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Academic program for students and teachers upgraded!


Tuesday, April 30, 2024

TMS Software Delphi  Components

We are very pleased to announce fresh updates to our academic software offerings! Understanding the unique needs of the academic community, we have upgraded academic versions of our software to the latest releases. These updates are designed to enhance functionality and improve user experience, ensuring that our tools continue to support your educational journey effectively.

In our commitment to fostering learning and innovation, we are also excited to introduce two new products to join our academic software family. These additions expand our range of tools available under academic licenses, providing you with more resources to excel in your studies and research.

TMS Async

TMS Async is a package offering components to deal with serial communications.  This helps students to learn writing communication software over serial ports. Often in lab environments, measurement devices can be read out over serial ports or equipment can be controlled by sending commands. TMS Async will help students to make this experience more convenient and learn faster.


When wanting to implement reliable messaging over the internet, the MQTT protocol is often the ideal candidate. With TMS MQTT added to the academic program, students can now also easily leverage this protocol from Delphi VCL Windows applications as well as cross-platform FireMonkey applications. TMS MQTT supports both the latest version 5 as well as 3.x of the protocol.

These two products that join the family of academic licensed products that consisted so far of:

  • TMS VCL UI Pack : Wide range of UI controls for Windows VCL application development
  • TMS FNC UI Pack : Wide range of UI controls for VCL but also FMX cross-platform development and WEB development
  • TMS WEB Core : Framework for RAD component based Object Pascal web client application development
  • TMS Aurelius : ORM for Delphi
  • TMS FlexCel : Native & cross-platform Excel file generation, manipulation and Excel template based report generation
  • TMS Analytics & Physics : Evaluate mathematical expressions, calculate symbolic derivatives & integration and so much more ... 

TMS Software Delphi  Components

With this initiative, we hope to energize the Delphi community of software developers. By offering these updated resources and new additions, we aim to cultivate a vibrant, thriving community where aspiring developers can collaborate, innovate, and drive the future of technology. Our fully free academic licensed products are designed to be used with the free for non-commercial purposes Delphi Community Edition.

We invite you to be part of this dynamic community. Take advantage of these updated and new tools to propel your learning, research, and academic projects to new heights. Engage with fellow developers and contribute to a lively and productive ecosystem that shapes the software of tomorrow. Whether you are a student or a teacher educating at schools or universities, sign-up for our academic program

Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions or feedback. 

Bruno Fierens


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