DB-aware and non DB-aware feature-rich charting components for business, statistical, financial & scientific data

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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

 Showing values in bars

 Using the Popup ToolBar

 Custom X-Axis drawing

 Exporting to PDF

 Custom x-axis value drawing

 How to configure the y-axis and y-grid of a spider chart

 How to use gantt charts

 Resetting Automatic after manual Scaling / Ranging

 Selecting points in a series

 Printing GDI+ charts

 Using custom Y-Axis labels

 What is the difference between TMS Advanced Charts for IntraWeb and TMS Advanced Charts

 Setting a custom division on the X-Axis

 Exporting to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP or GIF files (GDI+)


 Saving and restoring TAdvChartView settings

 Adding Special Series

 Programmatic use of DBAdvChartView & TDBAdvGDIPChartView

 Linking TMS Advanced Charts with databases

 Using the Zoom Control Window in TAdvGDIPChartView

 Adding and removing annotations

 Changing different bar chart types to cylinder shape or pyramid shape

 Customizing the drawing of the markers.

 Adding single, multi points

 Adding and removing series

 Adding and removing a Pane

 Linking a TAdvChartView with a TAdvStringGrid

 Using the pane,chart or annotations editors at runtime

 Using the TAdvChartTypeSelector

 Adding points to a specific chart pane with a specific chart serie

 Applying a 3D effect to chart series

 Visual organisation of TMS Advanced Charts

 Simple XY chart Demo

 XY chart in combination with DateTime X-Axis

 Updating Chart at runtime

 Modifying a single series data point value in code

 Retrieving the serie values at crosshair

 Programmatically scrolling and zooming in the chart

 Using Y-axis values per serie in the chart

 Add custom X-axis text programmatically

 Add custom X-axis values via an event


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