Customer testimonials for TPlannerWaitlist

I am very impressed with the flexibility of your DBPlanner. As I am just writing a test application to make sure all work as I planned, it does so far. I tried VisualPlanIt and could not get the same flexibility. None of the other components suggested does the things the same way.

— Petrus van Breda via email
At long last a data aware planner that I can use :-)
One that does what is promised and is both powerful and straighforward to use.
Congratulations to all at TMS Software. I have tried and registered two previously ,I guess most us have tried before and been disappointed, but this TMS component has got the requirements EXACTLY right.
It is easy to understand the underlying concept and linking to ones own database is a breeze. I understood the demo within 15 minutes and had started my own project knowing HOW the majority of things worked within an hour - within 2 hours I had a workingsystem :-)
I am looking forward to building everything from personal diaries to resource planning systems. Now I can deliver planning systems that my customers want, when they want it and know they will be reliable !! Congrats again . Well done

— Steven J Healey, Delphi Prefix Registry

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