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Thank you for 15 years of Delphi!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

I still remember as if it was yesterday, 15 years ago around this period of the year, I did a 100km trip to a warehouse near Brussels to pick up my preordered copy of Delphi 1. I had asked the distributor to give me a call the day they would receive their first stock of boxes and to avoid the delay of post, I drove the day itself to pick up the Delphi 1 box myself. Little did I know that this day would affect my life so much. The big fat box in fresh & flashy orange colors was staring at me on the passenger seat and little after I was back home, I was exploring RAD Windows development in the Object Pascal, now Delphi language. It was instantly clear to me that I would be so much more productive at creating much richer Windows applications with Delphi than I had been with Turbo Pascal for Windows. I quickly realized that the component model was one of the key elements that empowered this productivity gain. It didn't take long that I was actually enjoying creating components more than doing full applications. The Delphi Super Pages and Torry's Delphi pages grew like mushrooms the first years of Delphi and I thought it would be interesting if my components would show up there as well. In the first years of Delphi, two books in particular helped me a lot to learn the internals of the tool I loved: "Delphi Secrets" and "The hidden paths of Delphi".

When Delphi 2010 was released last year, I immediately switched to it as main Delphi development tool. It's speed & productivity are still a breath of fresh air. I can truly say that after 15 years, I still enjoy the daily development with Delphi, helping other Delphi developers, creating Delphi components, having contact with so many great people in the Delphi community.Both books were written by Ray Lischner, a truly great author!
The rest is history, you're now visiting the website that is the result of many versions of Delphi and 15 years of passion and lots, lots of hard work.
It's amazing and unique that a component framework that was designed 15 years ago for a 16bit operating system, transformed with such a high degree of backwards compatibility to a 32bit unicode enabled framework today offering the fastest RAD experience for creating native Windows 7 applications that can take advantage of many of its latest features such as touch support.

Thanks a lot to every single individual who helped shape the many versions of Delphi, its community, its third-party market. I count on you to keep up the good work for Delphi for the coming years, you can count on me too.
I'm curious to hear about your anecdotes about Delphi, to learn what Delphi brought you, how it changed your life and where you want Delphi to go to in the future.

Bruno Fierens


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1. Friday, May 7, 2010 at 6:50:51 AM

I have been programming for 30 years now. When looking for a tool to rewrite a large dBase IV application in 1996, a friend recommended Delphi 1. I''ve never looked back since. Through 1, 3, 6, 2007 and now 2010, I''ve enjoyed the experience. Only a brief attempt to use Delphi NET (was that Delphi 8?) was a waste for my time and money.

There are one or two people out there who complain about mistakes that Borland and their successors have made. But they have 20/20 hindsight and still use Delphi 7. Nothing against Delphi 7, but if you talk down a good product just because the manufacturer occassionally backs the wrong horse, and if you don''t share some of your gains with them by buying updates, don''t be surprised when we all have to move from Embarcadero RAD to Microsoft S(low)AD!

It''s funny - for years I''ve refused to let CodeInsight complete my code because I have always written in lowercase. Now I have given up and let it go ahead because it''s just so fast. I think my typing fingers are going to atrophy!

Who knows, I might even try to use refactoring...

Christen Morgan

2. Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 5:58:41 PM

Delphi 1 was pure joy, Delphi 6 indeed the oracle, Delphi 2009 was heady, Hah! Delphi 2010 was just incredible.

From simple line of business applications to complex flight control system, we did it all with Delphi.

Delphi- the next fifteen year!!!!!

The Chief Priest

3. Monday, August 23, 2010 at 6:13:18 PM

In 2001 I moved from Ireland to Brussels to complete some work on a project.

I had been using Delphi since 1997, but it was then that I discovered Intraweb and TMS.

For me, TMS''es products really made Delphi/Intraweb shine. My own Delphi-developed software product was using components from South Africa, Australia and Russia.

My time in Belgium made me love the country more than any other European state, I made such good friends in Flanders and it was a kick for me to know that TMS were from there.

Almost 10 years later and I''m reactivating a project and looking for Delphi/Intraweb components that can provide LED controls and scripting (I used to use the Russian Dream Scripter before it got abandoned) and guess what? Bruno and the guys at TMS deliver the goods yet again.

I always use TMS products where I can because I know they are solid, robust and won''t suffer from memory leaks.

A big ''dank u well'' to Bruno and the team at TMS.

Tynan Mark Sean

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