TAdvSpreadGrid : cell access and function overview

This is an overiew of using cell references and built-in functions in TAdvSpreadGrid. Formulas can contain cell references, constants, single parameter functions, multi parameters functions, cell name references and cell range functions.

Cell references

If CellNameMode is nmRC then cell references are in RxCx format, where x is the row number and y is the column number. If CellNameMode is nmA1 then a cell reference consists of 2 parts : the column identifier and the row identifier. The column identifier is a character, starting from A for the first column, B for the second column, etc.. After column 26, the column identifier is a double character string AA, AB, etc... The row identifier starts at 1 for the first editable row.


cell 1,1 is A1, cell 2,2 is B2, cell 27,27 is AA27

Cell ranges are specified by the top left cell and bottom right cell. As such, the first 15 cells in column 1, can be specified as A1:A15.

Cell formulas are by default relative. That means that when cell formulas are involved in copy & paste operations or row/column insert and delete, TAdvSpreadGrid will automatically adapt the formulas to address the proper relative cells. Absolute cell addresses will not be modified during clipboard copy & paste operations or during row/column insert and delete. Prefix the cell address row or column part with '$' to indicate an absolute cell address.


A$1 : A is a relative column address, 1 is an absolute row address
$B$2 : B is an absolute column address, 2 is an absolute row address

Cell ranges

Cell ranges are identified by topleft cell & bottomright cell split by ':'


A1:B3 : specifies the range of cells from cell 1,1 to cell 2,3

$A$1:$B$3 : specifies an absolute cell range from cell 1,1 to cell 2,3


PI, E,True,False

Single parameter functions

ABS(parameter) : absolute value
ROUND(parameter) : rounds value
TRUNC(parameter) : truncates value
CEILING(parameter; significance) : rounds the parameter to the nearest multiple of significance
FRAC(parameter) : returns fractional part of value
FACT(parameter) : factioral of value
INT(parameter) : int part of value
SIN(parameter) : sine of value
COS(parameter) : cosine of value
TAN(parameter) : tangens of value
COTAN(parameter) : cotangens of value
SINH(parameter) : hyperbolic sine of value
COSH(parameter) : hyperbolic cosine of value
TANH(parameter) : hyperbolic tangens of value
COTANH(parameter) : hyperbolic cotangens of value
ASIN(parameter) : arcsin of value
ACOS(parameter) : arccos of value
ATAN(parameter) : arctangens of value
ACOTAN(parameter) : arccotangens of value
LN(parameter) : natural logarithm of value
LOG2(parameter) : base 2 logarithm of value
LOG10(parameter) : base 10 logarithm of value
EXP(parameter) : exponential of value
RAND(parameter) : random between 0 and value
RADIANS(parameter) : converts degrees to radians
DEGREES(parameter) : converts radians to degrees
SQR(parameter) : square of value
SQRT(parameter) : square root of value
CUBE(parameter) : cubic square of value
CHS(parameter) : change sign
POWER(parameter,exp) : parameter to exponent exp
Multi parameter functions :
LT(param1;param2) : larger than : returns 1 of param1>param2
ST(param1;param2) : smaller than : returns 1 of param1<param2
EQ(param1;param2) : equal : returns 1 of param1=param2 else 0
CHOOSE(sel;param1;param2) : returns param1 if sel>0 else param2

Cell range functions

SUM(range) : sum of all cell values in range
PRODUCT(rangfe) : product of all cell values in range
AVERAGE(range) : average of all cell values in range
MIN(range) : min. cell value in range
MAX(range) : max. cell value in range
COUNT(range) : nr. of cells in range
COUNTA(range) : nr of non blank cells in range
COUNTIF(range;condition) : nr of cells meeting condition in range
STDEV(range) : standard deviation of range
STDEVP(range) : standard deviation of total population of range
DEVSQ(range) : sum of squares of deviations of range
VAR(range) : variance of range

Date & Time functions

HOUR(parameter) : gets the hour from a cell containing a valid time string
MIN(parameter) : gets the minute from a cell containing a valid time string
SECOND(parameter) : gets the second from a cell containing a valid time string
DAY(parameter) : gets the day from a cell containing a valid time string
MONTH(parameter) : gets the month from a cell containing a valid time string
YEAR(parameter) : gets the year from a cell containing a valid time string
WEEKDAY(parameter) : gets the day of the week from a cell containing a valid time string
TODAY : gets the current day
NOW : gets the current time

Logical functions

AND(parameters) : logical AND function
OR((parameters) : logical OR function
NAND(parameters) : logical NAND function
NOR((parameters) : logical NOR function
XOR((parameters) : logical XOR function
NOT(parameter) : logical NOT function
TRUE : constant returning true
FALSE: constant returning false

String functions

LEN(parameter) : returns the length of a string value
LOWER(parameter) : returns string in lowercase
UPPER(parameter) : returns string in uppercase
CONCATENATE(parameter list) : returns concatenated string of parameters
SUBSTITUTE(param text; param oldtext; param new text) : returns string with oldtext replaced by newtext
LEFT(param string;len integer) : returns first len charactares of string
RIGHT(param string;len integer) : returns last len characters of string
MID(param string; pos; len: integer): returns len characters starting from position pos in string
TRIM(param) : removes all spaces from text except spaces between words
SEARCH(find text; text) : returns position of string find text in text
LOOKUP(param; range1, range2) : returns the value of the element in range2 that has the index of the matching element in range1 for param
MATCH(lookup; range) : returns the index of the element param in the range
INDEX(range; val1, val2) : returns the value of element at index val1,val2 in the range