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Special upgrade prices


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

TMS Software Delphi  Components

 Are you keeping up with our latest developments?
We know it is hard to keep up with our latest developments, it is going super fast!

Best way to stay updated? Of course TMS ALL-ACCESS!
To give our customers access to all our latest developments we have created our no-nonsense subscription TMS ALL-ACCESS! Because we want our customers to be able to use all our products with no restrictions or limitations.
And when we say ALL we really mean ALL our products we offer now and also all new products we'll release in the year of the subscription. Moreover, our all-access users are the first to receive the previews and betas of our non-released products!

A quick recap

In the first quarter of 2022, we already released 3 new products:

Get full access with: 

  • Easy plan: All current and new products for 1 price!
  • Easy renewal: Yearly renewal only for 520 EUR!
  • Easy install: all products accessible via TMS Subscription Manager tool
  • Easy support: Full online support center access to all areas
  • Easy up-to-date: Early access to product betas
  • Easy learning: Access to TMS WEB Academy

Pleasant user experience

Use the TMS Subscription Manager with a single login to get instant access to all products in your TMS ALL-ACCESS subscription.
  • TMS Subscription Manager categorizes the products per technology : VCL, WEB, FMX, BIZ, FNC, DEV, .NET, IntraWeb and LCL.
  • Per product, you get a description, link to the product webpage, info on latest available version and release date, info on your last download version and download date and info on your last product install version and date.
  • You can mark specific TMS products as your favorite products.
  • It allows you to start multiple downloads.
  • Behind the scenes, TMS Subscription Manager keeps a backup of any product versions you have downloaded. Right-click on the downloaded version number cell per product and from the context menu you can see all available versions (if there are any) and activate another version for install.
  • The TMS Subscription Manager keeps you always informed about the validity of your subscription and will guide you to the renewal order upon expiry.
  • From the TMS Subscription Manager there is a comprehensive list of links to interact with us, via email, social media, forums, RSS, Youtube videos ...

Did you know...

... that the renewal price after 1 year is at 70% discount from the new license price, i.e. currently just 520 EUR ?!  So, once you are a TMS ALL-ACCESS subscriber, you’re covered the next years for just this fraction of the price.

We wish to offer fair prices to ALL our customers at ANY time! We believe the customer should be able to purchase at an attractive and correct price on the day the customers wants to make the purchase and not the day we want this. 

So what are you waiting for?
Contact sales for special upgrading pricing for existing customers of other products. Requests are looked at case by case and a best possible offer is made. 

Masiha Zemarai


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