Version History



  • Fixed : RAD Studio 12 installer issue


  • New : Delphi 12 support added


  • New : TAdvTwitter: ExternalBrowser suppport


  • Fixed : Correction for fix for TAdvMyCloudData


  • New : TAdvMSBingSpeech: Updated to Azure Text To Speech API
  • Fixed : Issue with internationalization of boolean field value persistence in TAdvMyCloudData


  • New : TAdvFacebook: ExternalBrowser suppport
  • Improved : TAdvGSheets: Delphi 11 compatibility
  • Improved : Better browser simulation to retrieve image from URL in TAdvCloudImage
  • Fixed : TAdvGMail: Issue with Body encoding
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Possible issue with upload path
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with special characters in upload file names


  • New : Support for Delphi 11 and C Builder 11 added


  • New : TAdvDropBox: Support for refresh tokens with RefreshAccess
  • : Improved: TADVYouTube: Behaviour when using special characters in Video title and or description
  • : Improved: SMS encoding with TAdvBulkSMS
  • : Fixed: TAdvGMail: Issue with recipients


  • New : TAdvOutlookMail: SendMail added as replacement for SendMessage in C Builder
  • New : TAdvGMail: SendMail added as replacement for SendMessage in C Builder
  • New : TAdvDropBox: Search updated to DropBox Search V2
  • Fixed : TAdvOutlookCalendar: Issue with ReminderEnabled property
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Possible issue with Upload path
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issues with GetShare and GetLink for filenames with special characters
  • Fixed : TAdvBoxNetDrive: Possible issue with Upload
  • Fixed : TAdvBoxNetDrive: Issue with TBoxNetItem assign
  • Fixed : CloudAdvStorage Demo updated with new TAdvTreeView implementation


  • Improved : HTTPSPut result


  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Issue with GetFeed due to changes in the Facebook API
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issues with GetShare
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with Upload result


  • Fixed : TAdvGCalendar: Issues caused by changes in the Google Calendar API


  • New : Support for Delphi 10.4 Sydney and C Builder 10.4 Sydney added


  • New : TAdvOneDrive: Added extra class definitions for OneDrive


  • Improved : TAdvGMail: TestTokens no longer requires the scope
  • Fixed : TAdvGDrive: Issue with Download due to changes in the API


  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with using GetLink if the filename contains spaces
  • Fixed : Double SVG integration install issues


  • Fixed : TAdvBarcode: issues with BarcodeOptions


  • Improved : Log check when downloading very large files
  • Fixed : TAdvTrello: issue with authentication scopes not being initialized correctly


  • Fixed : TAdvBarcode: issues with BarcodeOptions
  • Fixed : Package issue in Delphi 10.3 Rio


  • New : TAdvTrello: ExternalBrowser support added
  • Fixed : TAdvGMail: Issue with body text for specific email formats


  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Issue with GetPages due to changes in the Facebook API


  • Fixed : TAdvTrello: issue with retrieving special characters


  • New : TAdvTwitter: Retrieve Tweets with text >140 characters
  • Fixed : TAdvTrello: issue with authentication
  • Fixed : TAdvTrello: issue with GetBoardLabels
  • Fixed : TAdvGTasks: Issue with AddTaskToList due to changes in the API


  • New : TAdvFlickr: ExternalBrowser support added


  • Fixed : TAdvMyCloudData: Issue with inserting a record with an empty integer value


  • Improved : TAdvGooglePhotos: DownloadPhoto will now download the image in it''s original size
  • Fixed : TAdvMyCloudData: Issue with JSON encoding
  • Fixed : Issue with cookies during handling multiple sessions in CalDav


  • New : TAdvOutlookMail: OutlookMailItem IsRead and IsDraft properties
  • New : TAdvGooglePhotos component
  • Improved : TAdvPicasa is deprecated and can be replaced by TAdvGooglePhotos
  • Fixed : TAdvFirebase: Possible issue with AddIndexRule


  • New : RAD Studio 10.3 Rio support


  • Improved : Handling of PRODID in vCal data export


  • New : Added PRODID specifier for generating vCal data
  • Fixed : TAdvMyCloudData: Issue with retrieving MetaData


  • New : TADVOutlookCalendar: TimeZone property
  • Fixed : TAdvOutlookCalendar: Issue with DaylightSavingsTime when adding events
  • Fixed : TAdvGMail: Send message with body text > 255 characters
  • Fixed : TAdvGDrive: Issue with authentication due to changes in the API


  • Fixed : TADVGContacts: Issues with retrieving Groups and Contacts due to changes in the Google Contacts API


  • New : TAdvGCalendar: GetItemByID method overload
  • New : TAdvGCalendar: CalendarItem ETag MasterID Attendees ReminderEnabled ReminderMinutesBefore properties
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Facebook API v3 compatibility
  • Improved : TAdvFacebook: Default scopes updated due to changes in Facebook API
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Post calls are now deprecated in the Facebook API


  • : New: TAdvMSEmotion: App.Location property
  • : Fixed: TAdvPayPal: Issue with payment authorization
  • New: TAdvMSComputerVision: App.Location property


  • New : TAdvTwitter: UploadMedia method to upload images
  • New : TAdvTwitter: TwitterStatus.MediaURLs property for tweets with multiple images
  • New : TAdvTwitter: TweetWithMedia overload for adding multiple images
  • New : TAdvTwitter: Support for the new DirectMessage and GetDirectMessages API
  • New : TAdvTwitter: HasNextDirectMessages property
  • New : TAdvTwitter: DirectMessageWithMedia method
  • New : TAdvOutlookCalendar: AddCalendar UpdateCalendar DeleteCalendar
  • New : TAdvMSEmotion: Support for API v2
  • New : TAdvMSComputerVision: Support for API v2
  • New : TAdvIPLocation: Converted to
  • New : TAdvIPLocation: ContinentCode and ContinentName properties
  • New : TAdvGSheets: Support for Google Sheets API v4
  • New : TAdvGDrive: Rename files support
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Facebook API v3 compatibility
  • New : TAdvDropBox: UploadMode property
  • : Improved: TAdvGSheets: CreateWorkBook auto delete temp file
  • : Improved: TAdvGMail: Unicode character handling
  • : Fixed: TAdvGMail: Issue with parsing Body content for plain text messages


  • Fixed : TAdvGSheets: Issue with using unicode characters


  • Fixed : TAdvGDrive: Issue with SearchList and single quote characters
  • Fixed : TAdvEsendex: Issue with using unicode characters


  • New : TAdvEsendex: CharacterSet property
  • Improved : Picasa and Flickr Demo
  • Fixed : TAdvTrello: Issue with date encoding
  • Fixed : TAdvTreeviewAdapter: Possible issue when drive is empty
  • Fixed : TAdvPicasa: CreateAlbum is deprecated by the API


  • Improved : TAdvDropBox: Share links are now also returned if a share already exists
  • Fixed : TAdvGCalendar: TimeZone Bias was incorrect for specific timezones
  • Fixed : Issue with event UID retrieval in TCloudvCalendar
  • Fixed : Issue with ExDates retrieval in TCloudvCalendar


  • New : TAdvTwitter: Support for Tweets up to 280 characters
  • Fixed : TAdvBoxNetDrive: Fixed possible issue with Upload


  • Improved : TAdvDropBox: Authentication behavior
  • Fixed : TAdvGTasks: Issue with retrieving task notes


  • Fixed : TAdvTwitter : Issue with ProfileList.Find and 64bit IDs handling


  • New : TAdvGMail: TGMailMessage.Date and TGMailMessage.From properties
  • New : TAdvGContacts: GetConactByID(ContactID) method added
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Support for the latest Facebook API v2.10
  • New : TAdvFacebook: PostGroup method added
  • New : Orientation property added in TAdvCloudExifImage
  • Fixed : TCloudTreeviewAdapter: Possible issue with the OnChange event
  • Fixed : TAdvYandexDisk: Issue with deleting files in folder with special characters
  • Fixed : TAdvTwitter: Issue with GetFriends and GetFollowers methods
  • Fixed : TAdvCloudTreeViewAdapter: Possible issue with the OnAfterSelectNode event


  • New : TAdvYandexDisk: New component
  • New : TAdvTwitter: MuteUser and UnMuteUser methods added
  • New : TAdvTwitter: DeleteTweet method added
  • New : TAdvTwitter: BlockUser and UnBlockUser methods added
  • New : TAdvGContacts: Extra GPhoneType values added
  • New : TAdvGContacts: Contact.Updated property added
  • New : TAdvGCalendar: Event SendNotifications property
  • New : TAdvFirebaseObjectDatabase: New component
  • Fixed : TAdvMyCloudData: Issue with inserting a record with an empty boolean value
  • Fixed : TAdvInstagram: Issue with retrieving the caption and likes for a photo due to changes in the Instagram API
  • Fixed : TAdvInstagram: Issue with posting and retrieving comments due to changes in the Instagram API
  • Fixed : TAdvGCalendar: Event StartTime and EndTime TimeZone offset
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Issue with Count parameter in GetFeed method
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with TestTokens (Android only)
  • Fixed : Issue with HttpsUpdate response value


  • New : TAdvPushOver: Support for HTML formatted messages added
  • New : TAdvPushOver: Priority level mpLowestPriority added
  • New : TAdvPayPal: ExternalBrowser property
  • Improved : Customizable ExternalBrowser message strings added
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Authentication issues due to changes in the API


  • New : TAdvGDataStore: Support for Google DataStore API v1 added
  • Improved : TAdvPayPal: It's now allowed to set a price with a negative value
  • Fixed : TAdvPayPal: Issue with using ANSI characters in item name and description
  • Fixed : TAdvOutlookCalendar: Issue with updating events
  • Fixed : TAdvOneDrive: Issue with GetFolders call
  • Fixed : TAdvGContacts: Issue with retrieving birthday date
  • Fixed : TAdvGAnalytics: Issue with RequestData.GeoDimension


  • New : UseSSL property
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: Support for myCloudData SDK
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: Support for myCloudData API v2
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: BaseURL property
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Albums property which contains the result of the GetAlbums(ID: string) method
  • New : ExtractPortNumber and RemovePortNumber methods added
  • Improved : HTTPS requests will now auto detect the port number in the url or server name


  • New : TAdvWeather.GetForecastHourly() method added
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: GetUser method and User property added
  • New : TAdvDropBox: Migration to DropBox API v2
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Possible memory leak


  • New : TAdvOutlookMail: Support for using a Refresh Token
  • New : TAdvOutlookContacts: Support for using a Refresh Token
  • New : TAdvOutlookCalendar: Support for using a Refresh Token
  • Improved : TAdvDropBox: idHTTPServer behavior on Destroy
  • Fixed : TCloudDataAdapter: Issue with CloudDataEntity property
  • Fixed : TAdvOutlookMail: Possible issue with sending email with HTML content
  • Fixed : TAdvMyCloudData: Issue with inserting/updating an empty date value
  • Fixed : TAdvMSBingSpeech: Issues with authentication due to changes in the API


  • Fixed : Issue with design-time packages and missing files


  • New : TAdvOutlookMail: New component
  • New : TAdvOneDrive: Info property and GetAccountInfo method added
  • New : TAdvMyCloudDataDataSet: dataset component mapping on myCloudData data
  • New : TAdvMyCloudDataConnection: component for managing a connection to myCloudData and reusing the connection by a TAdvMyCloudDataDataSet
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: UpdateMetaData method overload added
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: LookupFieldList property added to Tables
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: GetLookupData method added to Tables
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: Added support for extra MetaData properties
  • New : TAdvMSEmotion: New Component
  • New : TAdvMSComputerVision: New component
  • New : TAdvMSBingSpeech: New Component
  • New : TAdvImgur: New component
  • New : TAdvGDrive: Info property and GetAccountInfo method added
  • New : TAdvCloudinary: New component
  • New : Support for authentication through external browser for myCloudData and Google Services
  • New : Several extra EXIF properties exposed in TAdvCloudExifImage
  • Improved : Automatic update of IE emulation mode of the authentication browser window for Google Services
  • Improved : AdvGdrive, AdvDropBox, AdvPryv, AdvmyCloudData, AdvGContacts, AdvGCalendar, AdvCloudKit: Authentication threading
  • Fixed : TAdvOneDrive, TAdvLiveContacts, TAdvLiveCalendar: Issue with authentication due to changes in the API
  • Fixed : TAdvIpLocation: Issue with GetIPLocationFromServer call
  • Fixed : TAdvHiDrive: Issue with CreateFolder
  • Fixed : TAdvGMail: Issue with adding attachments to an email message
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with TDropBoxItem.FullPath
  • Fixed : Issue with escaping backslash and forward slash characters in JSON in AdvExceptionless


  • New : TCloudTreeviewAdapter Component
  • New : TCloudAdvTreeviewAdapter Component
  • New : TAdvTwitter: GetTweetLength method
  • New : TAdvTwitter: GetDirectMessages method and DirectMessages property
  • New : TAdvTwitter: GetConfiguration method and Configuration property
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: SaveToFile/SaveToStream boolean result
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: LoadFromFile/LoadFromStream boolean result
  • New : TAdvInstagram: Extra default scopes due to changes in Instagram API
  • New : TAdvGCalendar: AddCalendar, DeleteCalendar and UpdateCalendar methods added
  • New : TAdvFacebook: GetGroups method and GroupList collection added
  • New : TAdvFacebook: GetFeed method overload to get Facebook Page feed
  • New : TAdvFacebook: GetFeed method overload to get Facebook Group feed
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Feed property for TFacebookPage
  • New : Incremental hierarchical cloud storage retrieval in Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox,, Amazon Cloud Drive cloud storage components for faster operation
  • New : Cloud Storage components: Added SearchList method
  • New : Cloud Storage components: Added GetFolderList & GetFolderListHierarchical methods
  • Improved : Automatic update of IE emulation mode of the authentication browser window for TAdvInstagram, TAdvPayPal, TAdvCloudKit, TAdvHubic and TAdvFlickr
  • Improved : AuthBrowser JavaScript error handling
  • Fixed : TAdvPayPal: Issue with retrieving payment information
  • Fixed : TAdvMyCloudData: Upload/Download result value
  • Fixed : TAdvInstagram: The UserID parameter for GetFollowers and GetFollowed is deprecated in Instagram API
  • Fixed : TAdvInstagram: GetFeed is deprecated in Instagram API
  • Fixed : TAdvGSheets: Possible issue with UpdateCells method
  • Fixed : TAdvGMail: Possible issue with UpdateMessageLabels method


  • New : RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Support
  • Fixed : TAdvGContacts: Possible issue with retrieving Birthday date


  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: UpdateAll(AFieldValues: TStringList) method to update all records in a table
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: Update(AIDList, AFieldValues: TStringList) method to update multiple records in a table
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: DeleteAll method to delete all records in a table
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData: Delete(AIDList: TStringList) method to delete multiple records in a table
  • Fixed : TAdvOutlookCalendar, TAdvOutlookContacts: Issue with using App.CallBackURL
  • Fixed : TAdvGMail: Issue with retrieving message body data


  • New : TAdvOutlookContacts component added
  • New : TAdvOutlookCalendar component added
  • New : TAdvOneDrive: Adaption to use OneDrive API v1.0
  • New : TAdvExceptionLess component added
  • Fixed : TAdvGMail: Issue with using large email attachments


  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Changed default scopes due to changes in the Facebook API


  • New : TCloudDataStoreAdapter: Support for TAdvMyCloudData added
  • New : TAdvMyCloudData component added
  • Fixed : TCloudDataStoreAdapter: Issue with inserting int/floats
  • Fixed : TAdvGDrive: Issue with retrieving filenames with special characters after upload


  • New : TCloudDataStoreAdapter: Refresh method added
  • New : TCloudDataSet: Refresh method added
  • New : TAdvGSheets: GetWorkSheetInfo method
  • New : TAdvGSheets: Added optional parameters to the GetCells method
  • Fixed : TAdvGTasks: Issue with inserting/updating tasks
  • Fixed : TAdvCloudKit: Issue with authentication due to changes in the CloudKit API


  • New : Method Connect added
  • New : Event OnConnected added
  • Improved : TAdvGMail: The SendMessage function now assigns the ID of the TGMailMessage after it has been sent successfully
  • Fixed : TAdvOneDrive: Fixed : Issue with overwriting a file during upload and sync in Folder
  • Fixed : TAdvBoxNetDrive: Issue with GetShare


  • Improved : TAdvFourSquare: Improved Venue JSON parsing
  • Fixed : TAdvPicasa: Changed default PageSize for Search results
  • Fixed : TAdvFlickr: Issue with uploading photos with a description text
  • Fixed : TAdvFlickr: Issue with GetPhotos call due to changes in the API


  • Fixed : TAdvCloudKit: Fixed issue with retrieving entity data due to changes in the API


  • New : TAdvURLShortener: APIKey property added
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Support to retrieve the number of likes for a Facebook Page
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Property for the total friends count: FriendsCount
  • New : Specific support for encoding iCloud all-day events
  • Improved : Linefeed handling for iCloud calendar events
  • Fixed : TAdvGoogleLocationLookupProvider: Issue with retrieving results that contain special characters in Lookup method
  • Fixed : TAdvGDrive: Possible issue with retrieving refresh token
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Authentication window not closed automatically if authentication is cancelled


  • New : TAdvGAnalytics component added


  • New : Support for Delphi 10 Seattle & C++Builder 10 Seattle Prof, Ent. Architect added
  • Improved : Add timezone for a non-recurrent event in TAdvGCalendar
  • Improved : Add nextPage possibility in TAdvGMail
  • Fixed : People are not required to fill in a gender: All Google Services
  • Fixed : Invalid pointer after GetMessage in TAdvGMail
  • Fixed : GetMails generates double mails in TAdvGMail
  • Fixed : Adapted code to extract PhotoURL for changed encoding by Apple in TiCloudContacts


  • New : TAdvTrello component added
  • New : TAdvGSheets component added
  • New : TAdvGMail component added
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Facebook API v2.4 support
  • New : TAdvDropBox: Oauth 2 support
  • Improved : TAdvFourSquare: API compatibility
  • Improved : Made TAdvDropBox.GetFileInfo/GetFolderInfo insensitive to backward slash use
  • Improved : JSON Parsing
  • Fixed : TAdvLinkedIn: Issue with Activity and Share due to LinkedIn API changes
  • Fixed : OAuth handling for HiDrive


  • New : TCloudDataSet component added
  • New : TCloudDataAdapter component added
  • New : TAdvHiDrive component added
  • New : TAdvGDataStore component added
  • New : TAdvCloudKit component added
  • Improved : TAdvLinkedIn: Function results handling
  • Fixed : TAdvHubic: Issue with drive retrieval
  • Fixed : TAdvHubic: Issue with creating and deleting folders
  • Fixed : Memory leak in TAdvGCalendar
  • Fixed : Issue with UseDefaultReminders in Delphi XE5 or earlier


  • New : TAdvHubic component added
  • New : TAdvGDrive: GetUserInfo to retrieve the user Profile information
  • New : TAdvGDrive: Function GetFileInfo() added
  • New : TAdvGDrive: ETag property for TGDriveItem
  • Improved : CalDav server compatibility
  • Fixed : TAdvPayPal: Issue with transactions that use pcJPY currency
  • Fixed : TAdvLinkedIn: Default scopes changed for compatibility with changes in LinkedIn API
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Default scopes changed for compatibility with changes in Facebook API
  • Fixed : Issue with removing custom auth browser at design-time
  • Fixed : Issue with encrypt/decrypt of tokens in 64bit
  • Fixed : Issue with OnAccessDenied in TAdvGCalendar, TAdvGContacts, TAdvGTasks


  • New : TAdvGDrive: Function SearchFolder() added
  • New : TAdvGCalendar: Support for custom ID values in TAdvGCalendarItem
  • Fixed : Issue with text handling on TAdvTelAPI
  • Fixed : Issue with retrieving social media profiles from iCloud contacts
  • Fixed : Issue with handling folding in vCal data


  • New : TAdvPayPal component added
  • New : TAdvCloudConvert component added
  • New : TAdvBarcode component added


  • New : TAdvCloudImage WebPicture.Draw() method exposed
  • New : TAdvCloudImage WebPicture.Assign() can be used with other image sources than TCloudPicture.
  • New : TAdvCloudImage WebPicture can be set at design-time
  • New : Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8 Support
  • Improved : TAdvOneDrive: Upload function
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Result value for GetPages and GetLikes functions
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with GetShare method
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with GetLink method
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with GetFileInfo method
  • Fixed : Issue with character encoding in Twilio Send SMS


  • Fixed : Issue with handling URL endpoints with Amazon cloud drive


  • New : AccessTokenLifeTime added TAdvPicasa
  • Fixed : Issue with upload of very large files


  • Improved : TAdvBoxNetDrive: Upload automatically overwrites existing file
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBoxDataStore: Issue with using special characters in field values


  • New : TAdvGCalendar: Support for Defaultreminders in TGCalendar
  • New : Function AccessTokenLifeTime added in TAdvGCalendar / TAdvGContacts
  • Improved : Cloud storage abstractions
  • Fixed : Upload of files in root folder of Amazon cloud storage
  • Fixed : Issue with function result of TAdvTwilio.SendSMS() in specific circumstances
  • Fixed : Issue with folded description & summary loading in TAdvvCalendar


  • Fixed : TAdvGoogleDrive: Issue with destructor
  • Fixed : TAdvBoxNet: Issue with destructor
  • Fixed : TAdvBoxNet: File upload was not working correctly due to changes in the API
  • Fixed : Issue with persisting tokens in database when no key or section is defined


  • New : Timeout added on TAdvCalDav, TAdvCardDav
  • New : TAdvAmazonCloudDrive: component to get access to Amazon cloud drive
  • New : Full abstract upload method for cloud storage components
  • Improved : Downloading very large files from cloud storage services
  • Fixed : TAdvOneDrive: Issue with foldernames with special characters
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with foldernames with special characters
  • Fixed : TAdvBoxNetDrive: Issue with foldernames and filenames with special characters


  • Improved : HTTP header generation
  • Improved : Access to Box.NET file shares
  • Fixed : TAdvTwitter: Profile.ID property type
  • Fixed : TAdvTwitter: Issue with geo coordinate info
  • Fixed : TAdvTwitter: Issue with AppRateLimit property
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Workaround for bug with JSON parsing in Delphi versions earlier than XE7
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Issue with PictureList creation


  • New : TAdvDropBox: Logout call
  • Fixed : TAdvGCalendar: Possible issue with adding/updating a TGCalendarItem
  • Fixed : TAdvDropBox: Issue with file name encoding
  • Fixed : Issue with creating subfolders under folders in DropBox


  • New : TAdvGTasks: component to get access to Google Tasks API
  • New : TAdvGPlaces: component to get access to Google Places API
  • New : TAdvGDrive, TAdvGContacts, TAdvGCalendar: Logout call
  • New : TAdvGCalendar: Support for Reminders in TGCalendarItem
  • New : TAdvGCalendar: Color, BackgroundColor and ForegroundColor properties for TGCalendar
  • New : TAdvGCalendar: Color property for TGCalendarItem
  • New : TAdvFlickr: SetMeta, SetPrimary, FindPhoto and RemovePhoto functionality on Flickr Set
  • New : TAdvFacebook: Support for Facebook Graph API v2.1 with APIVersion property
  • New : Retrieval of file creation & modified datetime for DropBox
  • New : LastError public property added in TAdvPushOver
  • Improved : TAdvFlickr: GetPhotoStreamEx overload with additional parameters
  • Fixed : TAdvGDrive Issue with assigning TGDrivItem.ParentID/ParentRoot properties
  • Fixed : TAdvFlickr: PrimaryPhotoID was not assigned correctly in CreateSet result
  • Fixed : TAdvFlickr: Issue with using special characters
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Issue with retrieving profiles with half-hour timezone values
  • Fixed : TAdvFacebook: Issue with retrieving access token
  • Fixed : OnDownloadProgress handling for specific HTTPSGet calls
  • TAdvBitCasa: has been deprecated until further notice


  • New : Logout call added for Microsoft OneDrive, Live Calendar & Live Contacts
  • Fixed : TAdvBitCasa: issue with retrieving folder CreationDate and ModifiedDate


  • New : OAuth 2.0 support for Microsoft OneDrive, Live Calendar & Live Contacts
  • Improved : Unicode support in SMS components
  • Improved : TAdvFacebook: It's now possible to receive more than 25 items with GetPictures()


  • New : XE7 Support
  • Fixed : Issue with unicode in folder names in TAdvDropBox


  • New : TAdvGDrive.Update() method added to update a file on Google Drive
  • Improved : ID returned immediately of new created calendar item in TAdvLiveCalendar
  • Fixed : Issue with updating integer and double field values in TAdvDropBoxDataStore
  • Fixed : Handling of non-ansi char text in TAdvGCalendar
  • Fixed : Compile issue for C++Builder in TAdvDropBoxDataStore


  • Fixed : Issue with DropBoxDatastore handling double values


  • New : TAdvTwitter: Retweet & Favorites count added in TTwitterStatus
  • New : TAdvTwitter: GetAppRateLimit call added & TAdvTwitter.AppRateLimit info added
  • New : TAdvTwitter: Geo coordinate info (when available) added in TTwitterStatus
  • New : TAdvGDrive: Function SearchFile() added
  • New : TAdvFacebook : GetProfilePicture() function added to retrieve profile pictures in different sizes
  • Fixed : Issue with DropBoxDatastore


  • New : TAdvPryv: component to get access to Pryv API
  • New : MaxID parameter in Search call for TAdvTwitter
  • Improved : Authentication handling for CalDav & CardDav servers
  • Fixed : SinceID parameter type in Search call for TAdvTwitter
  • Fixed : Issue with AuthFormSettings access in TAdvPushOver
  • Fixed : Inaccessible Notebook files are ignored for TAdvSkyDrive/TAdvOneDrive


  • Fixed : Issue with registered version installer for XE6
  • Fixed : Issue with adding Contacts that contain the "&" character in TAdvGContacts


  • New : TAdvYouTube: component to get access to YouTube API
  • New : TAdvDropBoxDataStore: component to get access to DropBox DataStore API
  • New : TAdvBitCasa: component to get access to BitCasa API
  • New : Support for Delphi XE6 & C++Builder XE6 Prof, Ent. Architect added
  • New : Overload for Share call with extra Comment parameter in TAdvLinkedIn
  • New : GetUserInfo to retrieve the user Profile information in TAdvGContacts, TAdvGCalendar, TAdvLiveContacts, TAdvLiveCalendar
  • Fixed : Memory leak in Delete function of TAdvGDrive
  • Fixed : Issue with result value of the Post function in TAdvFacebook
  • Fixed : Issue with TestTokens in TAdvLinkedIn
  • Fixed : Issue with GetFolderInfo in TAdvBoxNetDrive
  • Fixed : Issue with FeedItem.ImageURL property not being assigned correctly in TAdvFacebook


  • New : Function DateTimeToDaylightSavings(dt: TDateTime): TDateTime added
  • Fixed : Issue with uploading file in new folder in Google & DropBox
  • Fixed : Issue with adding CalendarItems in TAdvGCalendar that have a DateTime in DayLightSavingsTime while currently in StandardTime and vice versa


  • New : TGCalendar.Primary boolean property added in TAdvGCalendar
  • New : TAdvOneDrive component (clone of TAdvSkyDrive) added for naming consistency. TAdvSkyDrive preserved for backwards compatibility
  • Improved : idHTTPServer not created when no localhost callback is set in TAdvBoxNet
  • Fixed : Memory leak with file upload in TAdvSkyDrive
  • Fixed : Issue with timezone encoding in TAdvBoxNet
  • Fixed : Issue with creating new folder and uploading file to new folder immediately in TAdvSkyDrive


  • New : Configurable locale for authorization/authentication dialog for DropBox
  • Improved : ImageURL property contains a link to the original image instead of a 100px wide representation in TAdvFacebook
  • Fixed : Memory leak in TAdvFacebook
  • Fixed : Issue with getting InReplyToStatusID from TwitterStatus in TAdvTwitter
  • Fixed : Issue with UTF8 encoding in vCard for iCloud Contacts service
  • Fixed : Issue with UTF8 encoding & filenames in Flickr


  • New : Use always automatically long lived access tokens in TAdvFacebook
  • Fixed : Workaround for compiler bug with HPP file generation for TAdvDropBox
  • Fixed : Issue with default callbackport setting in TAdvFlickr
  • Fixed : Applied Flickr changes in upload get and post API URLs in TAdvFlickr


  • New : Logging capability added to TCloudWebDav
  • Fixed : Retrieval of ID for TAdvTwitter.GetProfileInfo
  • Fixed : Issue with TestTokens call for TAdvLinkedIn


  • New : Support to post images on administered Facebook pages
  • New : Support for different languages added in TAdvDropBox authentication dialog


  • New : Added venue TimeFrames property in TAdvFourSquare
  • New : Added public property ExternalBrowser: boolean in TAdvDropBox
  • New : Added property AccessTokenLifeTime in TAdvGDrive
  • New : Added overload with parameter radius for venue search in TAdvFourSquare
  • New : Added access to venues & related information without user authentication & authorization in TAdvFourSquare
  • New : Added FileLimit property in TAdvDropBox
  • Fixed : Issue with RefreshAccess in TAdvBoxNetDrive


  • New : TAdvTwilio, component to send SMS messages with the Twilio service
  • New : TAdvTelAPI, component to send SMS messages with the TelAPI service
  • New : TAdvIPLocation, component to determine geo location information from machine, IP address, domain name
  • New : TAdvEsendex, component to send SMS messages with the Esendex service
  • New : TAdvBulkSMS, component to send SMS messages with the BulkSMS service


  • New : Added optional parameters UserID and UserName to GetStatuses in TAdvTwitter
  • Fixed : Possible memory leak when GetStatuses in TAdvTwitter
  • Fixed : Issue with result value for Google drive downloads
  • Fixed : DateTime encoding for Pushover messages


  • New : XE5 support
  • New : Post method overload with Page parameter added in TAdvFacebook
  • New : GetPages method and PageList collection added in TAdvFacebook


  • New : GetCalendar(ChangedSince) overload added in TAdvGCalendar
  • New : Added icon & skyicon name in TAdvWeather
  • New : Added Snow information in TAdvWeather forecast
  • New : Added Rain information in TAdvWeather forecast
  • Fixed : Issue with erratic JSON returned from Box server in TAdvBoxNet


  • New : HasNextFollowers, GetNextFollowers method added in TAdvTwitter for paging through followers
  • New : Added root and sandbox mode for TAdvDropBox
  • Improved : Handling of Google Drive accounts with a large amount of files
  • Improved : Compatibility with iOS7 in TiCloudContacts, TiCloudCalendar


  • New : TAdvFourSquare: component to get access to FourSquare API
  • Fixed : Issue with adding/retrieving items in some time zones with TAdvGCalendar


  • Fixed : Issue with Google OAuth login screen / application hang


  • New : TwitterStatus.MediaURL property added in TAdvTwitter
  • New : TimeZone property for TGCalendarItem in TAdvGCalendar
  • New : TimeZone and Location properties for TGCalendar in TAdvGCalendar
  • New : TAdvInstagram: component to get access to Instagram API
  • New : Submit TGCalendarItem with recurrence string in TAdvGCalendar
  • New : Property TPicasaAlbum.MaxPhotoSize in TAdvPicasa
  • New : LastModified timestamp of vCalendar events in TAdvCalDav, TiCloudCalendar
  • New : File share functionality in TAdvGDrive
  • New : Exposed Last-Modified property at vEvent level in TAdvvCalendar
  • New : Contact.OwnerName property in TAdvGContacts
  • New : AlternateLink and WebContentLink properties exposed on TGDriveItem in TAdvGDrive
  • New : Added optional UserID parameter to GetFriends in TAdvFacebook
  • New : Added CallBackPort property in TAdvFlickr, TAdvBoxNet, TAdvTumblr
  • Fixed : Issue with using CalDav/CardDav servers on non default port numbers
  • Fixed : Issue with adding a Group to Contact.Groups in TAdvGContacts
  • Fixed : Issue with adding Company name or JobTitle to a Contact in TAdvGContacts
  • Fixed : Handling dates in vCard file in different formats


  • New : iCloud Contacts & iCloud Calendar access components
  • New : WebDavSync component for easy synchronization with WebDav/CalDav/CardDav servers
  • New : WebDavStorage/WebDavDataSet components for seamless connection of WebDav/CalDav/CardDav data to DB-aware components
  • New : Import/export/synchronisation components for CalDav & CardDav servers, like OwnCloud


  • Fixed : Issue with timezone encoding for Google Calendars


  • Improved : Switched to OAuth 2.0 for LinkedIn
  • Fixed : Issue with uploading to root folder for Box
  • Fixed : Fixed issue with DST & timestamps for Flickr


  • Fixed : Issue with Twitter OAuth implementation change


  • New : TAdvPushOver component added
  • New : Created and Updated properties added for calendar items in TAdvLiveCalendar


  • New : TVisibility type viDefault in TAdvGCalendar
  • New : TAdvGCalendarItem.Created & TAdvGCalendarItem.Updated properties in TAdGCalendar


  • New : File share functionality in TAdvSkyDrive
  • New : File share functionality in TAdvDropBox
  • New : File share functionality in TAdvBoxNet


  • New : TCloudExifImage: component to get and set geolocation in JPEG pictures
  • New : TAdvPicasa: component to get access to Picasa API
  • Fixed : Issue with getting CountryCode from LinkedIn connections


  • New : TAdvLinkedIn: component to get access to LinkedIn API
  • New : TAdvGContacts: component to get access to Google Contacts API
  • New : TAdvFlickr: component to get access to Flickr API
  • New : TAdvBoxNet: component to get access to Box storage
  • Improved : Various smaller improvements / fixes in core library


  • Fixed : Issue with Facebook authorization due to change at Facebook


  • New : Localization of sign-on for Google & Microsoft services


  • New : Language support in TAdvWeather
  • Fixed : Issue with friends list in TAdvFaceBook


  • New : TAdvWeatherLocationLookupProvider for location lookup based on Wunderground weather service
  • New : TAdvWeather component for access to Wunderground service
  • New : TAdvURLShortener component to created shortened versions of URLs
  • New : TAdvTwitter component to access Twitter
  • New : TAdvLiveContacts component for access to Microsoft Live Contacts
  • New : TAdvLiveCalendar component for access to Microsoft Live Calendar
  • New : TAdvGoogleLookupProvider component for access to Google search completion lookup
  • New : TAdvGoogleLocationLookupProvider component for access to Google Maps service
  • New : TAdvGCalendar component for access to Google calendar
  • New : TAdvFacebook component to access Facebook
  • New : TAdvCloudLookupEdit edit control with lookup capabilities based on cloud data
  • New : TAdvCloudImage component for displaying internet images


  • New : Support for Delphi XE3 & C++Builder XE3


  • Fixed : Issue with file download in demo in TAdvGDrive
  • Fixed : Issue in TAdvSkDrive with CreateFolder



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