TMS Workflow Studio

Add workflow/BPM (Business Process Management) capabilities to your applications.

Version History



  • Improved : Temporary attachment file now deleted after being edited/viewed.
  • Improved : Dutch translation updated.
  • Fixed : Opening attachments was rarely opening the wrong file.


  • New : SendMail block now allows to setup the From field.
  • New : SendMail block now allows to setup the From field.
  • New : SDAC driver and PostgreSQL script to create required tables and fields (both kind contributions from Adan).
  • New : SDAC driver and PostgreSQL script to create required tables and fields (both kind contributions from Adan).
  • Fixed : Errors raised while executing script transitions were being ignore by the engine or error block not being executed when present.
  • Fixed : Errors raised while executing script transitions were being ignore by the engine or error block not being executed when present.


  • New : Delphi 11 / RAD Studio 11 support.
  • Fixed : Task list taking too much memory for workflow definitions with many script blocks.


  • Improved : Updated Dutch translation.
  • Fixed : Setting ThreadedExecution to True by default to return to previous default behavior (regression).


  • Improved : Workflow dialogs are now presented in correct size in HDPI and scaled forms.
  • Improved : Workflow dialogs are now presented in correct size in HDPI and scaled forms.


  • New : Support for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney.
  • Improved : In task view dialog, the combo to update task status was moved to the bottom panel, being accessible at all time, regardless of the tab selected in the dialog.


  • New : French language translation.
  • New : Czech language translation.
  • Improved : Updates in Dutch translation.
  • Fixed : Workflow editor could not remove all attachments or all variables in a workflow definition.
  • Fixed : Units in drivers folder caused Delphi IDE to hang due to include files.
  • Fixed : Task expiration in hours, minutes or seconds was causing workflow definition error.


  • New : Support for Delphi/C++Builder 10.3 Rio
  • New : ShowUserTasksDlg and similar functions now have an option "wfmNonModal" that allows showing the task window as non-modal.


  • New : TaskListKeySortMode global config allows changing the way task lists are ordered when sorting by the (task) "Key" column.
  • New : TWorkflowStudio.EnableAssignmentExpression for custom group assignment any(group), all(group).
  • New : TTaskListView.OnItemCompare event.


  • Improved : Dutch translation updated.


  • Improved : Workflow validation now shows errors in expressions of task definition, like expressions in subject, description, assignmentrule, etc.
  • Improved : Task block validation checks for missing expiration status when there is an expiration date defined.
  • Improved : Fork/join paths now can have internal cyclical paths.
  • Fixed : Next run time (date to check for expired tasks) was being wrongly calculated when there were task instances with expiration date running in parallel (in fork paths).


  • New : RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo
  • Improved : Added TEmailInformation.Instance property, contains TWorkflowInstance reference


  • New : Task expiration by hours, minutes or seconds
  • New : TTaskListView.SortOnColumnClick property
  • New : Allow reordering of task fields in task definition dialog using Ctrl+Arrow keys or drag/drop
  • Improved : Updated German and Spanish translations
  • Fixed : sort order of task list was being reset after the list was refresh (upon task update for example)


  • New : Clickable column titles in task list allows reordering tasks
  • Improved : While editing a task, name is truncated to 50 characters at interface level
  • Fixed : compilation for AnyDac and FIB Plus drivers
  • Fixed : Task block with a self-transition (leaving from and entering the same task block) was not creating a new task through that transition


  • New : Support for Delphi/C++Builder 10.1 Berlin
  • Improved : Upgrade Dutch language
  • Improved : For better user experience, when there is a version conflict when saving a task, user is offered the option to refresh the task list right away
  • Fixed : event TWorkflowStudio.BeforeSaveTaskInstance not being fired when task was automatically created by workflow execution
  • Fixed : Tasks/instances that were taking long time to run were causing too much conflicts when version control was enabled.
  • Fixed : Fibplus and AnyDac drivers did not compile after latest version
  • Fixed : FIBPlus driver causing errors when using blob fields to save workflow data
  • Fixed : Error in resources when using C++ with runtime packages


  • New : TWorkflowStudio.VersionControlEnabled allows version control on workflow and task instances
  • New : Refresh (F5) popup menu option in task list dialog
  • New : FireDAC database adapter
  • Improved : Updated German and Spanish languages
  • Improved : Transition editor now only being displayed automatically when the source block has output options to be selected from.
  • Fixed : Transition script indicator icon was being displayed even when the transition script was not supposed to be executed.
  • Fixed : Regression error when using Database Block
  • Fixed : Date-time editor not working when bound to variables with empty values


  • New : RAD Studio 10 Seattle support


  • New : TWorkflowStudio.OnDesignerCreated allows direct access to the designer form for low-level customization
  • New : MySQL script for workflow tables
  • New : Dutch translation
  • Improved : Workflow verification now warns if a task block has a completion status that doesn't have a corresponding transition
  • Improved : User interface tweaks for better handling of non-English text
  • Improved : Updated translations for German, Spanish and Portuguese languages.
  • Improved : Status templates button disabled if no templates are available
  • Improved : A warning is displayed if user changes a task status and tries to leave the form without saving
  • Fixed : Text block not displaying text in workflow instance if text was edited directly in the block (not using editor)
  • Fixed : In expiration tab of task/approval block, list of completion status were not being listed
  • Fixed : "Send Mail Notification" check box state was not being saved when editing Approval Task Block


  • New : Workflow validation panel shows all erros and warnings when checking a workflow definition
  • New : TWorkflowUserInterface.WorkflowEditorWidth and WorkflowEditorHeight properties allow setting default workflow definition editor size
  • New : Editor types allow choosing the control used to edit a task field
  • New : Descriptions in workflow variables allow better documentation and understanding the purpose of a variable
  • New : Delphi/C++Builder XE8 support (2.1.1)
  • Improved : Warning on duplicated variable names in workflow definition
  • Improved : Transition scripts now allowed in any transition (previously only task transitions could have scripts)
  • Improved : German translation updated
  • Fixed : TTaskInstance.CreatedOn property not being saved when task was inserted (2.1.1)
  • Fixed : Error when using scripts in definitions with duplicated variable names


  • New : Support for Delphi XE8 & C++Builder XE8
  • Fixed : TTaskInstance.CreatedOn property not being saved when task was inserted


  • New : Variables Dialog helps creating variable expressions in several parameter controls
  • New : Status templates for predefined set of status makes it fast to create new task blocks with same status items
  • New : Send Mail block to easily send an e-mail message
  • New : Scripts in transitions allow adding custom logic whenever the workflow execution goes through a specific transition
  • New : Popup menu with "Copy as Image" option when visualizing the diagram in task list
  • New : Database SQL block to execute an SQL statement in the database
  • New : Comment and Text blocks improves visual indications in the workflow diagram
  • Improved : Variables are now sorted by name in the Workflow Variables form


  • New : Packages structure changed. Now it allows using runtime packages with 64-bit applications. It's a breaking change.
  • New : Full TMS Diagram Studio now included in TMS Workflow Studio


  • New : Support for Delphi XE7 & C++Builder XE7 added


  • New : Support for Delphi XE6 & C++Builder XE6 added


  • New : TWorkflowUserInterface.BeforeTaskListShow event allows you to have access to TaskList form and perform visual modifications in it before it's displayed
  • New : TWorkflowDB.UseBase64 property can be used to improve performance in Delphi XE2 and lower versions
  • New : Diagram Navigator in workflow editor
  • Fixed : Issues when running more than one subworkflow simultaneously and waiting for both to complete
  • Fixed : Issue with loading workflow definitions from sql server using ADO
  • Fixed : Expiration Combo box items in expiration frame now being properly translated
  • Fixed : Error Handler block now also executed after some internal errors (like script execution)


  • New : TAttachmentViewMode allow displaying attachments and task info in a single pane instead of different tabs
  • New : RAD Studio XE5 support
  • Improved : Better performance for saving/loading workflow definitions, instances and tasks when using ADO
  • Fixed : Workfklow blocks not displayed when language different than English was used
  • Fixed : Empty "Basic" category removed from toolbar


  • Fixed : Issue with installer for Delphi XE4 & C++Builder XE4


  • New : Delphi XE4 & C++Builder XE4 support added


  • Fixed : Issue with trial installer


  • Fixed : Issues with installer


  • New : Delphi/C++Builder XE3 support
  • Fixed : ScriptEngineInitialized not being called when executing workflow validation
  • Fixed : Issue when using ODBC + SQLDirect (parameter order was incorrect)


  • New : German, Chinese and Italian translation for Workflow user interface
  • New : 64-bit support added for Rad Studio XE2


  • New : Delphi/C++Builder XE2 support
  • Improved : Optimization when using blob fiels with ADO


  • Fixed : Issue in installer for RAD Studio XE


  • New : Timeout feature for automatic expiration of workflow tasks
  • New : Support for AnyDAC components
  • New : RAD Studio XE support
  • New : Property DisplayTaskStatus in workflow diagram
  • New : Option to define hidden status in workflow tasks
  • New : High level properties to handle with task status programmatically
  • New : Event OnInitializeScriptEngine to initialize Script Engine object
  • New : Event BeforeSaveTaskInstance in WorkflowStudio.
  • New : Administrator privilege in user groups to allow updating of tasks assigned to different users
  • New : "Run workflow" block to run a separated workflow instance
  • Improved : User interface for defining status in workflow tasks
  • Fixed : Issues with wsClasses unit in C++Builder
  • Fixed : Issues with multiple outputs from script blocks
  • Fixed : Flickering when moving blocks on Workflow diagram


  • New : Event "OnGetNow" to retrieve current date/time
  • Improved : Small visual changes in several forms
  • Fixed : Field labels are not painted when using XP Manifest (Delphi 7)
  • Fixed : Error on Redo after undoing a transition line insertion
  • Fixed : Error adding attachments to workflow definition


  • Improved : WorkflowStudio global variable removed, allowing multiple instances of the component to be used
  • Improved : TCustomWorkflowDB.ComponentToString and ComponentFromString methods made protected
  • Improved : Several methods in TCustomWorkflowDB made virtual


  • New : Workflow definition editor now support grouping blocks for easier design
  • New : TWorkflowStudio.OnRunFinished event - being fired when a workflow instance execution is finished
  • New : Redesigned workflow definition editor now based on internal diagram editor
  • New : More modern toolbar in workflow definition editor (Delphi 2005 and up)
  • New : "_Workflow" variable available from scripts allowing access to the workflow diagram and its methods and properties
  • Fixed : Minor bug fixes


  • New : TWorkflowStudio.GroupAssignmentMode property allows to create a single task for multiple users in group
  • New : Delphi 2009/C++Builder 2009 support
  • Improved : Prevent users from changing tasks assigned to other users
  • Fixed : Various smaller improvements & fixes


  • New : Task List dialog now can be called in MDI mode, beside the existing modal mode. You can use, e.g., ShowUserTasksDlg('john', wfmMDI);
  • New : TWorkflowStudio.OnWorkInsError event allows higher control of errors raised from an workflow execution
  • New : TWorkflowInstance status: wsFinishedWithError
  • New : TTaskInstance.CreatedOn property
  • New : Support for FIBPlus database components
  • New : Support for C++Builder 2006 and 2007
  • New : Spanish translation added
  • New : OnTaskCreated and OnTaskFinished events in TWorkflowStudio component
  • New : OnBeforeExecuteNode and OnAfterExecuteNode events in TWorkflowStudio component
  • New : It's possible now to use expressions in the "Assigned To" field in a task definition so that the task is assigned dinamically to an user/group
  • Improved : Thread performance to execute workflow instances
  • Improved : Error handling while executing workflows. An error message is displayed when workflow is finished with error (can be avoided with OnWorkInsError)
  • Fixed : Minor bugs in TWorkflowADODB and TWorkflowDBXDB caused AV when deleting a connection component at design time


  • First release

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