Ordering information


Customer care center

Extensive information about the ordering process and details about your existing order status can be found here in our customer care center.

Orders with credit card / PayPal

All registrations with credit card can be handled online through the ShareIt secure server.
Credit card orders are processed within 24hrs and normally much faster.

In addition to online ordering, registrations can be handled by ShareIt over fax or telephone.
ShareIt fax: +49-221-31088-29.
ShareIt telephone Europe & rest of the world: +49-221-31088-20,
ShareIt telephone US & Canada: +1-952-646-5747
ShareIt customer service

Direct orders with bank account wire transfer

Direct payment for registration of software over wire transfer is possible.
Proceed to placing product order by invoice.

Product delivery

All products are delivered immediately in electronic form. Upon purchase, you will receive a key by email to login on our website from where products can be downloaded. As there is no shipping of physical media, there are no shipping costs. Make sure that the email address used to order does not blacklist, block or filter our email address . Orders paid by credit card should be delivered within 24 hours. If a registration key is not received within 24 hours, please contact TMS software. For orders paid by international bank wire transfers, please take account such payment can take 2 to 3 business days.

Shipping fees and taxes

As all products are delivered in electronic form, there are no shipping fees.
All products are sold through the company ShareIt/Digital River GmbH with main business seat in Germany and TAX ID DE194149069 and therefore European VAT laws apply:
  • Purchases from Germany: 19% VAT for businesses and private purchases
  • Purchases from European union: No VAT for businesses supplying a TAX ID on the order form, 19% VAT for private purchases
  • Purchases from outside the European union: Country specific VAT regulations apply


Active registered users have access to free priority email support services, access to web forum support, access to development tracker to steer development, free updates for a full version cycle, license for commercial usage and full source code + royalty free use of the components in applications.
Upon registration, the registered version of the software can be obtained from our website. A login code is provided to login on the registered users pages of our website from where future free updates can be obtained as well as additional help, samples and discount offers for other software.


All prices are in EURO. Billing can also be done in US dollar, Canadian dollar, Yen, Swiss Franc, Pound Sterling, Australian dollar. The billing currency can be selected on the online order form.