Business Tools

Add business intelligence to applications and application development with VCL frameworks, libraries, components to automate & streamline development as well as use of applications



  • TMS Aurelius
    ORM framework for Delphi with full support for data manipulation, complex and advanced queries, inheritance, polymorphism, and more...
  • TMS Data Modeler
    TMS Data Modeler is the ultimate tool for modeling databases with an easy and simple interface. It provides powerful features you need, such as diagramming, reverse engineering, SQL script generation and version control. It keeps track of your changes and generates SQL scripts to update your database according to them. It has smooth integration with development tools like Delphi and C++Builder. And all of these features are accessible through a very pleasant user interface.
  • TMS Echo
    Delphi framework for data replication
  • TMS Logging
    Compact cross-platform logging framework offering informative log output to a flexible number of targets with a minimum amount of code
  • TMS RemoteDB
    Set of Delphi components that allows you to create 3-tier database applications
  • TMS Scripter
    Add the Pascal or Basic language scripting to your applications including a full IDE with form designing, object inspector, component palette and more. You can create, design, run and debug script projects which can contain multiple scripts and forms just like a Delphi project
  • TMS Sparkle
    Delphi framework for network, Internet programming
  • TMS Sphinx
    Delphi framework for Identity Access Management, including authorization and authentication
  • TMS XData
    Delphi framework for multi-tier REST/JSON HTTP/HTTPS application server development and ORM remoting.


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