TMS Advanced Dropdown Controls


v10.3.1.0 (May 27, 2020)

Version history

Feature overview

  • Built-in Office and Windows styles via the TMS TAdvFormStyler/TAdvAppStyler
  • Dropdown can have optional header or footer with HTML formatted text
  • Dropdown can be sizeable
  • Allows to add range of custom buttons in both header and footer
  • Dropdown with any TCustomControl descendent
  • Multi-column dropdown control included
  • Fully customizable addressbar like detail dropdown list with support for HTML formatted text, images,...
  • Different color picker dropdown controls
  • Editor can be readonly or not
  • DB-aware and non DB-aware versions of components

  • TAdvImagePickerDropDown
    • Dropdown control with an array of selectable images
    • Supports ImageList images as well as TPicture images
    • Items can have text and image or image only with
      configurable layout per item
    • Each item can have a hint

    TAdvMemoDropDown TAdvMemoDropDown
    • Editable sizeable dropdown with embedded TMemo control
    • Dropdown memo can be set readonly
    • Full text is shown in editor part with ellipsis

    • Dropdown control with the capability to assign
      any TCustomControl descendent component as dropdown control
    • Has events that allow to map edit control part to
      a property of the TCustomControl and vice versa

    TAdvMultiColumnDropDown TAdvMultiColumnDropDown
    • Dropdown control with a grid
    • Color, font, alignment can be controlled per column
    • Column header text can be set
    • Text can be shown wordwrapped, normal or with ellipsis
    • Grid column's can be sizeable or proportionally size with grid
    • Column can have text or imagelist image
    • Allows custom drawn grid cells
    • Setting to define what grid column maps to editor part
    • Lookup in editor based on value in grid column

    • Dropdown control to pick a time value with interactive watch
    • Can have both watch and timepicker in dropdown
    • Time can be interactively changed on the watch by clicking inside watch/outside watch
    • Extensive control over appearance of the watch
    • Can show seconds or not

    TAdvDetailControlDropDown TAdvDetailControlDropDown
    • Google style address bar with items that have caption, imagelist image and notes
    • Item notes can have HTML formatted text
    • Performs lookup while typing based on item's caption
    • Notes text is wordwrapped
    • Configurable item height

    • Dropdown color picker control
    • Selectable different color picker modes
    • List display mode with color square and text
    • Colorcube display mode
    • Spectrum dispay mode
    • Discrete color list with color square only
    • Display of selected color in various modes: none, hex value, text value, RGB value

    • Edit control with dropdown calculator
    • Allows to perform calculations with result put in edit control
    • Mouse and keyboard support to use calculator
    • Calculator with customizable appearance

    TAdvTrackBarDropDown TAdvTrackBarDropDown
    • Dropdown control with embedded TTrackBar component
    • Trackbar value updates edit control value



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