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TMS Aurelius, the ORM for Delphi: For Linux. For Free.


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Embarcadero has just released RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo, the latest version of the great Delphi/C++Builder development tools. And the greatest feature of this release is the ability to compile for Linux!

After a few days following Tokyo release, we were glad to release a new version (3.7) of TMS Aurelius, our ORM framework, with Linux support. Yes, you can now build applications for Linux, using TMS Aurelius, with all the stability and robustness you are used to.

To celebrate this milestone in Delphi development, we are also announcing now that TMS Aurelius Free Edition is back. TMS Aurelius Free Edition has no license restrictions, you can build commercial applications with it, and it has all features of registered license, including Linux support. The promotion will run until April 30th, just visit the TMS Aurelius Free Edition page to register for it and receive a download link.

Finally, in case you have not seen it, the "My Top 10 Aurelius Features" series has finished. It's a great video-series for starters wanting to know more about TMS Aurelius and its capabilities.

"My Top 10 Aurelius Features" blog post
"My Top 10 Aurelius Features" playlist

Wagner R. Landgraf


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