TMS Grid Pack

TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid, TAdvGridExcelIO, TAdvGridRTFIO, TAdvGridPDFIO, TDBAdvGrid in one money and time saving pack

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Feature overview


  • TAdvStringGrid: Highly supercharged string grid
  • TAdvGridDropDown: A multi column combobox on steroids
  • TAdvGridWorkbook: Multisheet version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TAdvColumnGrid: String grid with flexible column oriented property management
  • TAdvSpreadGrid: Formula-aware spreadsheet version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TDBAdvGrid: Data-aware version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TAdvPreviewDialog: Print preview dialog
  • TAdvGridPrintSettings: Dialog for setting the various grid's print options
  • TAdvGridHTMLSettings: Dialog for setting the various grid's HTML export features
  • TAdvGridFindDialog: Dialog wrapping all grid's find functionality
  • TAdvGridImportDialog: Dialog for help during TXT or CSV file import
  • TAdvGridExcelIO: Native XLS file import & export with TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid and TAdvGridWorkbook
  • TAdvGridRTFIO: Component to export grid to RTF files
  • TAdvGridCSVPager: Component to use CSV files with paging
  • TESBMathsLib: ESB Mathematics library for TAdvSpreadGrid by ESB Consultancy
  • TChartLink: Synchronize TChart's with grid's data in a codeless way
  • TFormCtrlLink: Component to link any TWinControl descendent as inplace editor for grids
  • TAdvGridFilterPanel & TAdvGridFilterDialog: Components for building filters visually for TMS grids*
  • TAdvDBFilterPanel & TAdvDBFilterDialog: Components for building filters visually for datasets*
  • TAdvGridPDFIO: Component for exporting the TAdvStringGrid content to a PDF file*
  • TAdvGridColumnPicker: Popup control that can be used to select columns to display in the grid. Columns can be moved via drag & drop between the column picker list and the grid*
* New components from Delphi XE and newer available


Through properties you can have:
  • Page number, date, time, title in footer or header
  • Different header & footer font
  • Use cell font and color from display or different print font control
  • Automatically splits columns over multiple pages if needed
  • Print selected regions from the grid
  • Set margins, print centered
  • Use repeated fixedrows and fixedcolumns for multiple page output
  • Automatic fit to page
  • See before you print with preview
  • Specify borders of each cell for printing
  • Additional custom printing
  • Wordwrapped, rich text, HTML formatted text printing
  • HTML formatted print titles


  • Set text alignment to Left, Justify, Right for each cell
  • Each cell can have different font & background color
  • Select from singleline, multiple line to automatic wordwrap
  • Show URLs as real clickable URLs
  • Draw ellipsis when text doesn't fit column
  • Hidden columns
  • Wallpaper
  • Rich text cells
  • HTML formatted cells


  • Automatically advance to next cell
  • Single key insert and delete rows
  • Automatic cells cut and paste
  • Masked edits with autoadvance
  • Immediate caret positioning on mouseclick
  • Automatic sorting when column headers are clicked with several sort methods and customizations.
  • Cell search functions
  • Cell editing disable capability
  • Different hints for each cell
  • Incremental key lookup
  • Dynamic scroll hinting
  • Easy & intelligent clipboard functions with auto fill and auto expand ranges & rich text aware
  • Enhanced row and column moving with position indicators
  • Automatic skip over fixed and read-only cells


  • Save to file, load from file
  • Save to CSV, load from CSV
  • Save to XLS, XLS sheets, load from XLS, XLS sheets
    (native support, without the need to have Excel installed)
  • Save to streams, load from streams
  • Save to HTML with color,  alignment and font markup
  • Save / load from formatted ASCII files
  • Save to Word DOC files
  • Save to XML files
  • Save to PDF files
  • Load from MDB tables


Have your choice of edit controls:
  • Normal left or right aligned edit controls
  • Masked edit controls with automatic cell advancement
  • Checkboxes, comboboxes, cell data bound checkboxes
  • Datetimepicker, timepicker, datetimepicker with up/down
  • Edit control with ellipsis button
  • Comboboxes and edit controls with auto-lookup and auto history
  • Integer, float, time, date, spinedit control
  • Button control
  • Radio button control
  • Use another custom editor
  • Expand/contract node controls
  • Rich text inplace editing


Add images to your cells:
  • Control positioning of image on top, bottom, right, left ...
  • Add icons, bitmaps, imagelist items and data dependent images
  • Rotated text
  • Multi image cells
  • TPicture, TFilePicture objects opening support for all kinds of graphic formats
  • Progress bar
  • Button
  • Comment indicator


A multi column combobox on steroids:
  • Full TAdvStringGrid functionality in dropdown grid
  • Can be used as inplace editor in TAdvStringGrid
  • Lookup or narrow down control
  • Search lookup text via search footer
  • Add graphics, checkboxes, controls, dynamic coloring etc... in dropdown cells


  • Simple formula editing interface
  • Auto recalculation
  • Single cell recalculation, full recalculation
  • Extensive range of mathematical functions
  • Save with formulas
  • Single cell references in formulas
  • Cell range formulas
  • Formula precision for grid on cell basis
  • Display formulas or formula results
  • Date / time functions
  • Intelligent formula aware copy and paste
  • Can be extended with custom functions
  • Cell names
  • Cell name mode can be RxCy style or A1-style
  • Formula & constants libraries
  • Inter grid formulas


  • Supports mousewheel events
  • Saves user resized column widths to .INI file or registry
  • Automatical column numbering
  • All kinds of routines to delete, clear, move, hide columns & rows
  • Selection of full rows & columns with mouse
  • Set column headers and fixed rows at design time
  • Disjunct row selection
  • Flat and proportional scrollbars
  • OLE drag & drop within grid and between grid and Excel, Word, ...
  • Group and UnGroup functions and grouped sorting
  • Multicolumn filtering

Extra information

New gallery of styles makes it easier and faster to choose a visually appealing look for your application:

Sample applications

Download pack of all sample projects for Delphi:

Download pack of all sample projects for TAdvColumnGrid for Delphi:

Download pack of all sample projects for TDBAdvGrid for Delphi:
  • ADOEditing : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for ADO databases
  • ADODataImage : sample showing data-dependent imagelist images
  • ADOExport : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for export from ADO databases
  • ADOGrouping : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing grouping
  • ADOLookup : sample with TDBAdvGrid for use of lookup fields with ADO databases
  • ADOQuery : sample with TDBAdvGrid and ADO queries
  • ADOSelColor : sample with TDBAdvGrid with value dependend cell coloring
  • ADOSelection : sample with TDBAdvGrid with ADO showing checkbox based row selection and retrieval
  • ADOXLSExport : sample with TDBAdvGrid and TAdvGridExcelIO to show native XLS export
  • BDEAutoSize : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing auto row sizing
  • BDEEditing : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for BDE databases
  • BDEExport : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for export from BDE databases
  • BDEFormatting : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing grid based numeric column formatting
  • BDEHTML : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for BDE database and columns with HTML templates
  • BDEJPEG : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE database and JPEG display from BLOB fields
  • BDEMastDetail : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE master/detail relationship
  • BDEMisc : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE for miscellanous features
  • BDERecordCount : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing use of OnGetRecordCount for improved performance
  • BDERichEdit : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE rich text editing for memo field
  • BDESearch : sample with TDBAdvGrid that shows search in DB grid
  • BDESelection : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE showing checkbox based row selection and retrieval
  • BDESetRange : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing use of table ranges
  • BDESort : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE query sort
  • FireBirdEditing : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing FireBird databases
  • NexusEditing : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing Nexus databases
  • NexusMisc : sample with TDBAdvGrid with Nexus for miscellanous features
  • AdvDBLookupInGrid : sample showing how to use the TAdvDBLookupComboBox as inplace editor for TDBAdvGrid
  • AdvDBFilter : sample of TAdvDBFilter Component
  • AdvGridFilter: sample of TAdvGridFilter Component
  • CDSPDFExport : sample showing PDF Export
  • CDS : sample with a TClientDataSet



What our customers say

Thank you Mr. Fierens for your time and assistance. Just want to say your VCL Pack is fabulous.

- Mark Mihevc

Thank you for this superb tool collection!

- Henning Swiboda

Thanks for the effort to create the VCL grid goodies ! These chunks of outcome-oriented teaching-material are very useful. It's unbelievable how powerful the grid is when one knows how to unveil it's countless options...

- Feichtenschlager Thomas

I don''t know how I could have created and managed so many projects without the AdvStringGrid! And although there is already so much functionality in it I''m using my own derived version with automatic column widths, enhanced export to Excel (including text colors, backround colors, comments, merged cells and more), the possibility to fill in static data at design time and more. This often allows me to build a new tool in hours instead of days! Support is also great! Thanks.

- Raß Jacqueline

Keep up the great work...Every new release of TMS Component Pack is like Xmas. Top quality components! :-)

- Aidan Thomson via email


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