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One subscription for all current VCL components!


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

TMS Software Delphi  Components

TMS VCL Subscription is our two year subscription to all our current & future VCL products for Windows application development.

With this bundle you will save over 60% now and even more with new free VCL component releases! This bundle includes many unique products like TMS VCL UI Pack with over 600 VCL  components, grids, flexcel, charts, ...

All products come with perpetual licenses and 2 years of FREE updates & support. After 2 years the subscription can be extended at 50% discount!

Products included in the bundle:

  • TMS Logging
  • TMS VCL UI Pack
  • TMS VCL Cloud Pack
  • TMS VCL Chart
  • TMS VCL WebGMaps
  • TMS PassKit
  • TMS FlexCel Component Suite for VCL
  • TMS Scripter
  • TMS Query Studio
  • TMS Unicode Component Pack
  • TMS GUIMotions
  • TMS Async
  • TMS VCL Plugin Framework
  • TMS VCL Security System
  • TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop
  • TMS Workflow Studio
  • TMS Diagram Studio
  • TMS MultiTouch SDK

Get full access to VCL components:

  • Best bundle for Delphi / C++Builder VCL Win32 or Win64 application developer.
  •  2 years free updates & free support.
  •  Renewal after 2 years at 50% discount instead of regular 795 EUR*.
  • Always current with latest Delphi & C++Builder releases.
  • All products accessible via TMS Subscription Manager tool.
  • Full online support through TMS Support Center.

*The price is valid for this moment & depends on the price of the pack at the moment of renewal.

Act now:

Find out more about our products included in TMS VCL Subscription and get your license today!

NOTE: Contact sales for special upgrading pricing for existing customers of other products.

Masiha Zemarai


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