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New 'Behind the scenes'' webinar series


Tuesday, August 17, 2021

TMS Software Delphi  Components

From next week, we start a new webinar series for you with the working title "Behind the scenes".
With this new series, we want to step out of the box and offer you the chance to dive deeper in what is behind the products you use on a daily basis:

  • Who are the architects, developers, team behind a product?
  • What is the history behind a product?
  • What are the core ideas and architecture behind a product?
  • Why did we decide to develop a specific product?
  • Where is the product going to in the future?
  • What feature we think you should use more?
  • What is a possible use of the product you might not yet have discovered?

This is -your- webinar!

Within the scope of the webinar, no question will be left unanswered. The Interaction with the webinar host and among webinar attendees will be encouraged (we are actually working hard on the TMS Web Academy infrastructure to facilitate this even more: stay tuned for TMS Web Academy v2.0!). So, take advantage of it to be directly and live in touch with the people behind our products and behind our support and consulting services. 

First 'Behind the scenes' on Aug 26, 16h00 UTC

On Aug 26, 16h00 UTC, we have the first webinar in this series : 'TMS BIZ: Behind the scenes with Wagner Landgraf'. Our colleague, expert and architect of products like TMS Aurelius, TMS XData will kick-off with a session to have literally a look behind the scenes of what these TMS BIZ products can do for you, why we created them, what features we think you should know about and so much more...

Prepare your questions and register!

You can register now for this webinar here. To get the maximum value out of this "Behind the scenes" webinar, prepare your questions or you can already discuss and share questions in our Support Center

More 'Behind the scenes'

We are eager to learn where your interest is in content for more 'Behind the scenes' webinars. Leave your ideas here in the comments section or get in touch and we will get the developer, export, architect, consultant behind your favorite product from behind his work desk and let you take with him a peek behind the scenes of the product.

Bruno Fierens


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