Customer testimonials for TMS FlexCel for VCL & FMX

We had a very positive Flexcel talk in our meeting yesterday. Dave Martel was very positive about the product; the support; speed to fix an issue.
By doing the talk he realised improvements over the years and has an amazing success story from analysing a large number of human created spreadsheets (1000’s of spreadsheets with 1000’s of readings).
The speed of analysis allowed them to refine and re-train the importer to deal with human vagaries (comments / colour etc).

— Jason Chapman (JAC2 Consultancy Limited), via Email
Wow, I'm really impressed that you found this out in such a short time!
Thanks especially for testing it with Softmaker Office itself and with some more elaborate spreadsheets, this makes me confident that it'll work with the "real life" files that I have to handle.
Super service!

— Arthur Hoornweg via Email
It's now very easy to build a report with the new Flexcel + Aurelius integration. It was so easy that I really thought I was doing something wrong. I will never go back to a report generator, Flexcel is way cooler and easier for reports

— Eduardo Elias (Yashar software), via Email
Another vote for Flexcel here, since the rewritten and updated Flexcel came out a year or two ago, I only use that. Mostly I use it to read XLS and XLSX files, which it does much faster and more flexibly than Excel automation, in my experience. If you also need to write XLS and XLSX files (which I do occasionally) Flexcel has the most amazing utility named 'ApiMate'. You can design your output report in Excel, including only a minimum of actual data, but with all the detailed formatting, headings, and column, row and cell properties you need. Then point ApiMate at the Excel file, and it generates a Delphi program to write the entire XLS file using the Flexcel API, with all the attributes matching those you created in Excel itself. It is then the work of a few moments to adapt the ApiMate-created functions to handle your real data. Magic! Flexcel support is prompt and helpful, too.

— Tim Frost via EMB Delphi 3rd party Newsgroup
Thanks for an excellent product. I did have some issues Friday but these were expertly solved by Adrian Gallero over the weekend. I cannot recommend you products and service high enough. Thanks and kind regards

— Kevin Clegg (Soft Options), via Email
We have built several windows (both .NET and Delphi) solutions using FlexCel and we have experienced the good evolution of the product. We like it mainly for the three following reasons: Value for the money: There is no need for any other component to have a full reporting solution. Performance: From the real experience we have performed, FlexCel is very well engineered and the performance you can obtain with it is impressive! The source code is available, and it's very important if you are involved in the development of competitive solutions and products.

— Luis del Ser (CEO Movilok),
Wow ! I just got the TMS FlexCel and it worked right away. After a few tries I had an Excel file. First I thought it didn't work because it was so fast. It took 55 seconds with TExcelApplication, but with the TXLSAdapter it took about 0 seconds. I couldn't click on my stopwatch fast enough !! Great stuff ! Thanks a lot !

— Detlef Rattunde via Email

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