TMS Grid Filters

Import/Export filters to .XLS, .XLSX, .PDF files

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v2.20 (July 22, 2019)

Version history

Feature overview

  • Interface between TMS Grids and TMS Flexcel to provide import/export capabilities to .XLS & .XLSX, .PDF formats
  • Fully native solution to import/export to .XLS, .XLSX without the need for Excel to be installed
  • Fully native solution to export grids to .PDF
  • Import/export wide range of cell properties
  • Import/export of cell images, multi cell images, checkboxes
  • Wide range of formulas supported
  • Support for virtually unlimited nr. of columns & rows for import/export with new .XLSX file format
  • Free download, can be used by registered users of any TMS VCL Grid and TMS Flexcel

XLSX file generated on Windows

PDF file generated on Windows