Flexible & powerful day/month/week/multi-day/multi-resource/timeline & custom scheduling user interface components

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v10.5.9.0 (July 13, 2021)

Version history

Feature overview

    Highly configurable components for interactive planning & scheduling applications

  • DB-aware and non DB-aware version included
  • Modes through TDBDaySource, TDBMonthSource & TDBPeriodSource
  • Tested with (but not limited to) following databases : dBase, Paradox, DBIsam, Access, Apollo, Interbase, SQL server 2000, TurboDB, FlashFiler,FireDac
  • Items that can be resized /moved
  • Inplace multiline editable items or rich text editable items
  • Items with multiple imagelist images
  • Items with caption time indication
  • Readonly items
  • Inplace forms
  • Various display modes : day (5,6,10,15,30,60 min), week, month, day period, half day period & custom grid displays
  • Multi day / resource view & multi resource / day view
  • Controllable active day start, active day end, day start, day end
  • Events for insert, delete, left click, right click of items
  • Overlapped / non overlapped items
  • HTML export
  • Save to streams
  • Item hints
  • Rich text items
  • Skinned items
  • Printing
  • 12/24 hrs display
  • Internationalization capabilities
  • Header with alignment, images, events
  • Printing
  • Layer support
  • Linked items
  • Alarms through various add-on alarm handler components
  • Interfacing to spell checkers, including direct support for Addict Spell Check
  • mini HTML formatted text in items item exchange components
  • Built-in recurrency support for data-aware planner
  • Special monthview and data-aware monthview
  • Support for VCL styles

Highly configurable month calendars and datepickers that can be used with the TMS Planner components

Included components:
  • TPlannerCalendar : highly configurable non DB-aware calendar component
  • TDBPlannerCalendar : DB-aware calendar component that can automatically show events from a TMS Planner events database
  • TPlannerCalendarGroup : multimonth calendar component
  • TPlannerDatePicker : datepicker with highly configurable calendar dropdown
  • TDBPlannerDatePicker : DB-aware datepicker with calendar dropdown that can automatically show events from a TMS Planner events database
  • TDBPlannerMaskDatePicker : masked DB-aware datepicker with calendar dropdown that can automatically show events from a TMS Planner events database
  • TPlannerDBDatePicker : single DB-field DB-aware datepicker with support for null-date entry
  • TPlannerDBMaskDatePicker : masked single DB-field DB-aware datepicker with support for null-date entry
  • TPlannerRangeSelector : control to input a date range, going from a start date to an end date
Delphi component VCL Planner Calendar

Additional tools and information:

TMS planning components take you to any platform: Windows & web applications

Day mode view

Month mode view

Multi day / resource view

Horizontal view with custom draw handler

Planner shapes and sidebar view

Sample applications

Demo folder


Demo1 Overview demo : non DB aware Planner with horizontal & vertical day mode + month mode
Demo2 Overview demo : DB aware master Planner in daymode with slave Planner reflecting automatic changes in database in planner view (BDE)
Demo3 Demo showing HTML forms usage in non DB-aware Planner
Demo4 Demo showing popup event editors and event shapes in Planner
Demo5 Demo showing HTML forms usage in DB-aware Planner
Demo6 Demo showing various user interface events in Planner
Demo7 Demo showing custom time axis usage in Planner
Demo8 Demo showing inter Planner drag & drop
Demo9 Demo showing a simple Planner alarm handler
Demo10 Demo showing disjunct selection in Planner and multiple event creation on disjunct selected timeslots
Demo11 Demo showing drag & drop between Planner and PlannerWaitList
Demo12 Demo showing drag & drop between normal Planner items and all-day Planner events in header
Demo13 Demo showing custom draw tools for custom Planner event drawing and popup event editors
Demo14 Demo showing multimonth mode with PositionProps based selection control
Demo15 Demo showing Planner - Outlook import / export
Demo16 Overview demo DB-aware Planner for Access (ADO)
Demo17 Overview demo DB-aware Planner for Apollo
Demo18 Overview demo DB-aware Planner for DBIsam
Demo19 Overview demo DB-aware Planner for Interbase
Demo20 Demo showing how to setup 2 full linked items in the Planner
Demo21 Demo showing how to prevent creating overlapped events with a DB-aware planner
Demo22 Demo showing a planner with a custom TPlannerItem class
Demo23 Demo showing a TDBPlannerMonthView
Demo24 Demo showing drag & drop between TPlannerWaitList and TPlannerMonthView
Demo25 Demo showing a custom TMyMonthPlannerView with a custom TMyMonthPlannerItem
Demo26 Demo showing a multiresource Planner with resource database table
Demo27 Demo showing TDBPlanner's built-in recurrency support
Demo28 Demo showing a full SQL command based DB-aware DBPlanner implementation
Demo29 Demo showing custom printing from the Planner
Demo30 Demo showing performance of the Planner creating 1200 events
Demo31 Demo showing performance of the DBPlanner with 1200 events / 200 resources


You have an interesting suggestion for a new demo to show a Planner, PlannerWaitList, PlannerMonthView feature,
let us know, we'll add it here !

Download all sample applications for Delphi



I am very impressed with the flexibility of your DBPlanner. As I am just writing a test application to make sure all work as I planned, it does so far. I tried VisualPlanIt and could not get the same flexibility. None of the other components suggested does the things the same way.

— Petrus van Breda via email
At long last a data aware planner that I can use :-)
One that does what is promised and is both powerful and straighforward to use.
Congratulations to all at TMS Software. I have tried and registered two previously ,I guess most us have tried before and been disappointed, but this TMS component has got the requirements EXACTLY right.
It is easy to understand the underlying concept and linking to ones own database is a breeze. I understood the demo within 15 minutes and had started my own project knowing HOW the majority of things worked within an hour - within 2 hours I had a workingsystem :-)
I am looking forward to building everything from personal diaries to resource planning systems. Now I can deliver planning systems that my customers want, when they want it and know they will be reliable !! Congrats again . Well done

— Steven J Healey, Delphi Prefix Registry


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