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TMS Training Day, November 18th 2019


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

TMS software is organizing a new training day on Monday, November 18 in Wevelgem, Belgium.

All day, sessions will be spent on TMS Business tools. Sufficient time will be allocated to handle your specific questions on TMS Business tools. The sessions will be given by the expert himself Wagner Landgraf, architect TMS Business tools.

All sessions will be in English.
Limited number of 10 seats available to ensure direct interaction!

The training day takes place in TMS software main office, there is an opportunity to meet other members of the team as well.


9h00: Welcome & introduction (Bruno Fierens)

9h15: Session 1: The TMS Business World (Wagner R. Landgraf)
A journey into the world of TMS Business bundle. We will learn about the solutions provided by TMS Business: the components included, the libraries, the use cases, all in the historical context and the motivations behind it. Products covered: TMS Scripter, TMS Diagram Studio, TMS Workflow Studio, TMS Data Modeler, TMS Aurelius, TMS Sparkle, TMS RemoteDB, TMS XData, TMS Echo, TMS Logging.
*BIZ level: Beginner

10h00: Coffee break

10h30: Session 2: The Joy of Databases (Wagner R. Landgraf)
A talk about new ways to deal with databases. What is an ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) framework, and are the most recent news and features about it. What you can use to help you out in modeling your databases, easily use existing databases with the new paradigm, and advanced techniques on ORM and database modeling. Products covered: TMS Aurelius, TMS Data Modeler
*BIZ level: Intermediate

11h30: Session 3: Your App Everywhere: REST API (Wagner R. Landgraf)
Multitier, cloud, REST, HTTP, SSL: What, Why, When, and mainly, How? Learn what a REST API server means, why you will benefit from moving your app to the cloud, and learn how to do it in a very RAD way. The latest features will be covered, even for the experienced users. Products covered: TMS XData, TMS Sparkle
*BIZ level: Intermediate

12h30: Lunch

13h30: Session 4: The Unsung Heroes (Wagner R. Landgraf)
A deeper look into three awesome TMS Business libraries that bring you solutions for problems you never thought you had. User-customized application, modifying business rules at runtime, offline data synchronization, and moving your app to the cloud in a couple of days. Products covered: TMS Scripter, TMS Echo, TMS RemoteDB
*BIZ level: Beginner

14h30: Session 5: Getting serious in the Cloud (Wagner R. Landgraf)
Advanced techniques and concepts when building REST API servers: Security, background processing and deep analysis of real-world source code. Products covered: TMS XData, TMS Sparkle
*BIZ level: Advanced

15h30: Coffee break

16h00: Session 6: All Together Now (Wagner R. Landgraf)
A very interactive session where all the current ideas from the TMS team for the future of TMS Business will be presented. We will discuss the existing roadmap, brainstorming about all the possibilities, have all questions answered and summarize the whole day.

17h00: Wrap-up, Q&A & open discussion

Note: All sessions will be presented in English.


TMS software main office, Roeselarestraat 180, 8560 Wevelgem, Belgium.

Register now!

Sign-up now for the TMS Day in Belgium on November 18th, 2019.

Regular price: 295 EUR
Early Bird price: 250 EUR (until October 20th)

This includes a full day access to the sessions and coffee/drinks during this day. A hot meal is served for lunch.
Register now!

Don't delay your registration as the number of seats is limited to 10 attendees only!
Last 2 seats left, hurry if you don't want to miss this opportunity!

In addition, you also have the opportunity to meet Wagner and our other team members in Düsseldorf (Germany) on November 14 and 15 .
Also for these days we are almost fully booked! So hurry up and take advantage of this unique opportunity!

For any further guidance or information, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our team will be happy to assist you.

Masiha Zemarai


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