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TMS coming to a place near you?


Friday, February 10, 2012

The team has been feverishly busy here in the office working on a wide area of Delphi related tools and components to make you more productive and allow you to build applications that will stun your customers. This includes our first two FireMonkey products: TMS Instrumentation Workshop for FireMonkey and TMS TableView for FireMonkey. This includes also our new ORM framework we've just released and that was warmly welcomed: TMS Aurelius. Significant work was also done to continue to enhance, add features and extend the TMS VCL Components, in particular TMS Component Pack that adds the capabilities in a wide range of components to create applications in the Metro design language. We have this year also released our new product TMS WebGMaps to allow you to integrate Google maps in VCL applications. Finally, perhaps not so visually apparent, A LOT of work was done under the covers of our IntraWeb product range. We've added support for IntraWeb 12.1 for the entire TMS IntraWeb Component Studio and TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro is now fully adapted to run in Internet Explorer standards mode (full HTML5 compliant mode).

In the coming months, we hope to meet you somewhere on the planet in person to share the technical expertise behind all our latest developments and to listen to your needs, feedback and comments. Following events are already planned:

March 22th: Australia, Melbourne: ADUG symposium
March 23th: Australia, Canberra: ADUG symposium
May 14th: Germany, Frankfurt: Delphi Developer Days
May 22th: Netherlands, Utrecht: Delphi Developer Dag

More dates will be added as these get planned. In addition we also contemplate organizing a TMS day, perhaps one in the Benelux and possibly one in Brazil this year. Let us know if you'd appreciate such TMS day being organized and what content you'd prefer to see presented on such day!

Bruno Fierens


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