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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

 Property FilterType

 RowSelectCount and SelectedRowCount

 Auto filtering in a grid with dynamically formatted cell values based on real cell values

 How to configure the grid so that a clipboard copy of a single cell value can be pasted at once to multiple cells

 Getting checked rows in a filtered grid

 Associating a unique ID with search list items for TAdvSearchEdit used in TAdvStringGrid

 How to draw text with end ellipsis when it is too long to fit in a cell

 How to control that at specific column positions, no column can be dropped.

 Programmatically show the filter dropdown for a grid column

 property grid.ControlLook.RadioRange: Boolean

 Image drag & drop

 Changing the font color of a part of the text in a grid cell using rich text

 Using the OnHoverButtonsShow event to configure different hover buttons for different columns

 Set a different XY offset for different cells in the grid

 Using NarrowDown but perform narrow down only for cells matching the search text from first character.

 Customizing the inplace editor for fixed cells in TAdvStringGrid

 Dealing with floating point number precision in TAdvStringGrid

 Remove the context menu at right mouse click

 Raw sort compare with virtual grid

 How to customize colors in the dropdown color cube

 How to have 2 different font colors for text within 1 cell

 How to programmatically set focus to the search box in the grid search footer

 How to initialize the TAdvGridHeaderList with hidden columns

 How to handle the event of changing the combobox from the TColumnComboEditLink component in a TAdvStringGrid

 How to add multiline comments

 How to export to PDF

 No caret is visible when editing a cell in the grid

 Inserting grid data into an existing sheet in an existing XLS file with TAdvGridExcelIO

 How to format Dates?

 How to disable scrolling with mousewheel and arrow keys

 How to change the margin between the cell border and the text

 How to set hints on images in the grid

 When "<" is in a cell text, the text in front of the "<" is always doubled when you click into the cell

 How to make certain columns editable

 How to turn off the gradient and override the fixed column color

 How to add a sheet to an existing Excel workbook using TAdvGridExcelIO.XLSExport

 Copy a row with cell values & properties from one grid to another grid

 How to prevent navigation to specific cells

 Using balloons

 I am having problems with the sorting order of special characters in other languages

 How to programmatically start inplace editing

 Printing tips

 How to filter on checkbox state

 How to set the dropdown width

  How to use TAdvColumnSetter

 How to change the TAdvGridPrintSettingsDialog to another language

 How to display special chars in a cell

 Using the HTMLSettings dialog at runtime

 Using the grid gallery picker at runtime

 Creating a grid at runtime in C++

 How to add a TAdvGlowButton in a grid

 Specifying a filter in C++

 Customizing the TAdvStringGrid Find Dialog

 Show inplace editor in a special color

 Importing data with TAdvGridExcelIO in a grid that already contains data

 Allowing multiline text & using the Enter key to start a new line

 How to use TAdvGridReplaceDialog

 Persisting grids with images to file

 How to change the size of the find next / previous / highlight buttons in the search bar

 Exporting numbers as text with TAdvGridExcelIO

 I want to override the popup menu of the default grid inplace editor

 Delphi can't find definition for TFlxFormat when using TAdvGridExcelIO

 Using TAdvStringGrid printer settings dialog combined with printer selection.

 Vertical bottom or center alignment in the grid

 Using TAdvStringGrid with Multilizer

 Copying a grid as image on the clipboard

 Saving TAdvStringGrid to a JPEG file

 Setting different max. edit lengths for the inplace editor

 Printing only selected rows in disjunct row select mode

 Setting an hourglass cursor during lengthy sort operations

 Forcing a visible cell editor when the form is displayed in the grid

 When using RowSelect, the first cell of the row is not highlighted as the other cells.

 Use a different inplace editor color than the cell color

 Still using the 3D style inplace combobox editor

 I use OnGetEditorType to specify a checkbox but it only displays when editing

 I use row selection, but the first column has a different color

 Why do rotated fonts do not print correct ?

 I want to use rotated font but the font does not show rotated

 Why do my printouts do not have colors or fonts set as displayed ?

 Copy and paste does not seem to work ?

 I want to select multiple rows with Ctrl - mouseclick and Shift - mouse click

 How can the copyright notice be removed from the grid ?

 I am not sure if the latest version of TAdvStringGrid is installed. How can I check this ?

 With the registered version of TAdvStringGrid, do we need to pay additional royalties for application distribution ?

 How can I set text in a cell ? How do I programmatically change a column width or row height ?

 How can I get the state of a checkbox added with grid.AddCheckBox ?

 I get an exception 'invalid column' during export to Excel

 I have added a button on the grid with AddButton but the OnButtonClick event is not triggered ?

 I try to set VAlignment to vtaCenter or vtaBottom but this is not working

 Can I load a gallery file programmatically at runtime ?

 I am having problems with grid.SortByColumn, it is slow or behaves incorrect

 Users of older operating systems have an error message on application startup related to a missing gdiplus.dll

 When exporting to Excel file with the method grid.SaveToXLS() I get the error : "Excel OLE server not found"

 When try to install TAdvStringGrid, I get an error that TAdvStringGrid is compiled with a different version of PictureContainer

 When I run my application I get an error "property does not exist"

 When I try to install the package, it asks for AdvGrid.pas


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