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v10.0.6.0 (September 10, 2019)

Version history

Version History



  • New : Property CompressionQuality and CompressionLevel public properties added in TAdvSignatureCapture
  • Improved : Thumb position precision in TAdvTrackBar
  • Improved : Thumb paging with mouse in TAdvTrackBar
  • Fixed : Rare issue with combining parent control hint and trackhint in TAdvTrackBar
  • Fixed : Issue with font handling in high DPI when moving columns in TDBAdvGrid
  • Fixed : Issue with date based filtering in TAdvDBFilterPanel


  • New : HighlightWholeWord public property added in TAdvMemo
  • Improved : Transparency for tsRoundRect thumb style in TAdvTrackBar
  • Improved : Position of trackhint in TAdvTrackBar
  • Improved : Handling of PageSize > 0 in TAdvTrackBar
  • Fixed : Issue with showing tickmarks when ShowImageAtSteps = false in TAdvTrackBar
  • Fixed : Issue with '-' handling in TAdvMoneyEdit
  • Fixed : Disabled text color in Office 2016 white style in TAdvGlowButton


  • New : OnItemDblClick event added in TAdvResponsiveList
  • Improved : Tab key can be used in TAdvSearchEdit dropdown to select item
  • Improved : Handling of decimal separator with clipboard in TAdvSpinEdit
  • Improved : Code block display in combination with block indicators in comments in TAdvMemo
  • Fixed : VCL specific issue with OnPasteBitmap in TAdvRichEditor
  • Fixed : Issue with label position on TAdvMultiButtonEdit on container controls
  • Fixed : Issue with grid created without parent & sorting in TAdvStringGrid
  • Fixed : Issue with floating footer painting related to fixed columns use in TAdvStringGrid
  • Fixed : Issue with changing TabAppearance.Font at runtime for TAdvOfficeTabSet
  • Fixed : Issue with Navigation.AdvanceAutoEdit = false and tab in TAdvStringGrid


  • New : ResetUndoRedo method added in TAdvRichEditor to programmatically reset the Undo/Redo stack
  • New : Changed the TImageList interface to TCustomImageList in T(DB)Planner
  • Improved : OnKeyDown handler when keys are handled that shouldn't be allowed in TAdvEdit
  • Improved : Handling of clipboard when clipboard contains multiple lines in TAdvSpinEdit
  • Improved : HTML export from TAdvRichEditor for bullet items
  • Fixed : Small issue with footer drawing in Look glWin7 in TAdvStringGrid
  • Fixed : Rare issue with specific selected rows during ungrouping in TAdvStringGrid
  • Fixed : Rare issue when combining a hyperlink and button in a cell in TAdvStringGrid
  • Fixed : Issue with sized images in RTF in TAdvRichEditor
  • Fixed : Issue with printing with images in TAdvRichEditor
  • Fixed : Issue with inplace editor style initialization in combination with TAdvFormStyler in TAdvStringGrid
  • Fixed : Issue with drawing long text in THTMLTreeView
  • Fixed : Issue with default item text color in TAdvOfficeToolSelector
  • Fixed : Issue with TAdvTouchKeyboard used on TAdvPanel
  • Fixed : Issue with OnClipboardPaste handler in TAdvSpinEdit
  • Fixed : Issue with OnChange after clipboard paste in TAdvRichEditor
  • Fixed : Issue with GetBottomIndex in LayoutMode = lblBubble in TAdvSmoothListBox


  • New : StyleElements exposed in TAdvMemo
  • New : OnAfterDropDown event added in TAdvDropDown
  • Improved : Small change to handle case when setting Max to lower value than Position in TAdvProgressBar
  • Improved : Notes rendering on high DPI in TAdvMainMenu
  • Fixed : Issue with specific VCL Styles in TDBAdvGrid in combination with column settings
  • Fixed : Issue with printing TDBAdvRichEditor & linespacing
  • Fixed : Issue with decimals handling in TAdvCalculatorDropDown
  • Fixed : Issue with RTF copy to clipboard in TAdvMemo
  • Fixed : Issue with AFont.Size parameter in OnGetCellColor for high DPI in TAdvStringGrid


  • Fixed : Issue with xlsAdapter subfolder missing in library path after installation


  • Improved : Setting AdvStringGrid.SelectionColor = clNone hides selection
  • Fixed : Issue with turning VCL Styles off at runtime in TAdvOfficePager
  • Fixed : Added missing file AdvRichEditorEmailIO.pas


  • Improved : Fixed and optimized code for HideSelectedRows/HideUnSelectedRows in TAdvStringGrid
  • Fixed : Text color issue on TAdvToolBarPager for specific styles after expand/collaps
  • Fixed : HTML parsing for hex char specifiers like � in HTML engine


  • New : VCL Styles support added in TSectionListBox, TAdvWordCloud, TAdvCodeList, TAdvListEditor
  • New : TInspectorBar per monitor support for high DPI
  • New : THTMLTreeView per monitor support for high DPI
  • New : TAdvRichEditor.OnPasteBitmap event added
  • New : TAdvPopUpMenu per monitor support for high DPI
  • New : Added Drag and Drop properties to TAdvSmoothButton
  • New : Added DblClick behaviour for the TAdvOfficeRadioButtons
  • Improved : TAdvGlowButton dropdown arrow uses Font.Color
  • Improved : Possible rare issue with TAdvEdit size handling for high DPI
  • Improved : Changed THTMLHint to enable use of TVirtualImageList
  • Fixed : TAdvSmoothEdit EmptyText font style adapts to font settings
  • Fixed : Issue with use on a datamodule of TAdvSmoothSplashScreen
  • Fixed : Issue with runtime VCL style switching in THTMLStatusBar
  • Fixed : Issue with runtime VCL style switching in TAdvOfficePager
  • Fixed : Issue with painting DisabledPicture in TAdvGraphicCheckLabel
  • Fixed : Issue with border of TAdvListEditor when no VCL Style was used


  • New : Introducing TAdvPDFLib and TAdvGraphicsPDFIO, components for PDF export functionality
  • New : Introducing TAdvKanbanBoard and TAdvTableView
  • New : First Release


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