TMS LCL HW Pack for Raspberry Pi

Open-source seamless access components for Raspberry Pi breakouts


v1.1 (January 17, 2016)

Version history

Feature overview

The TMS LCL HW Pack for Raspberry Pi contains components that offer seamless access to various breakouts.

Accessing external hardware from a Raspberry Pi becomes as simple as dropping a component on the form and setting some properties or calling some methods. Reach-out to an exciting new world of electronics now from your Pascal applications running on Raspberry Pi with this open-source bundle of components. No need to go delving into IC docs or puzzling bits together from very limited or non-existing documentation. Just connect and go.

Currently supported breakouts

Adafruit 4 digit 7 segment display

Adafruit monochrome 128X32 OLED graphic display

Adafruit 12bit DAC

Adafruit 12bit 4 channel ADC

Adafruit RGB 16x2 LCD + keypad

Adafruit barometric pressure/temperature sensor

Adafruit SPI 8k FRAM module

Adafruit 8x8 I2C LED matrix

Adafruit I2C GPIO 16-port expander

And much more coming...

We also welcome you to contribute to this open-source package. Contact us with your suggestions, feedback, contributions.




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