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TMS WEB Core v1.8 Sirolo in videos


Friday, July 23, 2021

Yesterday we released TMS WEB Core v1.8 Sirolo. You can read all about this exciting new release that extends our Miletus technology to macOS and Linux among many other new features. 
We have already prepared several videos to let you discover the new features via video in addition to the usual text information. In this blog, we bundled a fresh new series of videos we already have:

TMS WEB Core Miletus goes cross platform

TMS WEB Core new chatbox control

TMS WEB Core new rating control

Get started - Learn - Stay tuned

Start: Either use the TMS WEB Core trial version to explore new territories for your Object Pascal development, or if you are a student get the brand new Delphi Community Edition v10.4.2 and supercharge it with TMS WEB Core Academic.

Learn: Watch webinar replays, read blog posts, get new books

Stay tuned: A lot of things are cooking in the labs, it's getting really hot in the kitchen, we have a couple of surprises coming up. Watch this blog to discover it first.


Bruno Fierens


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1. Friday, July 23, 2021 at 12:32:54 PM

Hello TMS Team

Miletus .. is getting better and better.

As mentioned before... please provide support for more databases. That would be great.

In particular for me ...ElevateDB, Sybase.

Thank you for such a good product.


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