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FNC Partner Program


Monday, July 29, 2019


Starting from today, the FNC Partner Program goes live, so what exactly is the FNC Partner Program? The FNC Partner Program is a program that allows you, as a developer, create your own FNC controls and sell/offer them on your own website, as a certified FNC Partner. But that is not all, below is a list of benefits the FNC Partner Program has to offer:

  • Direct access to our FNC experts for deep technical insights & questions
  • A free license to all our FNC products
  • Access to FNC product betas
  • Showcase your components on our FNC component partner directory page
  • Our marketing team will happily promote your components


Below is an overview of what FNC has to offer.

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these frameworks:

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these operating systems/browsers:

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these IDE's:

Getting Started

The FNC Partner Program helps you in creating your own FNC component via a 3 step process.

Create your own FNC components and start making money or let others benefit from your work or even contribute to it! Have you created your own FNC components? Let us know! If we assess it as valuable for other FNC developers, we will add it to our directory and add you or your company to the partner program and offer you a free TMS FNC Component Studio license. Develop and sell your component to our and your clients!


Curious on how FNC Components are created? Take a look at the following page, which offers a set of components that we have developed:

The Google Cloud Service components are based on TMS FNC Core and TMS FNC Cloud Pack
The Category List is based purely on the TMS FNC Core

Start developing today!

Pieter Scheldeman


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