v2.6.5.0 (February 16, 2009)

Feature overview

  • Highly configurable and feature-packed grid control
  • Support for formulas for automatic client-side calculations
  • Various inplace editors: datepicker, numeric edit, combobox, password, ...
  • Column sorting
  • Multiple navigation modes
  • Data-aware
  • Multi-row editing
  • Customizable headers and footers
  • Various server and client events
  • Gallery with pre-defined grid skins
  • Easy single & multi (disjunct) row selection
  • Easy multi record editing
  • Hover colors, color banding, selected row colors, border colors, ...
  • Client-side dynamic editors with many different types including combobox, numeric edit, datepicker, ...
  • Optional horizontal and vertical scrollbars, automatic scroll persistence
  • Detailrows with open/close nodes
  • Automatic detection of cellclicks, rowclicks, headerclicks, ...  with optional client-side handling
  • Various column types: checkbox, button, memo, image, URL, ...
  • ...