TMS Data Modeler

The ultimate tool for modeling databases with an easy and simple interface.

TMS Data Modeler is the ultimate tool for modeling databases with an easy and simple interface. It provides powerful features you need, such as diagramming, reverse engineering, SQL script generation and version control. It keeps track of your changes and generates SQL scripts to update your database according to them. It has smooth integration with development tools like Delphi and C++Builder. And all of these features are accessible through a very pleasant user interface.

Feature Overview

Design your database model

Database development lifecycle Simple and easy

Supported databases

  • Absolute Database
  • ElevateDB
  • Firebird 2
  • Firebird 3
  • MS SQL Server 2000
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • MS SQL Server 2016
  • MS SQL Azure
  • MySQL 5.1
  • MySQL 5.7
  • NexusDB V3
  • Oracle 10g
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite


Entity relationship diagram editor (ER diagram)

Design ER diagrams using Data Modeler. You can add tables to the diagram, see the relationships, change several display options, and much more.
TMS Data Modeler

Create tables in diagram and/or in tab forms

If you don't want or don't need to model your database using diagrams, you don't have to. Data Modeler allows you to create and manage database objects directly, without having to deal with visual diagram designing. It's up to you.

Multi-diagram interface

Create different ER diagrams in a single project. You can put different tables in each diagram, making it easy to document and separate your application if it's too big.

Project validation allows you to trace errors in your model

Data Modeler performs a validation in your database model checking for design errors. It also displays warnings about your project, such as usage of reserved words and tables with no primary keys, among others. This validation allows fine tuning of your database model, and avoids future problems after your software is in production.
TMS Data Modeler

Supports logical (application-level) domains

Use domains as an abstraction layer for your data types. Even if your database system doesn't support domains/user-defined types, you can do it at application level in Data Modeler and make it easy to maintain your databases.
TMS Data Modeler

Manage many database objects

You can use Data Modeler to manage not only tables and fields, but several other database objects. Data Modeler supports indexes, triggers, relationships, constraints, views, procedures, generators, etc. Each database system has its own set of objects available.
TMS Data Modeler

Several database systems supported and more will be added

Data Modeler supports a number of database systems and new ones are in our roadmap to be included in future versions.

Reverse engineering of existing databases

Import your existing databases and start using Data Modeler quickly. The reverse engineering tool connects directly to your existing database and extracts all the information you need, such as tables, fields, foreign keys and other objects.
TMS Data Modeler

Generate SQL (DDL) scripts to create databases

Use Data Modeler to generate the SQL script that will create all your database objects. You can choose which object types to generate.
TMS Data Modeler

Keep track of your changes by archiving and managing versions

With Data Modeler you can archive project versions/add checkpoints. This way you can have the history of all development stages of database modeling, and also compare between versions and see what has changed from one version to another.
TMS Data Modeler

Compare models between versions or between projects

A full comparer is available for you to check the differences between two models. You can perform comparison between two versions, or even between two projects. The comparer provides a very friendly visual interface that shows the differences in a tree view and also in a SQL diff format. From the comparer you can choose which items you want to update to generate an Alter SQL script.
TMS Data Modeler

Generate Alter SQL scripts to update database according to changes

Data Modeler creates SQL scripts to alter your database and update the structure. By using the comparer and/or checking differences, you can easily generate the alter script related to the differences and have your database in sync with your project.
TMS Data Modeler

Convert model to a different database system

If you want to target multiple database systems, you can easily convert your project from one database system to another. Data Modeler provides data type conversion maps between the databases, and allows you to create your own custom conversion map.
TMS Data Modeler

Modern ribbon interface

Data modeler is one of the few database modeling tools that offers the modern ribbon interface. It's much easier to use, nicer to look, and all options and features are available with less menu clicks.
TMS Data Modeler

Tables and other objects organized in tabs

Don't edit your tables, fields and objects in modal forms or windows that overlap each other. Most tables and objects in data modeler are displayed in tabs, making navigation very similar to browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can have many objects open at the same time, all accessible through one click.
TMS Data Modeler
Everything in Data Modeler was designed to be easy. Objects are displayed in tabs, and creating and editing fields don't require you to open another window. Everything is simple, clean and accessible through keyboard in a single window. Create your tables and fields quickly.
TMS Data Modeler

Multi-project interface

Open several projects at the same time. And you don't need to deal with MDI interfaces. Every project has its own taskbar button and you can easily switch between projects using regular Windows Alt-Tab function.
TMS Data Modeler

Automatic online updates

Like any modern software, TMS Data Modeler checks for new versions in the internet and auto-updates online. You will always have the latest version of your software.
TMS Data Modeler


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What our customers say

I am very excited about the data modeler and how well it creates the Aurelius script. I have just started learning Aurelius and with FMX UI components, Aurelius, the Data modeler and John's new book on MVVM in Delphi I look forward to the next couple of weeks! I believe this to be my breakthrough in producing better applications quicker. I come from a strong database modeling background but have never lost my love for programming. Up to now I always struggled to make the bridge to creating easy cool looking applications fast as I keep on getting tied down in the detail of the GUI as soon as I start. The components you are creating makes a beautiful picture and makes logical sense in my mind to work together as a complete solution for the application layer.

- Johan Swart

- Your product is by far the most pleasant tool to use. No other product even comes close to its ease of use. - It is currently the easiest to use especially for those who neither want or need to have to spend lots of time learning some of the competitor's products. - Data Modeler makes this an almost pleasant experience where you can work with a minimum of technical knowledge or be able to delve deeper where necessary.

- Bill Marshall

I am very happy with you product, it meets just about all of my needs and is great value for money.

- Mike Hamilton

As a developer for 30+ years, and a Delphi developer since 1996, I've a solid foundation on desktop development. But I was skeptical of indulging in web development. Though the market was demanding a switch, it seemed too difficult to make the transition. TMS Software was my "magic bullet" to get me started with zero intimidation. Love their Web Core and XData products. Now I can develop powerful web applications using Delphi. TMS Software has renewed my love for Delphi and won my heart for their innovators. Thanks to the team for great products and a large volume of demos and manuals. You ROCK!

- Larry

In the past I have purchased other components from other parties. I will say proudly that TMS is the best in support, price and style. Whenever I need a help your team is always there to help me. Keep up the good work

- Mohamed Thooloon


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