Customer testimonials for TMS Aurelius

I am very happy to use TMS Aurelius with Delphi 10.4, I did not expect a quick launch like this.
I am also enjoying the new BatchSize feature, which is much faster than the normal mode.

— Leandro via Blog Post
From what I've seen so far, I think this is going to revolutionize my app development - can't wait to start playing with the features now!

— Dave White via Support Center
It's now very easy to build a report with the new Flexcel + Aurelius integration. It was so easy that I really thought I was doing something wrong. I will never go back to a report generator, Flexcel is way cooler and easier for reports.

— Eduardo Elias (Yashar software), via Email
TMS Aurelius makes my code to be very clean. I can code in pure OOP, not worrying about database persistence or SQL statements, being able to switch connections and database servers very easily. My development speed has increased significantly.

— Carlos Fitl via Email
Wagner, I must congratulate with you: I really enjoy reading and watching your posts and videos about TMS Aurelius. First, I appreciate them because they are very specific and up to the point. Second, as a TMS Aurelius user, the more of your post I read, the more I am confident about the choice I have made between TMS Aurelius and "The Others". I love the simplicity of TMS Aurelius: this is the very distinctive trait of it: If you know how to deal with Plain Old Simple Object in Delphi, then you know 80% of TMS Aurelius. And your posts about it, are something I always find very interesting. Thank you so much.

— Fabio Vitale via Blog Post
Congrats, TMS Aurelius is really a nice peace of software... Kudos to the team

— St├ęphane Wierzbicki via Delphi Developers community
TMS Aurelius is really some awesome piece of technology that has been missing from Delphi for years. REALLY good framework that is well thought-through. Believe me, I have had my look at a fair number of ORMs.

— Holger Flick via Email

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