbelievable how powerful the grid is when one knows how to unveil it's countless options...

— Feichtenschlager Thomas via Blog Post
Wow, I'm really impressed that you found this out in such a short time!
Thanks especially for testing it with Softmaker Office itself and with some more elaborate spreadsheets, this makes me confident that it'll work with the "real life" files that I have to handle.
Super service!

— Arthur Hoornweg via Email
I want to congratulate you for the component development of the very good Diagram Studio.

— Gabriel Castillo Hernandez via Email
I just wanted to say a big thanks for the "Live Diagram" feature in Diagram Studio. I have a temperature monitoring and control application that can make good use of this idea. It will allow me to visually manage and display a stepped control process, where temperature settings change with time. Thanks again!

— John Gray via Email
I enjoy diagram studio a lot. It is simple to use and very effective. In short, an excellent component.

— Harry Martin via Email
Thanks for a very nice and easy diagram editing environment Diagram studio is a quite straightforward way of designing things.

— John Karlaftis via Email
First thanks for the great product and great support.
Of course there’s a lot to learn when new to web programming.
But until now we have been able to solve all problems with your help and hints.
And each day bring a new nice surprise :) discovering features.

— Bo Nielsen via Email
This is a wonderfull component !!!!

— Pablo Bizzotto via Email
Of all the vendors I use, none comes close to the excellent support you provide.
Thank you SO MUCH!

— Don McIntyre via Email
Hi Bruno
Just want to drop you a line about how great your presentation was today.
We often fail to point out to someone when they do a great job!
You did a great job, you gave me a lot of ideas, and you answered my question very well.
THANK you for your great products & super support.

— Lawrence Green (Sitescapers Contracting), via Email
As a recent purchaser of the TMS Business Subscription package, I can attest to the quality of the product, the excellent value for money with an all-encompassing solution and best of all, the tremendous support and patience shown by TMS Software in supporting their product.

— Marius Nothling via Email
An amazing piece of work. Can''t wait to start working with WebCore in V Code.

— Hennekens Stephan
This is huge! Visual Studio Code is my go-to for a cross platform editor. Good luck!

— Frazor Scott
Bruno and team,

What a wonderful idea. !

This gesture that TMS has taken to encourage new and future software designers is both exceptional and extraordinary. It in fact, takes courage to give away your most valuable assets.

We must never forget our own history; and what we are today is because of the opportunities we were given in the past.

Thank you

— Kamran
You guys are making it very hard for me to not spend more money! :)

— Michael Margerum
Installed today (fnc core + fnc maps + chromium v84/dev). then created a test app (vcl, dx 10.3) with old tms map and new tms map, side by side.
fantastic performance. thank you!

— Oleg Kyrylenko
That is brilliant!
Thanks for delivering us such nice framework

— WIERZBICKI Stéphane via Blog Post
I am very happy to use TMS Aurelius with Delphi 10.4, I did not expect a quick launch like this.
I am also enjoying the new BatchSize feature, which is much faster than the normal mode.

— Leandro via Blog Post
The functionality of "faunadb" is quite different and looks just awesome!
Thank you TMS for exploring new technologies and making it available for us all.

— Kamran via Blog Post
I installed it and the designer in VSC ran out of the box, I''m speechless - this is something great

— Ulrich Groffy via Blog Post
I don''t know how I could have created and managed so many projects without the AdvStringGrid! And although there is already so much functionality in it I''m using my own derived version with automatic column widths, enhanced export to Excel (including text colors, backround colors, comments, merged cells and more), the possibility to fill in static data at design time and more. This often allows me to build a new tool in hours instead of days! Support is also great! Thanks.

— Raß Jacqueline via Blog Post
Thank you for developing components where I can best describe it like this:
TMS components is a case where
"The wheels fit the car, and NOT the car fit the wheels".
Well done.

— Sathiparsad via Blog Post
When I purchased TMS All Access, it was with the aim of using the controls, Flexcel and TMS Web Core in the next stage of the current project, using the economics of purchasing the various products separately vs as one product-suite as part of that decision. But having access to the full product line-up and in the phase of "what did I get for my money?", I learnt about XData (which I will definitely be using for the web side of things) and Aurelius (which will save me hours in terms of development time, and will effectively pay for itself if one translates saved time to money).

— Roland Skinner via Email
FixInsight brought us an immediate gain in code quality by highlighting possible problems that went undetected until now.
We included it in the static code analysis on our buildserver, so every commit by a developer is also checked with FixInsight. It is a tool that really helps you to make your codebase more solid and also improves readability by reminding developers to stick to conventions.
One should not forget to mention that Romans support is great.

— Lübbe Onken (RA Consulting), Germany
We use Delphi for the majority of our projects and FixInsight has been really helpful in identifying potential pitfalls. It does help to write better code with conventions warnings as well as highlights issues in code that may lead to hard-to-find bugs. As more warnings are progressively added in the recent of releases of FixInsight, it helps us improve our products. We highly recommend it.

— Andrew Fox (SoftPerfect Pty. Ltd.), Brisbane, Australia
I will never again ship a product on which I have not run FixInsight. It prevented us from shipping a product with several significant bugs which the Delphi compiler had not detected. It paid for itself the first time we used it.

— Tom Field (Field Tested Systems), United States
I have installed the beta and compiled our app with it and no issues
Thanks for such a great product and excellent support.

— Andrew Cumming via Email
As always your support is extraordinary and lightning fast.

— Anonymous via Support Center
Great controls - Just like I remember from the project I worked on 1998-2003. The controls only got better

— Anonymous via Email
I'm really, really impressed with everything. And thanks for helping me with my newbie questions.
There is a lot of ground to cover when you start, but the possibilities are really mind boggling. I'm writing a blog system in WebCore, as a warming up for the rewrite of our webshop.
I'ts been a long time (I guess since delphi 1 and the first introduction of firemonkey) that I've been this excited. Feeling like a kid in a candy store right now!

— Filip Demuynck via Email
Keep up the great work...Every new release of TMS Component Pack is like Xmas. Top quality components! :-)

— Aidan Thomson via email
I am very excited about the data modeler and how well it creates the Aurelius script. I have just started learning Aurelius and with FMX UI components, Aurelius, the Data modeler and John's new book on MVVM in Delphi I look forward to the next couple of weeks! I believe this to be my breakthrough in producing better applications quicker. I come from a strong database modeling background but have never lost my love for programming. Up to now I always struggled to make the bridge to creating easy cool looking applications fast as I keep on getting tied down in the detail of the GUI as soon as I start.
The components you are creating makes a beautiful picture and makes logical sense in my mind to work together as a complete solution for the application layer.

— Johan Swart via Email
I've played with the trial of Aurelius a bit and I like what I've seen so far (Firebird 2.5 with IBObjects). Especially the way how I can get started with a legacy database is nice. I wouldn't like if Aurelius thinks it needs to be clever when it comes to maintaining the underlaying database for changes due to the technical challenges mentioned above. For sure, Aurelius has potential for being an important part in the Delphi world when writing OO-based database clients.

— Thomas Steinmaurer (Firebird Technology Evangelist), via Email
From what I've seen so far, I think this is going to revolutionize my app development - can't wait to start playing with the features now!

— Dave White via Support Center
It's now very easy to build a report with the new Flexcel + Aurelius integration. It was so easy that I really thought I was doing something wrong. I will never go back to a report generator, Flexcel is way cooler and easier for reports.

— Eduardo Elias (Yashar software), via Email
TMS Aurelius makes my code to be very clean. I can code in pure OOP, not worrying about database persistence or SQL statements, being able to switch connections and database servers very easily. My development speed has increased significantly.

— Carlos Fitl via Email
Wagner, I must congratulate with you: I really enjoy reading and watching your posts and videos about TMS Aurelius. First, I appreciate them because they are very specific and up to the point. Second, as a TMS Aurelius user, the more of your post I read, the more I am confident about the choice I have made between TMS Aurelius and "The Others". I love the simplicity of TMS Aurelius: this is the very distinctive trait of it: If you know how to deal with Plain Old Simple Object in Delphi, then you know 80% of TMS Aurelius. And your posts about it, are something I always find very interesting. Thank you so much.

— Fabio Vitale via Blog Post
It's now very easy to build a report with the new Flexcel + Aurelius integration. It was so easy that I really thought I was doing something wrong. I will never go back to a report generator, Flexcel is way cooler and easier for reports

— Eduardo Elias (Yashar software), via Email
Another vote for Flexcel here, since the rewritten and updated Flexcel came out a year or two ago, I only use that. Mostly I use it to read XLS and XLSX files, which it does much faster and more flexibly than Excel automation, in my experience. If you also need to write XLS and XLSX files (which I do occasionally) Flexcel has the most amazing utility named 'ApiMate'. You can design your output report in Excel, including only a minimum of actual data, but with all the detailed formatting, headings, and column, row and cell properties you need. Then point ApiMate at the Excel file, and it generates a Delphi program to write the entire XLS file using the Flexcel API, with all the attributes matching those you created in Excel itself. It is then the work of a few moments to adapt the ApiMate-created functions to handle your real data. Magic! Flexcel support is prompt and helpful, too.

— Tim Frost via EMB Delphi 3rd party Newsgroup
Sorry to say that I regret about my Scripter purchase. I mean, I regret that I didn't purchase it before ;-)
I implemented the routine I needed in my application in less than 4 hours, thanks to the excellent examples in documentation and available features.
I'm even "scared" because everything worked in the very first time and every time this happens there is something really wrong "hidden" that only shows up when the application is running at the customer (one of the Murphy's Law).

— Natali Junior Samuel via Email
Finally, a chart control that hits the sweet spot! As a product, AdvChart has the right approach. It's still very simple to use, the price is perfect, the code is included and easy to modify to taste and things that would be hard to add later or by the user are already taken into account like multiple panes.

— Orlando Diaz via Email
I have tried your new "TAdvGDIPChartView : GDI+ enabled multi-pane chart component" demo and I am extremely impressed.
I develop applications using Borland Delphi 5 and for years now, the obvious choice for charting components has been TeeChart. Well not any more !!!
I often find that charting components can be a bit clumsy and awkward to use, but your charting components' properties are extremely well laid out and easy to use.
Also, when looking at the GDI plus demo, the quality of rendering and anti-aliasing is world-class.
Other charting components out there advertise lovely, glossy and shiny charts on their web site, but when you run their demos it's a very different story indeed. They are often poorly rendered and produce dodgy anti-aliased drawings, they are over-priced, etc...
So all in all, you certainly have the best charting component that I have ever came across - on the first release and for such a great price !
I was currently looking for a new charting component - well not any more ! I will be recommending that the company that I work for purchases your new charting component.

— Dave Scott via Email
Another great TMSSoftware component! And very excellent support and help by the TMS software team.

— Marco Boglione via Email
I would like to inform you that I am completely satisfied with your TMS VCL Cloud Pack. Integration with Google Calendar took about two hours with no problems - demo apps are straight and clear, no help necessary. Thank you for superb product!

— Karel Janeček (YAMACO Software),
Thanks for an excellent product. I did have some issues Friday but these were expertly solved by Adrian Gallero over the weekend. I cannot recommend you products and service high enough. Thanks and kind regards

— Kevin Clegg (Soft Options), via Email
Congratulations to the Office 2007 style ribbon bar. It looks great.

— Andre Voget via Email
The (Scenic) Ribbon control works so well and it looks so good! I've created an entire dummy interface in it to replace an older application and the reactions were very enthusiastic. I just discovered that an entire application can style itself using the AppStyler. This creates a great consistent look and feel as long as you use just TMS components. Thanks a lot and keep it up!

— Willem van de Vis via Email
Very nice, you keep surprising for the best

— Yoav Berchik via Email
I just had to take a minute to say that your new toolbarpager is one of the sweetest and prettiest components I have seen. Great job!

— Lee Jenkins via Email
Keyboarding this menu is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, (okay, I should probably get out more).

— Jerry Hayes via Email
Flexcel is an essential tool for working with Excel files in .NET. It is far less expensive to to develop Excel functionality in .NET with Flexcel than without it. I save several thousand dollars per year just in development, not including additional costs related to maintaining Office applications. TMS Flexcel Studio saves me enough money each year to buy many licenses for Office.
I'm also very happy with the licensing and how much value TMS Software provides with my purchase. Even paid upgrades are a much better value than upgrades from other vendors. I enthusiastically endorse TMS Software and Flexcel Studio for .NET.

— Steve Parrish
It is easy to use and powerful. I use it in cosole apps focused on reporting and calculation and it is fast in generating files. The feature of reporting by tags or "direct reporting" once known is a fundamental shortcut in report creation.
Not only it is fast, but also powerful and I can say this because I use it integrated with sql server: download data from sql, apply complex calculation by an excel template hand-defined in Excel, convert to values and upload back to sql server.
Size of this is about 60K rows X 70 columns X 6 (separate files). It works, obviously it consumes almost all the available 4 gb ram but it works even in 32bit mode.
When I use Flexcel I feel myself as I was driving a powerful sport car. Thank you very much.

— Giorgio Biondi
Just wanted to say that I'm very impressed by your component and the associated documentation. Since starting my company I've used quite a few third-party vendors, and the intuitive usage and excellent documentation on your product is outstanding. Makes interacting with Excel files very easy. Now, if only it was as easy to interact with an instance of Excel...

— Mark Sinclair-McGarvie
I've worked with Flexcel for the last two years and this is one of the greatest products I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is FAST and it just plain works! They are super responsive in answering questions and they've even added features I've requested. If you need to generate reports, don't shell out money for Crystal (or whatever name it goes by this month) - Buy this and you will NOT be sorry.

— Bill (Visual Studio Gallery),
After looking carefully at all the Competitor products in detail and having worked with one competitor product extensively we decided to move to FlexCel - this was no small decision but we have been rewarded with the most powerful and complete implementation. .Net managed code and a huge set of features. With FlexCel we really push the boundaries and have found it is really up to the task. Most importantly when we needed new business critical functionality the guys on support have really responded and given us and the product features when they were needed. I would strongly recommend FlexCel from both a technical and service response point of view.

— Richard White MBus C.E.O. (CargoWise edi),
We have built several windows (both .NET and Delphi) solutions using FlexCel and we have experienced the good evolution of the product. We like it mainly for the three following reasons: Value for the money: There is no need for any other component to have a full reporting solution. Performance: From the real experience we have performed, FlexCel is very well engineered and the performance you can obtain with it is impressive! The source code is available, and it's very important if you are involved in the development of competitive solutions and products.

— Luis del Ser (CEO Movilok),
I literally stumbled across FlexCel Studio for .NET on the internet. Whenever I searched for similar software, I ran across others that sucked, and the costs for them are outrageous. You guys have one hell of a product. I have been using it for the last two days, and I am very impressed not only by what I can accomplish but also your excellent documentation and examples.

— Frank Gennaro (,
I am really impressed about your know-how around Excel's under the hood workings. I've been kicking the FlexCel API around a bit over the weekend and must say it is the best investment I made in a long time in both time and money! And the speed at which you guys respond is incredible !

— Tim Young via Email
- Your product is by far the most pleasant tool to use. No other product even comes close to its ease of use.
- It is currently the easiest to use especially for those who neither want or need to have to spend lots of time learning some of the competitor's products.
- Data Modeler makes this an almost pleasant experience where you can work with a minimum of technical knowledge or be able to delve deeper where necessary.

— Bill Marshall via Email
I am very happy with you product, it meets just about all of my needs and is great value for money.

— Mike Hamilton via Email
Congrats, TMS Aurelius is really a nice peace of software... Kudos to the team

— Stéphane Wierzbicki via Delphi Developers community
P.S. If you ever get tired of TMS, come do support for us. ;-) You rock!

— Bill Pirkle via Email
Following a small problem with the TSectionListBox component, I was amazed to see that it was corrected in... 4 days. And what amazes me the most is to see that my clients are more impressed by the look & feel of my software since I'm using TMS components rather than its new features. A great thank you for your efficiency, you help me a lot.

— Jean-Pierre Lamon/ via email
Every time I call on TMS I find the same level of professional attention and timely response. Thank you very much! I'm a TMS fan for life

— Tony Benci via email
You always have the coolest components for Delphi--nobody else even comes close.

— A. Roberts/Robotics Technlogies via email
VCL Component Studio is AWESOME and the components are used every single day!

— David Case via email
Thanks so much for providing outstanding components and service with your TMS Smooth Controls Package for RAD Studio XE2. I had originally used the free versions with RAD Studio 2010 and XE, but the value, support, and excellence of your products made it a no-brainer for me to purchase the XE2 version.
It's a pleasure working with a company that develops great products and provides the kind of customer support that makes it easy for developers such as myself to incorporate your components into my RAD Studio products.
I shall continue to use, update, and purchase component packages from your company in the future.

— Reef Morse, Scientific Software Services via email
I must say that the increasing number of features and sophistication of your VCL components is impressing. Your components also inspires to add new functionalities to our application.

— Jan Andersen/Tickom via email
We would like to thank you Bruno for giving us fantastic support.
Because of TMS components our ETL software is not only useful but also beautiful.

— Mike / DB Software Laboratory via email
I appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into maintaining and enhancing this great suite of components. Though I only really start again using Delphi after some years "off track" with a new project I am working on, using them really saves me lots of time as I can have a sexy looking interface with great usability without needing to "draw" this myself from standard components. Big win!

— Matthias Böge via TMS Forum
We really appreciate all the great work that has gone into your products. We have never been as happy with a software vendor as we have been with your products AND your support. Thank you for all that you do !

— Jeffrey M. Keiser/Keiser Computers via email
I am a very happy user of your grid pack, the amount of properties is overwhelming! That is the only disadvantage (?)....(!)
Keep on doing this good customer support.

— Joost Geluk/Tradinco via email
Another question which has been a subject for discussion here. How does your organisation manage to provide such quick and helpful response to support questions? Is this type of support provided by dedicated support staff, or developers? I see that you also give support in many languages.
We are impressed! Your company sets standards that we all should try to meet!

— Richard Bibby via email
I saw the components during your presentation at the Verona ITDEVCON 2010
I fell in love (I speak about components), congratulations!
Your products are always of excellent quality.
Thanks for the work you do.

— Carlo Narcisi/biosfera via email
3 minutes from submission of support question to supply of answer. Now how slow is that ? :) :) ;) I seriously just don't think you guys can get any better at this !!! ... I'm starting my weekend stunned !

— Pete Barrett via email
Having bought the full component package (TMS VCL Subscription) I cannot imagine how I've been able to work without it until today ! The TAdvGrid was our first requirement but all the other components give a great improvement to the tools we develop for our labs.

But the most incredible one remains the Scripter Studio . We've been maintaining our own scripter for years, but this one is really THE one we've been looking for. With Diagram Studio,it opens windows on possibilities that were unthinkable to realize up to now.

I couldn't finish this testimonial without saying a word on the support: the greatest. Answers in the day, when it is not in the hour.

— Michel Matsumoto/Alcatel-Lucent France via email
Apart from the fact that your components are superb, I find that your support is equally superb!
Definitely will I recommend others to buy your components.
I really enjoy working with your components, and they make the UI so much friendlier than the standard normal grey-in-grey stuff.

— Jens Fudge /Archersoft via email
I don't know where I would be without my TMS Software Components! They make life so much easier designing and implementing modern day interfaces. I have and still do recommend you to many people on Delphi Pages and various other forums out there.
Keep up the great work you do, it is a credit to you and your company.

All the best Chris

— Chris O'Connor via email
We purchased the TMS Software Component Pack and were immediately delighted by its exceptional quality. Since then, we've used it continuously in our SaleHoo Directory software, relying particularly on the TAdvStringGrid, TAdvGlowButton and TAdvOfficePageControl components. Not only have these components been excellent, but the support we've received has been top notch. If you're a Delphi Developer, then I have no hesitation in saying that you'll love this software!

— Simon Slade, CEO, SaleHoo Ltd via email
Thanks for a truly excellent IW component set, I am genuinely impressed.
... TMS Advanced Charts are just stunning !

— Pete Barrett via email
The AdvStringGrid is by far the most powerful and flexible grid component that I have ever worked with. We will transform all other grid components in our products to AdvStringGrid component. It's great to have these components !!! Also thanks for the great support.

— Thomas Reppel / GRID-DATA via email
I am developing software for 10 years and your components are the best I have ever bought.
Super possibilities. Very good support.

I had to say this, because my customers are enthusiastic about my application.

— Olaf Boehme via email
We have been using TMS Software in Traffic Travis since the very first version. We purchased the Component Pack and found them to be of an extremely high standard, heavily relying on the TAdvStringGrid, TAdvGlowButton and TAdvOfficePageControl components in our software. Not only are the components great but the help that is given is top notch, from the PDF documentation and demo applications to email support - Bruno and the team are exceptionally helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending the component pack to any Delphi Developer.

— Nick Fauchelle, Traffic Travis
Greatgreatgreat news, this was fast again!! Thanks to all the people at TMS for their continuous hard work for the Delphi world! I think without your TMS Component Pack and without your fast reactions in nearly every situation (new Delphi-Releases, fixing issues in TMS components, handling support questions etc...) I had left the Delphi world years ago.

TMS really rocks, keep up with the very good work!

— Udo Treichel via email
"Personally I have been using your component products for Borland since at least 1998. Since then I've been in various positions to influence corporate development direction and TMS has always been on the "must have" list.
Seeing as how in the past 11 years I have only needed to contact support once and use the forums twice speaks volumes to the quality of the products that you produce."

— Erik Wolowitz via email
Thanks for your quick replies! We are happy to be using TMS components. We are happy that the installation is straightforward, and that you are there to answer questions.

— Phil Dorcas via email
I am impressed by the efficiency of your software distribution, and also pleasantly surprised by your quick reaction.
Kudos and applause!~You deserve it.

— Jacob Beeksma via email
I think I've been spoiled by TMS. IMO TMS blows away everyone in terms of components offered for Delphi...

— Jeremy Fisher via TMS newsgroup
Just wanted to say that these new components are amazing. Not only do you
put out an excellent product but you are always coming up with new and
innovative components. You guys must never sleep! A very large part of our
software product is designed with TMS components and the most common
customer comment when they see our new GUI is "Wow". So.... "thanks" - you
guys rule!

— Robyn Freeman via TMS newsgroup
You are the BEST in market and TMS is my best decision in my programming life..
Thank you to be here

— Alper Demir via email
Thank you for all the help. Your suggestions and support were of invaluable service to me. With your sample code, my application is finally up and running. I am just a beginner but i found working with your products very easy and delightful. Hope you would help me with some doubts in the future.

— Anu Kumar via email
The delay between sending a support request and getting an answer from TMS seems to be exactly the time needed for writing the answer-mail.

— Thomas Reppel / Grid Data via email
I use TMS components since 2003 and I have never been disappointed. The components are always very functional and very complete, they are put up to date regularly what denotes a very big professionalism on behalf of the TMS team. The technical support is exceptional: the answers are always very fast and applicable. Personally, I set aside all others third party packages of components, I use those only and I recommend them to all developers who need reliable and effective components.

— Thierry Godin / N1bus-Experiences via email
Dear Sir/Madam.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to uninstall and return the TMS Component Pack we recently purchased. It's just too darn good.

What are my clients going to say when I can now implement a whole screed of additional functionality so quickly and easily? How are they going to react when, all of a sudden, their applications look 10 times better?

And there are so many components! It's going to take weeks, if not months, to play with them all.

It's criminal, I tell you. You shouldn't be able to sell a component package this good.

I guess I'll hang onto it a little while longer, and try to figure out how to explain it to our clients.

Keep up the good work ;-)

— Paul Matthews - ProSouth Solutions via email
We have used the TMS Component Pack for around 6 years or so and hands down the best components that we have purchased from any vendor. We use the TAdvStringGrid components, the Web Update Components and many others in each of our software programs that we build and we have always received superb support and TMS Software is always committed to excellence by providing constant feature enhancements and updates.

— Jason Allcorn via email
Hi-I just wanted to say how pleased I am having used your grids. They are just so awesome in speed and everything you can think of is built right in. So much easier and faster than anything I used in VB.Net. Just great! I think you have done a great job with these and just wanted to let you know to keep up the good work.
And the price is a deal in itself. Way cheaper than the VB stuff we bought here last year.
And of course, with Delphi 2006, its a combo you just cant beat.

— Tom - via email
I would like to congratulate you and the team with an excellent set of components and customer service with no equal. I have bought a few subscription packages from other component manufacturers as well and I must say that TMSSoftware surpasses them all by your speedy and frequent releases and activity on your products.
I actually can't keep up with the releases and new features you keep on adding to your products. It is good to know that there is a component manufacturer who are as serious about their customers as we are about ours.

— Markus Venter via email
Getting email tech support in 7 minutes is unique experience for me. You are the best!

— Dmitry Mikhilov via email
I used to be using TMS stuff for Delphi and C++ Builder.
Now I use the Borland for TMS!

— Hiroshi Nishimura via email
TMS software components are the most reliable VCL I used ever and I wish to this company to achieve more success.

— Mahmoud Baalbaki via email
To say I am impressed is an understatement. Thank you for your help, I think the TMS component pack provides unparalleled functionality and is exceptional value for money.
Congratulations on an excellent product.

— Lester Coe via email
I am a registered user of several TMS software packages. For the longest time I have been using the TMS Grid to do everything that the TStringGrid never could think of doing. At work we ran into a problem that would require some features that would have taken me hours and hours to implement by myself on a TStringGrid (I am the only developer in my group) and we really had no time or anyone to pay for it. That was when I suggested the TAdvGrid. We immediately bought the whole component pack. That was back last December. Ever since then, we've used and reused the product over and over again in many different projects and have saved a great deal of money as well as time by it's use. My boss has been even more impressed by the fact that every update includes newer and better updates.

— Joseph Wilcock via email
Once again we would like to say how nice your components are and flexible and useful, easy to program and making an application friendly for use.

— Nikolai Todorov via email
P.S. My Boss is very happy with the Planner Components. Best purchase he's made this year he reckons.

— Andy via email
I don't know if you get many complements but I am constantly impressed with your tools. We use many of them in every application developed for the company I work for and unlike many, you have exceeded my expectations in both the tool and documentation.

— Larry Wainwright via email
I'm sure it is no secret to you that excellent support results in loyal customers. I'm quickly becoming a member of your fan club. Keep up the good work!

— Bill D. Pirkle, World Chess Network
Your grid does everything but make coffee. It is truly impressive as a stringgrid.

— Germain, via TMS newsgroups
I am very impressed with the flexibility of your DBPlanner. As I am just writing a test application to make sure all work as I planned, it does so far. I tried VisualPlanIt and could not get the same flexibility. None of the other components suggested does the things the same way.

— Petrus van Breda via email
I work with Delphi since the first version, and searching for components is a hard work (I think you know). I've tested tons of components, even the "best-sellers", in my eyes, there are two things importants to look for a component: the "look" (for visual components of course), and the most important:
It need to be easy to understand, to programming, and to find information when it is needed (help/manual/demos)
In all of these points your job is really good! Congratulations for you and your team.

— Luiz Nelson S Gonçalves, Brasil via email
We use TAdvStringGrid in all our C++Builder applications, which are used in over 55 countries worldwide, and we find it invaluable. TAdvStringGrid is flexible and full of great features, yet remains easy to use and represents exceptional value for money. We have found that TAdvStringGrid is continually developing and having useful new features added, and when we require support, the TMS Software Team are always quick to answer our questions with advice and code examples. We really do find TAdvStringGrid an excellent product and would recommend it to anyone.

— Chris Johnson, UK, TimeTabler

— Mauricio Piao via email
Just to express my (so far) complete satisfaction with TMS Component Pack. I just purchased it, it arrived very fast, service was prompt and polite, emails were answered within minutes. The installation into BCB5 Pro worked great, and the components themselves seemed to work for a few quickie tests. Browsing the documentation further, there are some great components in this package.

— Martin Fensome in Borland newsgroups
TMS is a great product and the service is one of the best I have seen if not the best.

— Santiago Calderon in Borland newsgroups
The additional facilities the new version of the grid has given me has been a godsend, well worth the asking price and keep up the good work. Also, it's great to see and author responding to users questions so quickly. There's a few companies I've bought components from who should take a lesson from you in customer service.

— Kenvyn Davies, UK via email
I'm very pleased with the TMS Component Pack too. The support is excellent and the components are great.

— Rodrigo Gomez in Borland newsgroups
IntraWeb 5.1/TMS combo is simply awesome...
I had really fallen behind on the new features... Now that I am using them, I'm as excited about Intraweb 5.1 and TMS's addons as I was almost a year ago when I first discovered them !

— JoeH via AtoZed newsgroup
That goes for me too... I'm building wonderful web applications I could not even have thought about before getting my hands on this great combo!!

— Fabio Dalle Ave
TMS's Planner components are excellent. I have one running against an Interbase backend with real-time appointment updating across LAN/WAN. My app manages multiple resources, day and week views, printing, conflicting appointments and a whole host of other stuff. I tried several before plumping for TMS's offering and am delighted with it.
I'd wholeheartedly recommend TMS components, buy the component pack and I promise you you won't regret it. (Keep it quiet but I honestly don't know how they make money at the prices they charge.. get in quick before they realise they're undercharging :-)

— Richard via Borland 3rd party tools newsgroup
The way the persistence stuff in TAdvLUEdit and other advanced edit controls is working is just so nice that it, well it's so nice that I just can't even come up with a suitable description. The best I can say is that there should be a law that no entry component can be without it!

— Mitch Godfrey, Wasatch Data Inc
I bought your component pack recently and I have to admit that out of all the component libraries I have, yours is by far the best one (at least you and I seem to think in the say way. i.e: needed features, behavior, etc...) So, congratulations on a great product!! I wish I have known about your component pack a year ago. If you go to BORCON this year, I will buy you a beer. :-)

— President Healthcare Integrated Solutions, Inc, USA
I was going to tell you what a great component packs you have, but then I saw SO many people have made so many great compliments, that now I don't know what to say. I guess I just have to become another customer of yours!

— B. Hayat
I bought many component collections in the last years. Yours is the only multi-purpose library I continue to use with Delphi 6, I stopped using all the others and replaced them with some freeware comps.

— A. Nolte, Germany
Man - your service is great ! Thanks for help and better-then-schumacher-response-speed !

— m.graefe, maXXimum gmbh, Germany
There is no doubt in my mind. You guys are Dammned Good. The TMS Grid Pack has to be the best development pack I have EVER seen.
Well done. Again.

— Andy Duggan, Australia
Once again - thanks guys! I am truly impressed with the prompt replies to my many questions and comments. I have been so impressed with each and every functionality of every one of the TMS components I have used in my application. With your components added capability, Borland seriously needs to think about packaging your product with Delphi instead of their own. Keep up the awesome work!!

— James Rue, USA
First, I've bought and have been using your component pack a while now, and I like it! I hardly use standard components anymore. So there's a feather in your cap. Congrats!

— Evert Haasdijk, KiQ
SoftIni's BoxSys v2.0 version includes many TMS components. TMS components are great and useful. They enhance my application and save me lot of works.
Other than the serie of fully configurable grids, listbox etc...i really appreciate those components with HTML caption and text. WEBUpdate simple work great!

— Fernand Senecal, SoftIni
AdvStringGrid, the Swiss Army Knife of Grids :-)

— Graham Wideman, USA
At long last a data aware planner that I can use :-)
One that does what is promised and is both powerful and straighforward to use.
Congratulations to all at TMS Software. I have tried and registered two previously ,I guess most us have tried before and been disappointed, but this TMS component has got the requirements EXACTLY right.
It is easy to understand the underlying concept and linking to ones own database is a breeze. I understood the demo within 15 minutes and had started my own project knowing HOW the majority of things worked within an hour - within 2 hours I had a workingsystem :-)
I am looking forward to building everything from personal diaries to resource planning systems. Now I can deliver planning systems that my customers want, when they want it and know they will be reliable !! Congrats again . Well done

— Steven J Healey, Delphi Prefix Registry
Just wanted to send you kudos on the TMS Components. Their value has more than paid for themselves in our projects, and we're heavily using your TPlanner and TAdvStringgrid components. I can't tell you how many man-hours have been saved, and the cost of registering the suite is more than reasonable. The availability of the source code is by far the most valuable service you provide, since we can't use closed components due to security concerns.

— C. Marrero, USA
A few weeks ago I asked for recommendations on custom string grid components for Borland C++Builder 5.0. I investigated a lot of grids and decided on the AdvStringGrid from TMS Software and I wanted to tell the list why. The AdvStringGrid is actively being developed by TMS while many of the other grids have not been updated for a long time. The AdvStringGrid has built in functions for saving grid contents to file and loading the file back into the grid and also has OLE drag and drop features. Having these features built into the grid has saved me a huge amount of programming hours. It also has a large list of other features which may save me just as much time later. So make sure you evaluate this grid before you purchase an extra grid component.

— Patrick via Borland's C++Builder third party products newsgroup
I must say, you people at TMS are VERY FAST with your support, even on Sundays and that to someone who has not yet registered. I wish some other components authers will copy your style. You have my compliments!!!

— Piet Henning, Netherlands
Your TPlanner component is excellent and it made our application as one of the best schedulers.

— Joel Cuyos, USA
Congratulations on your efficiency and customer relations. I have been very happy with your product and now I am impressed with the way you treat your customers as well (not that I wasn't impressed before).

— Mark Dutch, Australia
Thank you very much for all the updates you continue to make to the TMS Component Pack! These are some of the most impressive components I've ever used and you just keep adding to them!

— Tim Hendriksen, USA
With the TMS package my applications acquire instantly a high level of professionalism because each TMS component has already inherited of "the" property making the difference. But the best is the way you can exchange information with the TMS Team, this is "efficient", simply because the way the TMS components are designed is an interactive process, not only for the "birth" of new components but also for the unceasing improvement of existing ones.
All these things make me a registered user encouraging other Borland users to try TMS.

— Hocq Patrick, Belgium
I have received, and investigated your TMS Component Pack.
I want to make a remark about it.
I am really impressed by it!

— Konrad Swart, Netherlands
As always, I truly appreciate your components and your great support. I would also like to let you know that there hasn't been a project that I havn't used one of your components since my purchase... A great value at $95

— Kelly Tremblay, Jefferson National Labn, US
Many thanks for the latest upgrade to AdvGrid, particularly the CreatePicture/CreateFilePicture methods. AdvGrid was already the best grid component around and the latest enhancements put it way ahead of all the others. Congratulations also on the rest of the TMS suite

— Robin Beste, UK
Now that I'm using your HTML-based components (extremely useful), your planner control (awesome) and your web update control (very impressive), the TMS component pack has evolved into one of the most useful and unique (something which is becoming very difiicult to find.. all component libraries seem to try do the same thing in different ways...) libraries in my component arsenal.

— Keith Blows, South Africa
FYI: We absolutely *love* the WebUpdate component, and you people have the *correct* attitude: developers don't want to have to include any further dll's, ocx's, or other "bloatware"-related stuff. We want a simple, efficient, clean solution that works, and that's what we get from TMS!

— Noah T. Rowles, Iolo Technologies
I just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a great job with the TMS Pack set of Delphi components. Not only is it a well done set of components but you've always been great with support and fixes.

— Scott Bussinger, US
I've just stumbled upon your component collection due to a mention (albeit a small one) in the newsgroups. What can I say...I had just started really trying to use a simple TStringGrid. Upon finding your TAdvStringGrid I never looked back. What a FANTASTIC component.

— Cris Gallegos, US
TAdvStringGrid is the most fabulous grid I've ever had.

— Salvador Godoy C., Mexico.
In case it helps anybody, the component I found is TAdvStringGrid. It does all I wanted and much more. I was getting useful results within 2 hours of downloading it. Some of the additional features I hadn't thought of but have used anyway. The application has a significantly improved interface inside 1 day.

— Steve Mullarkey, Australia
First of all congratulations! You're are doing very good work with your components. I discovered your TAdvStringGrid a few days ago and I can't think of using any other grid anymore in my programs.

— Pedro Panos, Spain
Thank you for such a wonderful product. I can't believe I've been using other stringgrids for so long.

— Kevin Tupper, US
Just wanted to let you know that WebData works like a charm.... it's saved me a lot of time! And time is money.

— Steve Kellock, US
The email was a genuine query but it was also a test as to how quick you were to respond to user questions and you passed that with flying colours. I am very impressed with your company and the quality of the controls you have to offer.

— Warren Weber, Australia
TPlanner really rocks! You are all rockstars!

— Niclas Astrom, Sweden
One of the best components sets on the market. What Delphi is all about

— Randy Leigh, US
Thanks for such a good grid. There is no way I could have used any other grid for what my user wanted.

— Mark J. Brindle, Australia
Your components are the best I've found on the net! You put in just the right features, just as I think of them myself.

— Olav Lindkjølen, Norway
Purchasing the component pack was a fantastic deal that I do not regret. You are always adding great features and enhancements and it is much appreciated. Thank You!

— John Mondry, US
Thanks, you have the best support I have experienced!

— Rob McCormack, US
For some time now I am registered user of your TMS component pack. I haven't used all of them yet, but I am very satisfied with the one I have used for now. Of course, TAdvStringGrid is a pearl, but also the smaller ones like CABFile and ShellDlg are real time savers.

— Marc Vankeer, Belgium
Try TAdvStringGrid from I find it absolutely indespensible...and for the price, its hard to find anything matching.

— Doc, in Borland Newsgroups
All in all TAdvStringGrid works fine and is very powerfull in features. Support is excellent.

— Miha, in Borland Newsgroups
I continue to be very satisfied with your software. Very recommendable!

— Hans L. Werschner, Germany
Thanks for a great component, though! It's worth every cent.

— Peter Jukel, South Africa
About TAdvListView, supernice, I really have to say it...This is the best Listview I ever came across... Nice done guys !

— Joakim Krassman, Sweden
I was very impressed with the speed of your grid as some of the files being loaded are > 30000 rows, the performance is still very good. Although I don't use many of the newer advanced features I have found it to be a very solid work horse.

— Huw Reddick, UK
Zuerst einmal HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH zu euren TMS-Komponenten. Wie kann man Delphi proffesionel nutzen, ohne TMS Komponenten .... unmöglich .. das sollte inzwischen auch Borland bemerken.

— CLUESOFT, Hubert Hutt , Germany
Ihre Componenten sind toll.

— Alfred Herrmann, Germany
Ich möchte Ihnen ein hammergroßes megafettes Lob aussprechen :) Ihre Komponenten sind nunmal einfach eine der besten. Ich bin sehr von Ihren Komponenten überzeugt. Ich programmiere damit sehr gerne.

— Michael Mangold, Germany
J'ai commencé par utiliser le composant AdvStringGrid, car j'avais besoin d'une grille qui permette d'afficher des images, de créer des nœuds. A l'usage ce composant s'avère ultra-complet, je ne lui ai pas encore trouvé de manques. Malgré des besoins complexes, j'ai toujours trouvé LA solution dans l'advStringGrid.
Petit à petit, j'ai utilisé d'autres composants (DBAdvGrid, TWebUpdate et bien d'autres), à chaque fois j'ai gagné un temps fou et obtenu des résultats bien meilleurs que ce que j'attendais au départ.
Enfin, quel plaisir de recevoir des réponses du support technique par e-mail au plus tard le lendemain, souvent en moins d'une heure!

— Nicolas Voillot, France
J'ai essayé et j'utilise le composant TAdvStringGrid de TMS software et il est simplement génial.

— D.Z., France in Remarq newsgroups
D'abord bravo pour vos composants !!! Ils sont parmis les plus riches du marché !!!!

— JC Bremond, France
Wat een fijn programma is die Subscription Manager! Super. Alles wordt toch eventjes voor je geregeld wat betreft downloaden en installeren. Dat automatische compileren is ook fantastisch. Ik raad een subscription ook aan aan al mijn mede Delphi ontwikkelaars!
Ik ben reuze benieuwd hoe dit programma reageert op updates van reeds geïnstalleerde componenten en zelfs nieuwe componenten. Met vriendelijke groeten
een tevreden klant,
Tom van der Vlugt

— Tom van der Vlugt via email
TMS Planner werkt flawless ! In het verleden heb ik met verschillende planbord componenten gewerkt en ik moet zeggen dat TMS ze allemaal overstijgt

— Hertwig van Zwietering, Nederland
Bij veel softwareproducten kantelt het aanvankelijke enthousiasme spoedig naar cynisme. Na een jaar werken met TMS-producten gebruiken wij en onze eindgebruikers met toenemend plezier de TMS-componenten. Met name de StringGrid en HTML-georienteerde componenten blinken uit door creativiteit, stabiliteit en performance. De reactietijd op vragen en overleg is onovertroffen kort !

— C. de Goey, AG&P Software B.V., Nederland
Os components TMS são verdadeiras jóias, tanto por sua facilidade de uso como pelo excelente suport técnico provido pela aquipe de desenvolvedores. Vale a pena registrar !!!

— Fabio Marcos Euzebio - Brasil
We have built several windows (both .NET and Delphi) solutions using FlexCel and we have experienced the good evolution of the product. We like it mainly for the three following reasons: Value for the money: There is no need for any other component to have a full reporting solution. Performance: From the real experience we have performed, FlexCel is very well engineered and the performance you can obtain with it is impressive! The source code is available, and it's very important if you are involved in the development of competitive solutions and products.

— Luis del Ser (CEO Movilok),
TMS Aurelius is really some awesome piece of technology that has been missing from Delphi for years. REALLY good framework that is well thought-through. Believe me, I have had my look at a fair number of ORMs.

— Holger Flick via Email
I fell in love with this great product, it changed my opinion and my vision in programming. I am using it at least 12 hours per day and everyday I understand what a clean code you have used to make it ...thanks a lot.

— Mehrdad Esmaili via Email
I was able to successfully replace Asta with remotedb and it's absolutely awesome!!!! I've been trying to replace for 8 years. Loving the product - performance is fantastic!

— Rhett Price (IndySoft Corporation), via Email
Wow ! I just got the TMS FlexCel and it worked right away. After a few tries I had an Excel file. First I thought it didn't work because it was so fast. It took 55 seconds with TExcelApplication, but with the TXLSAdapter it took about 0 seconds. I couldn't click on my stopwatch fast enough !! Great stuff ! Thanks a lot !

— Detlef Rattunde via Email
TMS GUIMotions deeply impressed me. With GUIMotions I have all I need very fast, reasonably cheap and completely native.
I just want to say thank you to these great guys in this company and write my opinion about this component for others.

— Mr. Mamouri via Blog Post
After using Tee Chart Pro and RiverCharts for many years it took me sometime to work through the differences with TMS Charts but - now I have worked through the learning curve the TMS Charts certainly deliver.
Thanks for yet another great set of components.

— David Case via Newsgroup
I would like really to thank you for your components. In quite a few minutes, I've been able to deploy a quite complex iPhone application. I thought I never could without learning Objective C. It's really great.

— Jean-Pierre Lamon via Email

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