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Introducing: How it Works with Holger - Building a Pexels gallery app with TMS WEB Core video series


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

TMS Software Delphi  Components

We're launching a new video series called How it Works with Holger - Building a Pexels gallery app with TMS WEB Core.

In these videos, Holger will teach you how to make a cool image gallery using TMS WEB Core. Plus, we'll add awesome pictures using the Pexels API.

Here's what we'll cover:

Episode 1. Design Foundations: We'll start from zero and learn how to arrange pictures on a webpage using modern techniques. No more old-fashioned methods! We'll use things like flexbox and Bootstrap to make our gallery look amazing.

Episode 2. Integration with Pexels API: Next, we'll make a new project and put our design into action. We'll use the Pexels API to fill our gallery with awesome images, making it look fantastic.

Episode 3. Adding Cool Features: We'll add features like searching for specific pictures and showing popular ones. This will make our gallery even more fun to use.

Episode 4. Implementing Pagination:: As our gallery grows, we'll need to make it easy to move around. We'll add buttons so users can flip through pictures quickly.

Episode 5. Putting Our Gallery Online: Finally, we'll put our gallery on the internet using GitHub Pages. It's super simple - just a few clicks and everyone can see our cool creation.

The first episode of this video series will debut on Thursday, 4/04/2024, and will be available on our YouTube channel.

Aaron Decramer


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