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The AdvStringGrid is by far the most powerful and flexible grid component that I have ever worked with. We will transform all other grid components in our products to AdvStringGrid component. It's great to have these components !!! Also thanks for the great support.

— Thomas Reppel / GRID-DATA via email
Your grid does everything but make coffee. It is truly impressive as a stringgrid.

— Germain, via TMS newsgroups
We use TAdvStringGrid in all our C++Builder applications, which are used in over 55 countries worldwide, and we find it invaluable. TAdvStringGrid is flexible and full of great features, yet remains easy to use and represents exceptional value for money. We have found that TAdvStringGrid is continually developing and having useful new features added, and when we require support, the TMS Software Team are always quick to answer our questions with advice and code examples. We really do find TAdvStringGrid an excellent product and would recommend it to anyone.

— Chris Johnson, UK, TimeTabler
The additional facilities the new version of the grid has given me has been a godsend, well worth the asking price and keep up the good work. Also, it's great to see and author responding to users questions so quickly. There's a few companies I've bought components from who should take a lesson from you in customer service.

— Kenvyn Davies, UK via email
AdvStringGrid, the Swiss Army Knife of Grids :-)

— Graham Wideman, USA
A few weeks ago I asked for recommendations on custom string grid components for Borland C++Builder 5.0. I investigated a lot of grids and decided on the AdvStringGrid from TMS Software and I wanted to tell the list why. The AdvStringGrid is actively being developed by TMS while many of the other grids have not been updated for a long time. The AdvStringGrid has built in functions for saving grid contents to file and loading the file back into the grid and also has OLE drag and drop features. Having these features built into the grid has saved me a huge amount of programming hours. It also has a large list of other features which may save me just as much time later. So make sure you evaluate this grid before you purchase an extra grid component.

— Patrick via Borland's C++Builder third party products newsgroup
Many thanks for the latest upgrade to AdvGrid, particularly the CreatePicture/CreateFilePicture methods. AdvGrid was already the best grid component around and the latest enhancements put it way ahead of all the others. Congratulations also on the rest of the TMS suite

— Robin Beste, UK
I've just stumbled upon your component collection due to a mention (albeit a small one) in the newsgroups. What can I say...I had just started really trying to use a simple TStringGrid. Upon finding your TAdvStringGrid I never looked back. What a FANTASTIC component.

— Cris Gallegos, US
TAdvStringGrid is the most fabulous grid I've ever had.

— Salvador Godoy C., Mexico.
In case it helps anybody, the component I found is TAdvStringGrid. It does all I wanted and much more. I was getting useful results within 2 hours of downloading it. Some of the additional features I hadn't thought of but have used anyway. The application has a significantly improved interface inside 1 day.

— Steve Mullarkey, Australia
First of all congratulations! You're are doing very good work with your components. I discovered your TAdvStringGrid a few days ago and I can't think of using any other grid anymore in my programs.

— Pedro Panos, Spain
Try TAdvStringGrid from I find it absolutely indespensible...and for the price, its hard to find anything matching.

— Doc, in Borland Newsgroups
All in all TAdvStringGrid works fine and is very powerfull in features. Support is excellent.

— Miha, in Borland Newsgroups
I was very impressed with the speed of your grid as some of the files being loaded are > 30000 rows, the performance is still very good. Although I don't use many of the newer advanced features I have found it to be a very solid work horse.

— Huw Reddick, UK
J'ai commencé par utiliser le composant AdvStringGrid, car j'avais besoin d'une grille qui permette d'afficher des images, de créer des nœuds. A l'usage ce composant s'avère ultra-complet, je ne lui ai pas encore trouvé de manques. Malgré des besoins complexes, j'ai toujours trouvé LA solution dans l'advStringGrid.
Petit à petit, j'ai utilisé d'autres composants (DBAdvGrid, TWebUpdate et bien d'autres), à chaque fois j'ai gagné un temps fou et obtenu des résultats bien meilleurs que ce que j'attendais au départ.
Enfin, quel plaisir de recevoir des réponses du support technique par e-mail au plus tard le lendemain, souvent en moins d'une heure!

— Nicolas Voillot, France
J'ai essayé et j'utilise le composant TAdvStringGrid de TMS software et il est simplement génial.

— D.Z., France in Remarq newsgroups

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