Version History



  • Improved : TMSLoggingTCPClient demo updated, dependency on TMS FMX UI Pack components removed.


  • Fixed : support for quoted string formats in logging configuration file. Ticket #22034.


  • New : Delphi 12 support.


  • New : TTMSLoggerDiscordWebhookOutputHandler allows output logging messages to Discord web hooks.
  • Improved : Support for ARM64 macOS and ARM64 iOS Simulator platforms.
  • Improved : Save/load configuration to INI files is now saving LogLevelFilters specifically per output handler.
  • Fixed : Values with double quote (") was not being properly written in HTML output handlers. [Ticket #21782](Logging


  • Fixed : Access Violation when using Event Log output handler in Windows 64 bit applications.


  • New : TTMSLoggerSyslogOutputHandler allows output logging messages using syslog.


  • New : TTMSLogger.UtcTimeStamp boolean property allows logging the message timestamp as UTC.
  • Fixed : Memory leak when logging memory usage in Android devices (introduced with the end of ARC in Delphi Sydney 10.4).
  • Fixed : HTML stripping of log messages could hang if the message contained several


  • New : SvCom output handler.
  • New : Delphi 11 support.


  • New : StripHtml property for all output handlers controls whether HTML/XML tags will be removed from the log message.
  • New : ExceptionLess output handler using FNC framework, in addition to existing VCL and FMX ones.
  • Fixed : TTMSLoggerTCPOutputHandler not sending information from mobile and 64-bit applications.
  • Fixed : TTMSLoggerHTMLOutputHandler.Create constructor receiving only a single parameter didn't correctly create JS file.
  • Fixed : TTMSLoggerBrowserServer option ohmTableFilter raising Unicode conversion error.


  • New : Support for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney.
  • New : Support for Linux platform.


  • New : Title property in boht HTML Output and Browser Output handlers allows for specifying the title of generated HTML page.
  • New : RegisterManagedOutputHandler method allows adding an instance of an output handler to the logger and rely that it will be destroyed by it.
  • New : Complete new installer, package structure and documentation format. This include breaking changes in the package files.
  • Fixed : HTML Output and Browser Output handlers not working correctly when the logged message had line breaks.


  • Fixed: Missing output handler units in trial version


  • New : TTMSLoggerBaseOutputHandler.LogLevelFilters property allows filtering log messages on a per-outputhandler basis.
  • : New: TLoggingWindowsConsoleOutputHandler outputs log messages to the Windows console window
  • : New: TLoggingSlackWebhookOutputHandler outputs log messages to a Slack channel through a incoming webhook.
  • : New: TLoggingMemoOutputHandler outputs log messges to a VCL TMemo control.


  • Improved : Performance when fetching ip address for logging purposes


  • New : RAD Studio 10.3 Rio support


  • Fixed: Issue parsing HTML < and > signs in plain text


  • New: Custom log level mode and CustomLogLevel property at logger level


  • Fixed : Issue writing files in multiple processes


  • New : RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Support
  • Improved : Added Aurelius Demo
  • Fixed : Issue with compatibility reserver word "Value" combined with Value property on some database servers in TMSLoggingAureliusOutputHandler (breaking change)


  • Fixed : Issue with TMSLoggingEventLogOutputHandler writing incorrect event id


  • Fixed : Version check for memory access in older devices


  • Fixed : Issue with missing log level when using the Aurelius output handler


  • New : TMSLoggingDatasourceOutputHandler
  • New : TMSLoggingAureliusOutputHandler
  • New : Delphi 10.1 Berlin support
  • New : Command line switches to automatically or manually connect to a specific Host in TMSLoggingTCPClient
  • New : Automatic connection mode in TMSLoggingTCPClient


  • New : TMSLoggingTCPOutputHandler client mode
  • New : TCP server component for handling multiple clients
  • New : Outputhandlers for and MyCloudData
  • New : Exception handling
  • Improved : Public property Server for TTMSLoggerTCPOutputHandler and TTMSLoggerBrowserOutputHandler to manually configure multiple bindings
  • Improved : Automatic disconnect in TMSLoggingTCPClient
  • Improved : Allow creation of TTMSLoggerTCPOutputHandler and TTMSLoggerBrowserOutputHandler without form owner parameter (requires setting active = false in formclose)
  • Improved : Active and Deactivate all outputhandlers with a single call


  • New : First Release


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