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Congrats Delphi 11


Friday, August 11, 2023

With Embarcadero mentioning an upcoming RAD Studio 12 at , I sat down to reflect on where we come from and where we might go to and how to align our focus with what Embarcadero has in the store in the near future for us, Delphi developers. 

As part of this reflection, I revisited the statistics we collect from the trial downloads of our products. Since we have different trial version downloads of our Delphi products for different Delphi versions, these download statistics should be a good indicator of what Delphi versions our users mostly use. Hard to say whether this represents a reliable insight on real total Delphi usage, but at least it says something about the version Delphi developers interested in our products use most. 

First time over 50% on a latest Delphi IDE in July!

So, I looked at the stats for 2023 per month and you can see that the last three Delphi editions represented slightly more than 50% of  usage. Delphi 11 was in January 2023 at 28%. 

TMS Software Delphi  Components

The picture looks in July 2023 already dramatically shifted. The last 3 editions now represent approximately 75% but Delphi 11 reached over half of the different Delphi versions, with now a whopping 54%

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Stable growing trend

If we look at the percentages for Delphi 11 from January till now, it started at 28% in January to 54% in July with a quite stable growth curve. 

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Having a preliminary look at the numbers for August, further confirms this trend, with at this moment being at 68%. 

Delphi 7?

With mixed feelings, we look at the results for Delphi 7. For our entire product offerings, it still accounts for 5% in July and through this year 2023 remained more or less stable. The global Delphi 7 stats are also somewhat skewed, as several newer products like TMS BIZ, TMS WEB Core,TMS FNC components do not support Delphi 7. When we look at a product like TMS VCL UI Pack, here Delphi 7 still accounts for 9% but Delphi 11 is in July already at 47%. The question is, at what % is it justified to finally give up on Delphi 7 ?

What do you think?

So, all in all, we believe this is a good and positive trend that the newest versions of Delphi are picked up very well. The new versions are definitely being picked up faster than let's say 10 years ago. We are curious to see how these trends will evolve.
Where are you in your Delphi path? Are you on the latest version? Is something holding you back in an older version? Do you still need Delphi 7? What is your opinion on focusing on newer Delphi versions only and how important is using newer Delphi language features in component code for you? So many things to consider. Let us know!

Bruno Fierens


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1. Friday, August 11, 2023 at 10:45:33 AM

We still need Delphi 7. There is no way to change to an new version.

Eismann Peter

2. Friday, August 11, 2023 at 10:57:19 AM

HI Bruno,
We are not a lot working in august. So I give an answer. I''m still having an "old" Delphi 10.3 in a Windows 10 VM for compatibility with some old libraries (not from TMS...) and only with 32 bit VCL installed. All our new developments are in FMX/FNC 64 bits only and cross-platform MACOS (x64 & ARM) / Linux with Delphi 11.3. As soon as Delphi 12 patch 1 :) will be available, all our projects will be migrated to Delphi 12 (included Webcore projects, that''s why we are using "only FNC" components and not "only FMX" components at all). The same for iOS and Android. And that''s why we need that all installers being compatible with MacOS ARM and Linux !
I know one guy still using Delphi 7 (it is him !) due to old AS/400 libraries but he is migrating the old stuff...
I don''t understand there can be XE or under 10.3 versions of Delphi still in use... I can for Delphi 7 because there were a lot of old industrial softwares developped with Delphi 7. But for most of them, they are just "maintained" so new libraries for them are not usefull.
Cut off the heads, being compatible with Delphi 10.3 should be enough and spend time for the new platforms and technologies.
Thanks for your work.


3. Friday, August 11, 2023 at 12:40:44 PM

Greetings, I have been invited to be a Delphi beta tester recently and I appreciate this offer as an honor:-)

We''ve been using Delphi since version 2, then 3,4,5,6,7. We kept at v7 many years, switched to 2007 and XE then. Starting 10.1 version, we initiated a parallel mobile development for Android which forced a necessity for update Delphi versions dynamically.
Having a very affordable subscription pricing here in the Czech republic (about USD 550 per year), it makes sense.
For instance, revenues from our latest (ONE!) mobile app for Android was approx. USD 11 000 in 2023 so I think it''s cost-effective solution at all.
But also development for Windows as our core business is much better with the newest Delphi version, I''d highlight HighDPI features where using TMSFNC components for these purposes is simply invincible.

To be complete, a famous Delphi developer portal has been our keen interest for years, we bought it in 2015 as almost unfunctional and defective web portal but with a huge potential. We invested roughly tens of thousand of USD so that the portal is fresh, safe, up-to-date and valuable I hope.

Best wishes of a great weekand ahead to all!


Karel Janecek

4. Friday, August 11, 2023 at 2:03:02 PM

We recently switched from Delphi 2007 as our development version for new projects to Delphi 10.2. But most existing projects are still maintained with Delphi 2007. We will switch them over one by one within the next years. Delphi 11 has taken too long to become stable enough to consider, so we did not switch to it yet. Delphi 7 fell by the road side more than 15 years ago and I haven''t missed it apart from the fast start up of the old IDE.
Your numbers are certainly skewed towards the latest Delphi version because when people start using it, they will get a trial version of your products for it. Many people using older Delphi versions already have bought your products, so they don''t have a need to get a trial version.
(This reminds me that I should evaluate the downloads for the various versions of GExperts again...)

Thomas Mueller

5. Friday, August 11, 2023 at 3:22:10 PM

Fine here with TMS dropping Delphi 7 support as long as I can keep downloading the last Delphi 7 compatible version of applicable TMS packages for those maintenance only project. Realistically there is no excuse for us not to already have locally saved copies of the installers I need should the D7 VMs ever need to be recreated.

Any new RAD Studio development here is done in 11.3 and we normally migrate as soon as the TMS packages we use are available for the new Delphi versions. We haven''t had a painful RAD Studio upgrade since the unicode conversion though the index 1-based strings years were a minor annoying hiccup.

TMS Customer since 2005

Anthony Eischens

6. Friday, August 11, 2023 at 5:11:45 PM

Even if you already have Delphi / RAD - to work more efficiently we need to use 3rd party components.

In the past I was searching for libraries from different vendors trying to find "best of the best". Sometimes it was based on historic decisions, already used tools, and VCL as the main development platform. Then I discovered that this dependency from multiple providers doesn''t allow me to switch Delphi versions - because I have to buy all components again, and again, and Delphi was representing just 1/3 of total costs.
Also, I''ve found that not many new features were added by the vendors to the updates - they usually "exploited" very good solutions that were developed 10-20 years ago.
There are other reasons of my disappointment: no innovations, limited or no support for FMX or web, if vendor is not active - he may be out of business soon.

So, I decided to change my product selection criteria:
- I''ll use only the latest Delphi
- I''ll will find a single and active SW provider - who makes all types of tools, and most of them are their "inventions" (unique).

Looking how deeply TMS solutions are integrated with Delphi, and how much value they bring to developers,
I see you as one eco system. More and better TMS will promote own solutions, more people will use Delphi 11, 12...

IMO you need produce more videos, and include not only formal descriptions, but also, several use cases that will demonstrate all new opportunities to potential users.
For example, you created a youtube Demo showing how we can switch VCL app to Remote DB VCL.
Nice demo, and absolutely genius feature. But I would add more use cases.
Scenario: User has old VCL Dashboard (100+ charts, queries).
Using Remote DB / FNC components he can move this VCL dashboard to Mobile device dashboard in almost no time and get x100 more users.

That''s why everyone loves Delphi :-)

Kind Regards.

Oleg Kyrylenko

7. Friday, August 11, 2023 at 11:53:45 PM

I''ve run as a one-man-band custom developer since 1988 - I don''t have a "product", I have four or five hundred small utilities and tools I''ve created for customers over the years.

The bulk of them were created in Delphi 7.

About 10% have been created in Delphi 10 (and migrated to 11).

Everything works - and I can''t get customers to pay to migrate old (working) programs to D11, and any changes they''ve requested have been possible using my existing D7 code and libraries.

Life''s too short to migrate them myself (unpaid) "just in case".

I''d miss playing with new features in D7 with my legacy programs - but I don''t really need it anymore.

If you retire D7 support, it might just be the right time for me to retire too - I still love Delphi, and really appreciate what TMS produces and how they support customers - but I hate what Microsoft is doing with the OS, updates, forced hardware upgrades etc (I''ve become an angry developer!)


Blanchard Edward

8. Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 3:23:38 PM

We always use the last version when patch 1 is release. we keep up to date from delphi xe2, now we use 11.3.
I just wonder in the second chart, the XE6 share just vanished?

Jorge Ortiz

9. Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 8:29:09 PM

We tend to stick with the most recent release once the first patch is available. We no longer will use any component if we cannot purchase the source code, having been burnt in the past.
The new language features and IDE enhancements are productivity boosters.
Looking back at code written in the D2009 days - wow, it is very primitive without generics, attributes, enhanced RTTI etc. Having said that, we still make use of TDataset etc which has been around since v1.
I have 6.5 devs in my team, we mainly write line-of-business and healthcare APIs.

David M

10. Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at 12:05:11 PM

For me it is the same as Anthony Eischens wrote.

Kossow Roland

11. Saturday, September 30, 2023 at 4:28:30 AM

Perhaps consider continuing to make current version available but only for Delphi 7 users, but drop support for it in any newer versions? (i.e. distribute two version for a short period on understanding that one will not be updated).

Charlie Heaps

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