Email Support

Before contacting support

  • Visit the TMS Support Center for the quickest way to get support
  • Make sure to first read the Guidelines
  • Make sure to first read the readme.txt or install.txt files in component distributions
  • Make sure to first read the manual and tips & faq sections on individual component pages
  • Make sure you have first checked with the latest version of the component(s)
  • Verify that you have the latest update packs for your development environment installed
  • Test if an issue can be reproduced in a separate simple test application

Submit a technical support question

If you are a TMS customer, please login on our website first for priority support.

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    You will immediately receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email immediately, please verify that your email account is not filtering our emails.

  • With attachment

    Only attachments of type JPG, JPEG, PNG, ZIP are accepted. Do not include EXE files in zip attachments! EXE files in attachments are prohibited for security reasons and automatically block the attachment.

Guidelines for contacting support by email

  • Clearly specify with which component you have a problem.

  • Clearly specify which Delphi, C++Builder or Visual Studio version you're using and preferably also on which OS.

  • In case of IntraWeb or ASP.NET components, specify with which browser the issue occurs.

  • For registered users, use the special priority support email address (mentioned in registration email) & provide your registration email & code. This will guarantee the fastest route to a solution.

  • If you need to send a screenshot, do NOT use bitmap files. Use a compressed file format to avoid sending multi-megabyte emails that waste bandwidth and even make receiving such emails on mobile devices impossible

  • Send email from an email account that:
    1) allows to receive replies sent from our server
    2) allows to receive ZIP file attachments
    3) has a properly specified & working reply address

  • When sending sample projects for reproducing an issue, take following in account:
    1) Use ONLY JPG, JPEG, PNG and ZIP file attachments.
    2) Do NOT include EXE files in ZIP file attachments
    3) Do NOT include intermediate files such as .DCU, .TDS, .HPP, .OBJ, .DDP, .CFG files
    4) Do NOT include projects with other 3rd party components, only standard VCL components and TMS components
    5) Do NOT include project .DSK, .DOF, .TDS, .IDENTCACHE files.
    6) Check uses lists for not standard or TMS units and remove such unit references
    7) Include project file and ALL required form and source files

Other useful information for support


English For general information:

For all questions, comments, problems and feature requests for components: To improve efficiency and speed of help, refer to the version of Delphi, C++Builder, Visual Studio .NET you are using as well as the version of the component. In case of problems, always try to use the latest version available first.

Deutsch Algemeine Informationen bekommen Sie durch eine Mail an :

Bei Fragen, Bemerkungen, Probleme und Anregungen zu unseren Komponenten schicken Sie bitte eine Mail an . Wir können Ihnen am effizientesten helfen, wenn Sie uns auch Ihre Delphi, C++Builder oder Visual Studio .NET Version mitteilen, sowie die Version der verwendeten VCL Komponenten. Bitte versuchen Sie zunächst immer die letzte verfügbare Version der entsprechenden Komponenten zu verwenden, um sicherzustellen, dass das Problem nicht schon behoben wurde.

Français Pour des informations générales:

Pour toutes questions, remarques, problèmes et demandes de caractéristiques pour les composants: . Afin de vous aider le plus rapidement et le plus efficacement possible, veuillez toujours donner la version de Delphi, C++Builder ou Visual Studio .NET que vous utilisez ainsi que la version du composant que vous utilisez. En cas de problèmes, essayer d'abord la version la plus récente possible.

Nederlands Voor algemene informatie :

Voor alle vragen, opmerkingen, problemen en aanvragen voor features voor componenten: . Om U zo snel en efficiënt mogelijk te helpen, gelieve steeds te vermelden welke versie van Delphi, C++Builder of Visual Studio .NET U gebruikt alsook de versie van de component. In geval van een probleem, tracht steeds eerst de meest recente versie te gebruiken.

Para informações gerais:

Para dúvidas, comentários, problemas e solicitação de aprimoramentos para os componentes VCL: Para aumentar a eficiência e rapidez do nosso suporte, sempre informe a versão do Delphi, C++Builder ou Visual Studio .NET que você está usando bem como a versão do componente. No caso de algum problema, sempre tente usar a última versã o disponível antes de solicitar ajuda.

Spanish Para información en general:

Para todas las preguntas, comentarios, problemas y sugerencias sobre nuestros componentes: . Como forma de optimizar la eficiencia y rapidez de nuestro soporte, por favor especifique la versión de Delphi, C++Builder o Visual Studio .NET que está utilizando. Recuerde de siempre probar la última versión del componente que esté utilizando antes de contactarnos.