Customer testimonials for TAdvMainMenu

Congratulations to the Office 2007 style ribbon bar. It looks great.

— Andre Voget via Email
The (Scenic) Ribbon control works so well and it looks so good! I've created an entire dummy interface in it to replace an older application and the reactions were very enthusiastic. I just discovered that an entire application can style itself using the AppStyler. This creates a great consistent look and feel as long as you use just TMS components. Thanks a lot and keep it up!

— Willem van de Vis via Email
Very nice, you keep surprising for the best

— Yoav Berchik via Email
I just had to take a minute to say that your new toolbarpager is one of the sweetest and prettiest components I have seen. Great job!

— Lee Jenkins via Email
Keyboarding this menu is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, (okay, I should probably get out more).

— Jerry Hayes via Email

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