TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition

Over 70 components for building feature-rich VCL for the Web (IntraWeb) applications faster

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v5.9.1.0 (January 17, 2019)

Version history

Version History



  • New : Support for IW 14.x in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio


  • New : RAD Studio 10.3 Rio Support
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: Further improvemnts to loading default bitmaps from resources
  • Fixed : Issue with IW15tmsd2011 package
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: DefaultButton handling when using CustomButtons
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with removing FocusColor when OnAsyncExit is assigned


  • New : IntraWeb 15.0.x compatibility
  • Improved : IWContinuousScroll: Scroll behaviour
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: Loading default bitmaps from resources
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with submitting values with edit type set to UpperCase or LowerCase


  • Fixed : IntraWeb 14.2.x compatibility


  • New : RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Support
  • Fixed : IWResponsiveList: Issue with async scrolling
  • Fixed : IWDateSelector: Issue with display of the bold and italic font-style
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with displaying minus character in DynEdit


  • New : Support for IntraWeb 14.1.4
  • Fixed : IWHTMLRadioGroup: IW 14.1.4 compatibility


  • New : IWAdvTreeView: ScrollToSelectedNode from asynchronous events
  • Improved : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Alignment
  • Fixed : IWResponsiveList: Possible issue while scrolling the list
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Design time functionality for the DropDownImage property
  • Fixed : IWDatePicker: Issue with setting visibility in newer IW versions
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Setting Allow to false in the OnPostValidate event did not keep the grid in edit mode
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Memory leak
  • Fixed : IWAdvTreeView: Issue with setting the SelectedNode property


  • New : RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Support
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Issue with OnAsyncChange event
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: Rendering issue


  • Fixed : IWStaticMenu: Issue with de-selecting a programmatically selected item
  • Fixed : IWStaticMenu: Issue with ItemHeight in Horizontal Layout mode
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Rendering issue after async update in newer versions of IW 14
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with updating ColumnTitles when using TIWAdvDetailWebGrid in combination with AsyncPaging


  • New : IWDBAdvWebGrid: PNG Image data support
  • Fixed : Package issues


  • New : IWDBResponsiveList: PNG Image data support
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGridPFIO: ' ' characters are replaced automatically


  • New : Packages for Delphi 10 Seattle with IW 14.0.x
  • Fixed : IWScrollPanel: Memory leak


  • Fixed : IWDBAsyncNavigator: Issue with OnAsyncLast event
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGridPDFIO: Issue with exporting empty cells from IWDBAdvWebGrid
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with AValue and AsFloat parameters of the OnGetCellFormat event


  • New : Support for Delphi 10 Seattle & C++Builder 10 Seattle
  • Fixed : IWSideNavBar: Rendering issue when the control is placed on a non-active page of an IWTabControl
  • Fixed : IWOutlookBar: OnAsyncPanelChange is also fired when OnAsyncItemClick event is assigned
  • Fixed : IWMainMenu / IWSideMenu : Issue with changing Font.Size and RootItemFont.Size
  • Fixed : IWHotSpotImage: OnMouseDown event for non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWHotSpotImage: Issue with HotSpots.LoadFromStream/SaveToStream
  • Fixed : IWDatePicker: Issue with Font Size if Flat is set to true
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGridPDFIO: Issue with exporting IWDBAdvWebGrid
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Possible rendering issue when Columns[].TitleSpan is set higher than zero
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with Node.NodeClosed and Node.NodeOpen hints
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Alignment of the Controller with the Grid cells when ColumnHeaderBorders.Padding is higher than zero


  • Fixed : IWResponsiveList: AsyncGetAttributes was not working correctly in IE 11
  • Fixed : IWListEditor: Issue with OnAsyncItemClick event in FireFox


  • New : Packages for Delphi XE8 with IW 14.0.x
  • Fixed : IWStaticMenu: Issue with using gradient colors
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Issue with Editable property
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvWebGrid: Issue with using the OnAsyncPostValidate event when paging is enabled
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGridPDFIO: Issue with using clNone as Font and/or Border colors
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with using cursor keys (when MouseSelect = msEdit) in Chrome browser
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with edUpperCase and edLowerCase EditTypes


  • New : Support for Delphi XE8 & C++Builder XE8
  • New : IWAdvWebGridPDFIO: Support to export IWDBAdvWebGrid to PDF
  • Improved : IWSideMenu: Compatibility with IW 14.0.38 or later
  • Improved : IWMainMenu: Compatibility with IW 14.0.38 or later


  • New : IWResponsiveList: List control with responsive layout design and continuous scroll support
  • New : IWDBResponsiveList: Data-aware list control with responsive layout design and continuous scroll support
  • New : IWAdvWebgridPDFIO: Control to export IWAdvWebGrid to PDF
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: Rendering issue


  • New : IWListEditor: List editor control
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: Prevent the popup of a ctPopup column from disappearing when clicked
  • Fixed : IWTextAreaLimiter: Issue with incorrect positioning after async update in IW 14.0.36
  • Fixed : IWSmoothTimeLine: Issue with asynchronously updating other controls through async events
  • Fixed : IWSmoothTimeLine: Issue with async events if control is placed on IWRegion
  • Fixed : IWSmoothGauge: Issue with asynchronously updating other controls through async events
  • Fixed : IWSmoothGauge: Issue with async events if control is placed on IWRegion
  • Fixed : IWCCNumEdit: Issue with incorrect positioning after async update in IW 14.0.36
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with unexpected display of the grid’s detailrow with MouseSelect set to msMove
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with removing columns in an inherited form
  • Fixed : IWAdvLUEdit: Issue with incorrect positioning after async update in IW 14.0.36
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with incorrect positioning after async update in IW 14.0.36


  • New : Packages for Delphi XE7 with IW 14.0.x
  • Improved : IWDatePicker: Disabled browser default autocompletion dropdown
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Issue with dropdown in IE 8
  • Fixed : IWDBAsyncNavigator: Issue with displaying default images in IW 14


  • Fixed : IWPopupMenuButton: Width and height properties of the button where not applied correctly at run-time
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Issue with disappearing dropdown in Windows 8 with IE 11
  • Fixed : IWHelpTip: Issue with using the single quote character
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with column width of a ctPopup type column
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with design time editor for ButtonDownImage and ButtonUpImage properties
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with control size in IE 7


  • New : Support for Delphi XE7 & C++Builder XE7


  • New : Support for non-default IW 14 versions in Delphi XE6 & C++Builder XE6
  • Fixed : IWSideNavBar: Issue with selecting items
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with async updating cells and using the OnGetCellData event
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: Issue postback occurs when dialog is hidden


  • Improved : IWAdvTreeView: Appearance while control is loading
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Possible issue when asynchronously updating a column of type ctEmail
  • Fixed : IWAdvTreeView: Possible issue with appearance of sub-treenodes in IE 11
  • Fixed : IWAdvTreeView: Issue with asynchronously adding a hint text that contains a backslash character
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with using arrow keys with EditType set to etUpperCase in IE and Chrome browsers
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit, IWAdvLUEdit, IWTextAreaLimiter: Issue with control size after async update in IW 14


  • New : Support for Delphi XE6 & C++Builder XE6
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: Keyboard handling in IE 11 with MouseSelect set to msEdit
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with setting the Columns[].ButtonColor and Columns[].ButtonWidth at the same time in non-IE browsers


  • Improved : IWColorPicker: HTML5 Doctype compatibility
  • Improved : IWColorComboBox: IW 14 compatibility
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: The Column editor edDatePicker no longer accepts alphabetic characters
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: HTML5 Doctype compatibility
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with edEditNumeric Column editor accepting non-numeric characters in IE 10


  • New : Support for Internet Explorer 11
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: edPopupEdit behavior
  • Fixed : IWScrollPanel: issue with Color property
  • Fixed : IWHTMLEdit: IW 14 issue with displaying toolbar images in ISAPI projects
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue in Chrome with DatePicker popup position when scrolling is enabled
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: ScrollIntoView not working when the first column Visible property is set to false
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Async rendering issue in IW 14.0.25
  • Fixed : Border rendering issue in IW 14.0.19


  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: issue with updating ItemIndex when item selected using keyboard cursor keys
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with async deleting of rows when MouseSelect is set to msEdit


  • Fixed : IWStaticMenu: issue when used with IE8 or lower
  • Fixed : IWMainMenu / IWSideMenu: issue when used with IE8 or lower


  • New : RAD Studio XE5 support
  • Fixed : IWSideNavBar: issue with expanding/collapsing panels in Opera
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvEdit: issue with changing text value in the OnGetText event
  • Fixed : IWCheckList: issue with button position in IW 14.0.17 if Flat property is False
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with Columns[].Color when MouseSelect is set to msSingleCell


  • New : Support for Internet Explorer 10
  • Fixed : IWCheckListBox: issue with asynchronously adding items that contain double quote character(s)
  • Fixed : IWAdvRadioGroup: issue with async updating EnabledItems
  • Fixed : IWAdvImageButton: OnAsyncClick event was fired twice


  • New : Support for IW 14.0.x
  • New : Support for IW 12.2.x
  • New : Support for Delphi XE4 & C++Builder XE4
  • Fixed : TTIWDatePicker: issue with keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V) not working correctly in Firefox


  • Improved : IWAdvToolButton: Caption text position when an Image is assigned
  • Improved : IWAdvMessageDialog: Button width autosize to caption text length
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Issue with PopupColorTo gradient color in non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWDBAsyncNavigator: Issue with delete button when datasource is empty


  • Improved : IWCheckList: Alignment in non-IE browsers
  • Improved : IWAdvToolButton: The height of the control at run time is now more in line with the height set at design time
  • Fixed : IWDateSelector: Issue with selecting March 31, 2013
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with asynchronously retrieving updated cell values when MouseSelect is set to msEdit
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with Column.FooterType ctDynSum when DecimalPoint is set to a value different than “.”
  • Fixed : IWAdvToolButton: Issue with caption position when a custom height value is set
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: Issue with setting an empty value to the Notes property
  • Fixed : IWAdvImageButton: Issue with setting the DisabledPicture property


  • Fixed : IWSmoothTimeline: Issue with dynamic array in XE3
  • Fixed : IWScrollPanel: Issue with down button caption text
  • Fixed : IWScrollPanel: Issue when used with non-default Doctype definition
  • Fixed : IWDBAsyncNavigator: Issue with clickable disabled buttons
  • Fixed : IWAdvToolButton: Issue with using custom font size
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V) not working correctly in Firefox


  • New : IWAdvWebGrid: Toggle visibility asynchronously
  • Improved : IWAdvRadioGroup: Design-time rendering
  • Fixed : IWSmoothLabel: Memory leak
  • Fixed : IWColorComboBox: Issue when SelectedIndex is set to -1
  • Fixed : IWClock: Control was not positioned correctly with Alignment set to taRightJustify
  • Fixed : IWCaptchaImage: Image display issue in IW 12.x
  • Fixed : IWAutoFormFill: Issue with using quotes in a preset value
  • Fixed : IWAdvToolButton: With height set to a value lower than the default height the control was not rendered correctly
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Text value was not returned correctly when using EditType etUpperCase or etLowerCase


  • New : RAD Studio XE3 support
  • New : IntraWeb 14 support
  • Improved : IWAdvImage: OnAsyncClick event handling
  • Improved : IWAdvCheckGroup: design-time rendering
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Issue with asynchronously adding a row that contains text with quotes
  • Fixed : IWHTMLEdit: Warning message in IW 12.2.8
  • Fixed : IWExchangeBar: Possible JS error when using Controls in Panels
  • Fixed : IWDateSelector: Issue with messagebox
  • Fixed : IWDatePicker: Issue when using a single quote in the NameOfDays or NameOfMonths value
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvWebGrid: Issue when a DetailGrid is assigned and MouseSelect is set to msMove
  • Fixed : IWColorComboBox: The control is now displayed with the correct width
  • Fixed : IWColorComboBox: Font color and background color of the selected item are displayed correctly in non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWCaptchaImage: 64-bit support
  • Fixed : IWCalendar: Issue when using a single quote in the NameOfDays or NameOfMonths value
  • Fixed : IWAutoFormFill: Issue when using double quotes in PresetValues
  • Fixed : IWAutoFormFill: Corrected rendering when Form.LeftToRight is False
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: ctRadioButton selection between different pages was incorrect
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Rows that are set to selected server-side are not reset to the original color when the checkbox is unchecked at client-side
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Possible incorrect columnheader/controller width when StretchColumn > -1 and UseFullWidth = true
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with editing cells after async updating the cell value for edSpinEdit and edDatePicker editors
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Borders.Outer setting was not displayed correctly in IE
  • Fixed : IWAdvTreeView: Issue with displaying node images referenced from an external web server
  • Fixed : IWAdvSpinEdit: Issue SubmitOnReturn not working correctly
  • Fixed : IWAdvImageButton: Issue with OnClick event
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with special characters when EditType is set to etUpperCase or etLowerCase
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Issue with signed character handling in Chrome
  • Fixed : IWAdvCheckGroup: Issue with custom font settings in Chrome


  • New : IWAdvMessageDialog: WantsEscape property. Sets if the escape key can be used to hide the dialog
  • New : IWAdvMessageDialog: Hide / HideAsync procedure to programmatically hide the control
  • New : IWAdvMessageDialog: FocusControl property. Assign the control of the contentregion that should receive focus if the AdvMessageDialog is visible
  • New : IWAdvMessageDialog: AsyncUpdateRequired boolean property. Set if the control is updated asynchronously or not. Can be used when using async events for controls inside the ContentRegion
  • New : IWAdvEdit: AutoComplete property. Sets if browser autocomplete is enabled
  • Fixed : IWTextAreaLimiter: issue when control text contains a line break
  • Fixed : IWOutlookBar: JavaScript issue when using multiple tabs
  • Fixed : IWMonthPlanner: Minor issue
  • Fixed : IWDatePicker: Borderlines and Gridlines were not displayed in non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWContinuousScroll: issue in Safari when LoadItems is set liOnScroll
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGridExcelIO: Minor issue
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with async updates if a column title contains quotes
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with RowIndex parameter value of the OnComboChange/OnAsyncComboChange events when MouseSelect is set to msEdit
  • Fixed : IWAdvTimeEdit / IWAdvDateEdit: Corrected rendering when Form.LeftToRight is False
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: With Editbale = false, NonEditableAsLabel = true and HTML5 DocType it was not possible to update the text property asynchronously
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Setting ReadOnly to true did not work when EditType is set to etUppercase in non-IE browsers


  • New : IWDBHTMLLabel: ShowScrollbars property
  • New : IWDBHTMLLabel: ClipRegion property
  • New : IWAdvWebGrid: Columns[].PopupNoWrap property to enable/disable text wrapping when ColumnType is set to ctPopUp
  • Improved : IWSmoothLabel, IWSmoothLedLabel: The control can no longer receive focus (cfr IWLabel)
  • Improved : IWPersistentEdit: added support for saving non-english characters
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: Number of rows no longer limited to 65536
  • Improved : IWAdvImage: The control can no longer receive focus unless it’s OnClick or OnAsyncClick event is assigned
  • Fixed : IWStaticMenu: background color was not displayed correctly when ColorTo is assigned for non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvWebGrid: issue with edCombo editor when AsyncEdit is true and the Columns[].DataField is a lookup field
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGridExcellIO: issue with exporting to Excel 2010
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with asynchronously updating ColumnType ctPopup
  • Fixed : IWAdvToolButton: It was not possible to submit the TIWFile.FileValue value using the OnButtonClick event


  • New : IWContinuousScroll control
  • Fixed : IWDBDatePicker: Added check if Editable before posting
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGridExcelIO: issue with export and ExportHiddenColumns = false when hidden columns are used
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Row color was not reset correctly after deselecting a row and Column.Color is set to clNone
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue when using a Columns[].Formula and changing a ctDynText column to ctDynEdit through the OnGetCellType event
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue when Columns[].FooterType is set to ftDynSum and changing a ctDynText column to ctDynEdit through the OnGetCellType event


  • Fixed : IWExchangeBar: issue with changing Panels when a Panels[].Control is assigned
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvWebGrid: ctDataCheckBox column with edCheckBox Editor was incorrectly updated on Post
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue for columns of type ctDynMemo / ctDynEdit that contain more than 255 characters
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: ctDynEdit font size could not be changed through Columns[].Font property
  • Fixed : IWAdvToolButton: issue with using ClientEvent and OnAsyncClick event simultanously
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: issue with EditType etLowerCase and etUpperCase in non-IE browsers


  • New : IWDBAsyncNavigator control
  • New : IWDBAdvEdit, IWDBAdvLUEdit, IWDBAdvSpinEdit, IWDBDatePicker, IWDBAdvCheckGroup, IWDBAdvRadioGroup, IWDBCountryComboBox, IWDBStateComboBox, IWDBCalendar, IWDBAdvDateEdit, IWDBAdvTimeEdit, IWDBHTMLLabel, IWDBAdvWebGrid: auto update when Datasource data has changed asynchronously
  • New : IWDBAdvEdit, IWDBAdvLUEdit, IWDBAdvSpinEdit, IWDBDatePicker, IWDBAdvCheckGroup, IWDBAdvRadioGroup, IWDBCountryComboBox, IWDBStateComboBox, IWDBAdvDateEdit, IWDBAdvTimeEdit: automatic switching between enabled/disabled when the DataSource state changes asynchronously
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: issue with setting ReadOnly property to true
  • Fixed : IWMonthPlanner: issue with displaying items on the last day of the month
  • Fixed : IWDatePicker: issue when Editable is set to false on initial rendering and set to true on subsequent async rendering
  • Fixed : IWAutoFormFill: unable to retrieve automatically updated control values server-side
  • Fixed : IWAutoFormFill: issue with OnAsyncClick event
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with setting UseFullHeight to true in a client aligned control with DefaultColumnHeaderHeight set to a different value than the default value
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with RowHeaderColumn and HTML5 Doctype
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: issue with using ContentRegion in combination with HTML5 Doctype


  • New : IWStaticMenu: update menu items asynchronously
  • New : IWAutoFormFill: modify PresetValues asynchronously
  • New : IWAdvWebGrid: update Column.Title asynchronously
  • New : IWAdvDateEdit, IWAdvRadioGroup, IWAdvCheckGroup, IWAdvSpinEdit, IWAdvTimeEdit, IWDatePicker, IWCheckList: toggle visibility asynchronously
  • Improved : IWAdvTreeView: update TreeView/JQuery resource javascript to latest version
  • Improved : HTML5 Document mode compatibility
  • Fixed : IWMainmenu, IWSideMenu, IWPopupMenuButton, IWPopupMenuLabel, IWDocumentPopupMenu: issue with hovering color for non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWHTMLEdit: issue with displaying toolbar images in ISAPI applications
  • Fixed : IWCheckList: issue with using double quotes in the checkbox value
  • Fixed : IWCalendar: issue with onclick event for the currently selected day


  • Fixed : Compatibility issue for Delphi 2010 and Delphi XE with IntraWeb 12.1


  • New : Support for IntraWeb 12.1
  • New : IWCaptchaImage: support to generate a new captcha image asynchronously
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: padding in the DetailRow cells
  • Improved : IWAdvMessageDialog: ContentRegion handling in FireFox
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with updating ColumnType ctDynCheckBox asynchronously
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with deselecting the correct ColumnHeaderCheckBox
  • Fixed : IWAdvTreeView: issue with doing a server refresh before a Node has been selected


  • New : IWSideNavBar: Added gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • New : IWOutlookBar: Added gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • New : IWHTMLLabel: OnAsyncClick event
  • New : IWExchangeBar: Added gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • New : IWDatePicker: Start with an empty date
  • New : IWColorComboBox: change SelectedIndex asynchronously
  • New : IWAdvWebGridExcelIO: property Options.ExportHiddenColumns
  • New : IWAdvWebGrid: event: OnFind / OnAsyncFind. Fired when the find button is clicked (Controller.ShowFind = True)
  • New : IWAdvWebGrid: asynchronously update Columns of Dyn* ColumnType
  • New : IWAdvTreeView: property ScrollToSelectedNode
  • New : IWAdvTreeView: property AutoChildCheck. Automatically checks or unchecks the childnodes of a CheckBox node
  • New : IWAdvTreeView: OnCheckBoxClickEvent / OnAsyncCheckBoxClickEvent
  • New : IWAdvTreeView: Nodes of type CheckBox or RadioButton are no longer collapsed / expanded by clicking on the CheckBox or RadioButton
  • New : IWAdvToolButton: Support to Enabled/Disable the control asynchronously
  • Improved : IWMultiColumnComboBox: adding/inserting items asynchronously
  • Improved : IWDatePicker: OnAsyncChange event is also called when selecting a date in the dropdown
  • Improved : IWAdvWebGrid: ctPopup ColumnType automatically displays scrollbars if the text context is larger than the size of the popup
  • Improved : IWAdvTimeEdit: auto async update when Time property has changed
  • Improved : IWAdvImageButton: OnClick event behavior when ShowLoadingAnimation is True
  • Improved : IWAdvDateEdit: auto async update when Date property has changed
  • Improved : IWAdvDateEdit: adding/inserting items asynchronously
  • Fixed : IWPersistendEdit: issue with saving the text value
  • Fixed : IWExchangeBar: Issue with height if client aligned
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with DetailRow when Columns[].DetailSpan is set to 0 and Columns[].WidthType is wtPercentage
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with DataButtonType btButton character in non-unicode Delphi versions
  • Fixed : IWAdvTreeView: issue with inserting nodes
  • Fixed : IWAdvTimeEdit: issue when submitting an empty time value


  • New : IWDatePicker: Support to Enabled/Disable the control asynchronously
  • Fixed : IWSmoothTimeLine: Issue with assigning Tag property
  • Fixed : IWOutlookBar: Issue with Panel clipping in non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWOutlookBar: Issue with OnAsyncItemIndexClick event returning incorrect PanelIndex when OnAsyncPanelChange is not assigned
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Issue when assigning the control to an IWGrid cell
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: When AdvanceOnReturn = true, EditSelectAll = True, Columns[].DynEditor in [deFloatUnsigned, deFloatSigned] the text was cleared when using enter key to go to the next cell
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with line feeds in edMemo and edPopupEdit column editors
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue with async editing
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Issue using ColumnType ctNoWrap when there are multiple grids on the same form in non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: A TIWAdvDetailWebGrid with Columns.WidthType set to wtPercent was not displayed correctly in the DetailRow
  • Fixed : IWAdvTreeView: Issue with setting SelectedNode to nil
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: Issue with centering the control on the initial rendering in non-IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: IW9 compatibility issue


  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Debugging issue
  • Fixed : IW12 package dependency issue


  • New : RAD Studio XE2 support
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: Selection issue when using multiple controls on the same form
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvWebgrid: Database cursor issue when using AsyncActiveRowMove and change the RowCount value


  • New : IWDatePicker: property BackgroundImageURL
  • New : IWAdvMessageDialog: added support to change the ContentRegion to another IWRegion control using asynchronous events
  • New : IWAdvMessageDialog: InputType itPassword (displays a single password edit)
  • New : IWAdvMessageDialog: ClearInputPassword procedure to clear the InputPassword value
  • Improved : IWMultiColumnComboBox: DropDownImage positioning when the image is higher than the height of the edit box
  • Improved : IWAdvMessageDialog: the control will automatically set the Parent Form RenderInvisibleControls property to True
  • Improved : IWAdvMessageDialog: reduced flickering effect when showing the dialog using a synchronous event
  • Fixed : IWHTMLEdit: removed extra "br" tags that were getting added for some HTML tags
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: the control was not correctly positioned when using a PositionControl placed inside a region
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: tabbing not correctly disabled when no ContentRegion is used
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: issue with InputType itInteger in FireFox


  • New : IWOutlookBar: Panels.ImageURL property
  • New : IWAdvTreeView: NodeImageURL and NodeLineImageURL properties to configure custom node line images
  • Fixed : IWScrollPanel: Scrolling issue
  • Fixed : IWScrollPanel: Memory leak
  • Fixed : IWPaintBox: Event handling in non IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWDateSelector: issue with TabOrder when used in an IWFrame or IWGrid
  • Fixed : IWDatePicker: issue with TabOrder when used in an IWFrame or IWGrid
  • Fixed : IWDBDatePicker: The control was not disabled with Enabled and AutoEditable set to false
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvWebGrid: issue with IW8 compatibility
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with edPopupEdit column editor
  • Fixed : IWAdvTimeEdit: issue with TabOrder when used in an IWFrame or IWGrid
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: in IE the ContentRegion was not correctly displayed after setting Allow to false in the OnAsyncButtonClick event
  • Fixed : IWAdvImage: Event handling in non IE browsers
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: issue with IW8 compatibility
  • Fixed : IWAdvDateEdit: issue with TabOrder when used in an IWFrame or IWGrid


  • Improved : IWAdvMessageDialog: Show and ShowAsync behavior is now identical if called from an asynchronous or a synchronous event
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvWebGrid: database cursor was not set at the correct position when using async editing
  • Fixed : IWAdvTreeView: issue with displaying node glyphs when used in an ISAPI project
  • Fixed : IWAdvRadioGroup: issue with Editable, Enabled, FriendlyName and ScriptEvents properties
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: issue with disabled radiobuttons in the ContentRegion with Internet Explorer
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: issue when using multiple IWAdvMessageDialog controls and hiding a dialog with the close button or ESC key
  • Fixed : IWAdvCheckGroup: issue with Editable, Enabled, FriendlyName and ScriptEvents properties


  • Improved : IWAdvMessageDialog: Invalidate call no longer required after ShowAsync call
  • Improved : IWAdvMessageDialog: ContentRegion handling in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed : IWPaintBox: Memory leak
  • Fixed : IWFadeImage: Memory leak
  • Fixed : IWCheckListBox: It was not possible to clear all items from the list via an async event
  • Fixed : IWCheckList: It was not possible to clear all items from the list via an async event
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: Filter combobox width in SubTitle Header row when Column.WidthType is set to wtPercent
  • Fixed : IWAdvTimeEdit: Value formatting after async refresh
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: Window resize issue when used in combination with a client-aligned region
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: Issue when using both sync and async events when a ContentRegion is assigned
  • Fixed : IWAdvImage: Memory leak
  • Fixed : IWAdvDateEdit: Value formatting after async refresh


  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: issue with editing/updating cell values


  • New : IWAdvWebGrid: AsyncAfterGotoRow event. Called when the active row changes and the dataset has been repositioned
  • Fixed : IWMultiColumnComboBox: issue with Text property when not set via selecting an item from the dropdown list
  • Fixed : IWDatePicker: issue with selecting Feb 29th in a leap year
  • Fixed : IWDatePicker: issue with async rendering
  • Fixed : IWDBAdvWebGrid: When inserting a new record the new row was not set in edit mode correctly
  • Fixed : IWCheckListBox: checkbox checked state not correctly updated after async call
  • Fixed : IWAdvWebGrid: JS compatibility issue when used together with an IWWebPlanner on the same form
  • Fixed : IWAdvMessageDialog: error when ShowAsync is incorrectly called from a synchronous event instead of an asynchronous event
  • Fixed : IWAdvEdit: Rendering issue when RenderSize and/or RenderFont are set to false
  • Fixed : IWAdvCheckGroup: issue with setting IsChecked[ItemIndex] via an async event


  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid property: DefaultColumnHeaderHeight
  • New : TTIWAdvTreeview property: IncludeJSQueryLibrary
  • New : TTIWAdvMessageDialog control: modal dialog control with async capabilities
  • New : IE 9 Compatibility
  • Improved : TTIWDatePicker: changed rendering method to avoid possible issues in IE
  • Improved : TTIWCheckList, TTIWCheckListBox: significant performance boost when using high number of checkboxes
  • Improved : TTIWAdvWebGrid: No “space” ( ) character rendered after AsyncUpdateAllCells for empty cells in columns of type ctLinkField
  • Improved : TTIWAdvTreeView: After setting the SelectedNode in an async event, it’s no longer required to call IWAdvTreeView.Invalidate;
  • Improved : TTIWAdvCheckGroup: design-time rendering
  • Fixed : TTIWTickerPanel: issue when using single quotes in the Lines property text
  • Fixed : TTIWHTMLEdit: IE9 fix
  • Fixed : TTIWDBAdvCheckGroup: issue when updating the control while the connected dataset is already in edit mode
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: issue with edPopupEdit column editor
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: issue with DynSum FooterType and ctDynText column with bold font setting
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: issue with CellComments
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: issue with ActiveRowIndicator after AsyncUpdateAllCells
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: ColumnHeaderFont Color when ColumnHeaderClick is true
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvTreeView: display issue when changing the SelectedNode using an async event
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvRadioGroup: issue when getting the ItemIndex from an Async event of another control
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvCheckGroup: issue with the IsChecked method


  • New : TTIWMultiColumnComboBox: Added gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • New : TTIWDatePicker: Gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • New : TTIWDatePicker: Added RenderAsync
  • New : TTIWDBAdvSpinEdit: Added RenderAsync
  • New : TTIWAutoFormFill: Added gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Added method AsyncQSort
  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Added events OnAsyncEditStart, OnAsyncSortClick, OnSortClick
  • New : TTIWAdvSelectors: Gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • New : TTIWAdvRadioGroup: Exposed property SubmitOnAsyncEvent
  • New : TIWAdvToolButton, TTIWGradient, TTIWGradientLabel, TTIWHelpTip, TTIWCalendar, TTIWCheckList, TTIWCheckListBox: Added gradient colors support for Chrome, Safari and FireFox
  • Improved : TTIWAdvTreeView: moved Item[] property to public in TAdvTreeNodes and made default property
  • Fixed : TTIWSmoothLabel, TTIWSmoothLedLable, TTIWSmoothTimeLine, TTIWSmoothGauge: Issue with transparency
  • Fixed : TTIWMultiColumnComboBox: Issue with showing/ hiding underlying comboboxes
  • Fixed : TTIWIWAdvImageButton: Issue with using the TIWAdvImageButton's OnClick event in an IWGrid Cell
  • Fixed : TTIWHTMLEditor: Issue with browser window resizing when Align := alClient
  • Fixed : TTIWDatePicker: Issue with setting the date value via async event when the datepicker is disabled
  • Fixed : TTIWDatePicker: ClientEvent.DateClick issue with s parameter returning the old date instead of the new selected date
  • Fixed : TTIWDBAdvWebGrid: OnPostValidate issue
  • Fixed : TTIWDBAdvWebGrid: Error when using FooterType ftPageAvg and the RowCount = 0
  • Fixed : TTIWDBAdvDetailWebGrid: Issue with detailwebgrid active record in master detail scenarios
  • Fixed : TTIWAutoFormFill: Memory Leak
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Issue with updating the ctDataImageCheckBox image using async paging
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Issue with column sorting indicators (Unicode/webding characters) when async sorting is enabled
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Issue with column sizing
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Issue with DirectEdit when not using the Numeric keypad to enter numbers
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Issue with AsyncUpdateAllCells when RowCount = 0
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvTreeView: Error with resource file
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvSpinEdit: Issue with incorrect TabOrder
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvSelectors: Requesting the date value with a synchronous event after changing the date with an async event did not work
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvSelectors: Memory Leak
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvEdit: Issue with height property not rendering correct
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvEdit: After async updating the AdvEdit and hiding it’s parent region, the control would still remain visible


  • New : TTIWAdvRadioGroup: Exposed SubmitOnAsyncEvent property
  • Fixed : TTIWSmoothLabel, TTIWSmoothLEDLabel, TTIWSmoothTimeline: issue with transparency
  • Fixed : TTIWMultiColumnCombobox: issue with showing/hiding underlying comboboxes
  • Fixed : TTIWDBAdvWebGrid: OnPostValidate issue
  • Fixed : TTIWAutoFormFill: memory leak
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Issue with column sorting indicators during async refresh
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Issue with column sizing
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvTreeview: Issue with resource file
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvSelector: memory leak
  • Fixed : Error when FooterType = ftPageAvg and rowcount = 0


  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Added class attribute for Column.ColumnType = ctButton to allow custom font settings on the button
  • New : RAD Studio XE support
  • Improved : TTIWAdvWebGrid: File size/loading time when using the ctDataButton column
  • Improved : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Added a hint to the Filter combobox items
  • Fixed : TTIWStaticMenu: Font issue after hovering a MenuItem (caused by IE8 bug)
  • Fixed : TTIWMultiColumnComboBox: issue with tab sequencing when taborder is set to 0
  • Fixed : TTIWMultiColumnComboBox: issue with SetFocus procedure
  • Fixed : TTIWHelpTip: issue where browser page is scrolled to top when helptip link is clicked
  • Fixed : TTIWDBAdvWebGrid: Problem with detail row values when using paging
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Up/Down arrow keys not working in FireFox/Chrome when using ColumnType.ctDynEdit
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Display issue with RowHeader
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Alignment property setting not working in FireFox/Chrome when using Editors or DynEditors
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvTreeView: issue when using AdvWebGrid (with CellComments) on the same form
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvTreeView: Memory leak
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvLUEdit: Positioning issue when control is positioned relatively


  • New : Webdings based special characters for dropdown/up/down/arrows replaced with Unicode characters in all controls using arrows
  • New : TTIWMainMenu: Added SubMenuGlyphURL property
  • New : TTIWHTMLEdit: Added hint properties for each Glyph property to make the Hint text customizable
  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Properties added in Columns[]: ColumnHeaderClass, CellClass, FooterClass: string; for CSS style control
  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid: Controller class name: “GridID”ctrlclass added for CSS style control
  • New : TTIWAdvTreeView: ClientEvents.ItemClick(el, value) added
  • New : TTIWAdvCheckGroup: Added TabOrder property
  • Fixed : TTIWSideNavBar: caption display problem
  • Fixed : TTIWDBDatePicker: Is now always enabled when AutoEditable = False and a DataSource is set
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvTreeView: issue when setting the SelectedNode property


  • New : TTIWAdvTreeView: treeview with async events & async update
  • Improved : TIWGradientLabel control resize when Align is set to alTop, alClient, ...
  • Improved : TIWAutoFormFill performance when using a large list of PresetValues
  • Improved : IntraWeb XI support
  • Fixed : TIWSmoothTimeLine image loading error
  • Fixed : TIWOutlookBar webdings font in scroll buttons issue with Firefox
  • Fixed : TIWMultiColumnComboBox render issue when CaseSensitiveLookup = false.
  • Fixed : TIWGradientLabel issue with display/rendering of Alignment property setting in both design-time and run-time
  • Fixed : TIWAdvToolButton The OnClick and OnAsyncClick events are not called when the Enabled property is set to False
  • Fixed : TIWAdvEdit when ReadOnly = true the control was not working correctly in Firefox & Chrome


  • Fixed : Memory leak issue in TIW(DB)AdvWebGrid
  • Fixed : Issue with export images to XLS


  • New : IntraWeb XI support added
  • Fixed : TIWCheckList fix dropdownbutton text display in Chrome


  • Fixed : TIWSideNavBar Panel.BackColorTo reverting to default color value
  • Fixed : TIWScrollPanel memory leak
  • Fixed : TIWDatePicker issue with async event & empty text/date
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid problem when using the OnGetCellType event to change the Column.ColumnType to a Dyn columntype
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid memory leak
  • Fixed : TIWAdvEdit JS Error when changing Text value via Async event


  • New : TIWScrollBarPersistence support for IWRegion added
  • New : TIWScrollBarPersistence ScrollTop/ScrollLeft properties added
  • New : TIWMultiColumnComboBox async update method added
  • New : TIWMultiColumnComboBox async ItemIndex update support added
  • New : TIWMultiColumnComboBox Expand / AsyncExpand methods added
  • New : TIWMultiColumnComboBox Enabled property added
  • New : TIWDateSelector support for async update, async enable state change added
  • New : TIWAdvWebGrid OnRenderStart + OnRenderDone events added
  • New : TIWAdvWebGrid Column.FooterValue exposed
  • New : TIWAdvWebGrid CellComment added to set Excel style comments on cells
  • New : TIWAdvTimeEdit, TIWAdvDateEdit new OnAsyncChange event added
  • New : TIWAdvSpinEdit, TIWAdvDateEdit, TIWAdvTimeEdit support for async updating added
  • New : TIWAdvCheckList, TIWAdvCheckListBox support for async update of Enabled, Items[], Selected state added
  • New : TIWAdvCheckList, TIWAdvCheckListBox CheckAll/UnCheckAll methods added
  • New : TIWAdvCheckGroup, TIWAdvRadioGroup OnAsyncClick event added
  • New : TIWAdvCheckGroup properties IsChecked[index]: boolean, IsEnabled[index]: boolean added
  • New : TIWAdvCheckGroup async updating of checked / enabled state support added
  • Improved : TIWSideNavBar DTD Doctype compatibility
  • Improved : TIWMultiColumnComboBox Firefox & Chrome compatibility added
  • Improved : TIWDateSelector font handling
  • Improved : TIWDateSelector Firefox compatibility
  • Fixed : TIWMultiColumnComboBox SetFocus server method fixed
  • Fixed : TIWDatePicker issue in IE with ShowWindowedObjects JS routine when no stylesheets are present on the page
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid problem with DatePicker editor in direct editing mode using Glyph.DropDownImage
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid memory leak with Javascript events
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid issue with updating values with DirectEdit when ActiveRow is set to -1
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid issue with ShowRowsAlways property and async updating of DataSet
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid issue when editing a row with edCombo and use of OnGetCellData
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid IE8 positioning issue fixed
  • Fixed : TIWAdvImageButton async click triggered when control was disabled
  • Fixed : TIWAdvEdit render issue when using relative positioning (with templates)
  • Fixed : TIWAdvEdit issue with TabOrder when using frames
  • Fixed : TIWAdvEdit issue with Signed property for Numeric & Float EditTypes
  • Fixed : TIWAdvEdit issue with Alignment when editor is displayed as label


  • Improved : ColumnTitle is also displayed when ColumnHeaderCheck is True or ColumnHeaderNode is True in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • Improved : AsyncComboChange & AsyncEditDone handling when MouseSelect = msEdit in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • Fixed : ctDataImageCheckBox was not correctly updated when using an AsyncCellClick event in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • Fixed : Problem with dropdown position when control is positioned relatively in TTIWAutoFormFill
  • Fixed : Last item from the PresetValues list was not displayed in TTIWAutoFormFill
  • Fixed : Issue with transparency when rendering images in Smooth controls
  • Fixed : Issue when using multiple SideNavBar controls one 1 form in TTIWSideNavBar
  • Fixed : Issue in Firefox with PageUp/PageDown keys and arrow keys navigation in combination with Direct Editing in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • Fixed : Display problem when Visible was set to false in TTIWSideNavBar
  • Fixed : Checked radiobutton index was not persisted when using multiple RadioButton lists in TTIWRadioButton


  • New : TTIWCaptchaImage : Automatic CAPTCHA image generation for IntraWeb applications
  • New : TTIW(DB)AdvWebGrid new event OnGetEditorEvent to dynamically add Javascript event handlers for inplace editors


  • Fixed : Issue with Font usage in Firefox in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • Fixed : Issue with ComboIndexList when used in multiple columns in TTIWAdvWebGrid


  • New : TTIWSmoothTimeLine : IntraWeb timeline component
  • New : TTIWSmoothLabel: IntraWeb label with gradient/texture fill
  • New : TTIWSmoothLEDLabel: IntraWeb LED label component
  • New : TTIWSmoothGauge : IntraWeb gauge component
  • New : ItemCheckedGlyph & ItemCheckedGlyphURL in TTIWMainMain, TTIWSideMenu, TTIWPopupMenuButton, TTIWPopupMenuLabel, TTIWDocumentPopupMenu
  • New : In TTIWAdvWebGrid: Added public property RenderStyleTag used internally to only render the style tag of the DetailGrid once.
  • New : In TTIWAdvWebGrid: Added check to only render the style tag if one of the columns has ColumnType set to ctNoWrap
  • Fixed : In TTIWSideNavBar: Memory Leak Fix
  • Fixed : In TTIWAdvWebGrid: issue when importing from an excel file in a grid with paging enabled
  • Fixed : In TTIWAdvWebGrid: Width value set on the detailrow columns was not correct
  • Fixed : In TTIWAdvWebGrid: IE Limitation fix: max 30 style tags.
  • Fixed : In TTIWAdVWebGrid: ShowFind (searchbutton) was only displayed when paging is active in the grid.


  • New : Various smaller improvements & fixes
  • New : Support for IntraWeb 10 in all Delphi & C++Builder versions
  • New : Support for Delphi 2010 & C++Builder 2010
  • New : ScrollIntoView now also works when the ActiveRow index in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • New : Property added Columns.ComboIndexList in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • New : OnGetCellFormat event added, allows to format the cellvalue in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • New : Internet Explorer 8 support
  • New : (Async)ComboPromptSetValue: ComboIndex parameter added in TTIWAdvWebGrid


  • Fixed : Issue with TTIWSideNavBar expand/collaps of panels


  • Fixed : Issue with TTIWDatePicker


  • New : TTIWStaticMenu : Tag property added in TTIWStaticMenuItem
  • New : TTIWSideNavBar : Property Divider.ForeColor added
  • New : TTIWMultiColumnComboBox : Properties added: DropDownImage & DropDownImageURL
  • New : TTIWDatePicker : Capability to get & set date asynchronously
  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Properties Glyphs.SpinEditDownButtonImage, Glyphs.SpinEditUpButtonImage, Glyphs.SpinEditDownButtonImageURL, Glyphs.SpinEditUpButtonImageURL to customize spin buttons
  • New : TTIWAdvWebGrid : ClientEvents: EditChanged, DynEditChanged
  • New : TTIWAdvToolButton : TabOrder property exposed
  • New : TTIWAdvToolButton : Submit on key space or enter
  • New : TTIWAdvToolButton : BorderColor property added
  • New : TTIWAdvToolButton : Async rendering capability added
  • New : TTIWAdvToolButton : Async events OnAsyncChange, OnAsyncExit, OnAsyncEnter added
  • New : TTIWAdvSelector : DropDownImage, DropDownImageURL properties added
  • New : TIWAdvSpinEdit, TIWAdvTimeEdit, TIWAdvDateEdit : ButtonDownImage, ButtonDownImageURL, ButtonUpImage, ButtonUpImageURL properties added
  • Improved : TTIWCheckList, TTIWCheckListBox : Setting ReadOnly to true disables checkboxes
  • Improved : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Search now supports partial string matches
  • Improved : TTIWAdvWebGrid : ActiveRowIndex can be set to -1 to hide active row
  • Improved : TTIWAdvSelector : Replaced close button in dropdown with "x" for Firefox compatibility
  • Improved : TIWAdvSpinEdit, TIWAdvTimeEdit, TIWAdvDateEdit : Async toggle between enabled/disabled support added
  • Fixed : TTIWStaticMenu : Error when using the Background color button in the HTML List Editor
  • Fixed : TTIWSideNavBar : Problem with Divider.BackColorTo
  • Fixed : TTIWDBAdvWebGrid : Memory leak with bookmark handling
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Issue with spin editor when cell value is empty
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Issue with footertype DynSum for DynText column type
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Issue when DecimalPoint was set to different value than '.' for DynText, DynEdit column types
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : ClientEvents.CheckClick was only called when using ctCheckBox and not for ctImageCheckBox
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvEdit / TTIWDBAdvEdit : When Edit is rendered as a label (NonEditableAsLabel + db in browse mode), the CSS class was not correctly rendered


  • New : DataMapMode property added to switch between dmIndex and dmBinary in TTIWDBAdvRadioGroup
  • Fixed : TTIWDBAdvWebGrid small memory leak
  • Fixed : TIWDateSelector Date property was not correctly updated when doing an AysncSubmit (example: IWButton OnAsyncClick)
  • Fixed : SubTitle header size was too big when using Center Alignment (in Firefox) in TTIWAdvWebGrid
  • Fixed : Error when DataMapMode is set to dmBinary and the associated DataField is Null in TTIWDBAdvCheckGroup


  • Improved : Unicode support for grid functions SaveToCSV/LoadFromCSV


  • New : TIWCheckListBox : Added support for adding items via async button event
  • New : TIWAdvWebGrid : OnGetRowHeaderText event
  • New : Support for IntraWeb 10, Delphi 2009 / C++Builder 2009
  • Fixed : TIWDatePicker : When a combobox is inside a hidden region, it was not correctly displayed when the DatePicker dropdown dissapeared
  • Fixed : TIWDBDatePicker : When date property is empty, the posted value is set to nil
  • Fixed : TIWCheckListBox : OnAsyncExit event was not called
  • Fixed : TIWCheckListBox : OnAsyncCheckClick was not called when CheckAll checkbox was clicked
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : Scrolling bug (scrollbarwidth was not correctly calculated) in Firefox
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : RowHeader.RowHeaderWidth was not rendered correctly
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : Issue with direct edit and popup editor in Firefox 3.0
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : Issue with direct edit and datepicker
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : Issue when using vertical Scrolling in combination with RowHeader.Show = true
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : Issue when using HTML in the edPopupEdit
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : Font size rendering of RowHeader in Firefox


  • New : TIWHTML Editor : Added Subscript / Superscript support
  • New : TIWAdvWebGrid : Added Glyphs.DropDownImage & DropDownImageURL to replace dropdownbutton in edDatePicker
  • New : TIWAdvEdit : Published Enabled property
  • Improved : TIWListLink : When an Item is moved and it already exists in the target ListBox it was not removed from the source ListBox
  • Improved : TIWAdvWebGrid : When Controller.Page = cpPageList and Controller.PagerType = cptLink or cptButton. Link or Button for current page is disabled
  • Fixed : TIWTickerPanel : Problem with displaying CollapsedImage
  • Fixed : TIWSideNavBar : When the custom controls used inside a Panel are not positioned absolutely (ie when using Templates). The positioning JS method was not working correctly.
  • Fixed : TIWSideNavBar : Render problem when Align <> alNone
  • Fixed : TIWRadioButton : Issue with returning selected radiobutton from async calls
  • Fixed : TIWPopupMenuButton / TIWPopupMenuLabel : When the menu was used inside a Table or Region, the table/region height was stretched. (outer div of each submenu is set to position absolute)
  • Fixed : TIWHTML Editor : Case difference issue in C++ with ComboBoxes property declaration
  • Fixed : TIWExchangeBar : When an item has an empty caption the remaining items where not displayed
  • Fixed : TIWDBAdvDateEdit / TIWDBAdvTimeEdit : When connected to a DateTime field of a Database, the Time (for the DateEdit) and Date (for the TimeEdit) part of the DateTime value where dropped
  • Fixed : TIWClock : JS error after async update
  • Fixed : TIWCheckListBox : Control stays always visible even when the IWRegion is made invisible in an async-event.
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : When using SortSettings Ascending & Descending Bitmaps the correct Bitmap was not displayed after changing the sort order
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : When column activerow font color was the same as the popup backcolor, text in popup was not visible after async update
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : When ColumnType = ctDataImage, images were not displayed after AsyncPaging
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : RowCount problem when AsyncActiveRowMove = true and AsyncPaging = true
  • Fixed : TIWAdvWebGrid : OnPost event was called before the CellValues where updated
  • Fixed : TIWAdvSpinEdit / TIWAdvTimeEdit / TIWAdvDateEdit : Issue with setting Enabled property via async event
  • Fixed : TIWAdvSpinEdit : Problem when clicking spin buttons if value is empty
  • Fixed : TIWAdvImageButton : OnAsyncClick event was called twice when clicking on the button


  • New : TTIWAdvToolButton : Added properties: Enabled, DisabledBackColor, DisabledBackColorTo, DisabledColorGradientDirection
  • Improved : TTIWExchangeBar : Item.IsExpanded property behavior
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : When ColumnType = ctButton the Button FontColor was changed to the ActiveRowFontColor value when changing the ActiveRowIndex
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Problem when pressing the Cancel button on ColumnType edPopupEdit and using DirectEdit
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Possible JS error when using DatePicker columnEditor in combination with DirectEditing
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : OnFilterSelect event was not called correctly
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : OnAsyncEditDone event was also called when AsyncEdit = false and using DirectEdit
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : OnAsyncEdit event was not called when using DirectEdit
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : OnAfterGotoLink & OnBeforeGotoLink ColumnIndex parameter was incorrect
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : If ColumnType = ctImage and CellValue did not contain an img tag, Image was not displayed after Ajax call
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : IE issue: some inner borderlines were still visible when Visible = false and the form RenderInvisibleControls property is true
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : IE 6 and older issue: ComboBoxes are hidden when using DatePicker columneditor in combination with DynComboBox
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : First item of FilterList ComboBox was not correctly displayed
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Display problem when using MouseSelect = msEdit in combination with ColumnType ctScroll or ctNoWrap and ColumnEditor edPopupEdit
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : Column was not hidden correctly if Visible = false
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvWebGrid : CellClick (msMove) is disabled for Link & LinkField columns
  • Fixed : TTIWAdvToolButton : Changed SubmitClick() call to SubmitClickConfirm() call for the OnClick event. (Problem with the OnClick event when used in combination with a TextBox that has an OnAsyncChange event.)
  • Fixed : TIWRadioButton : First radiobutton in the radiobutton list was always unchecked after server refresh

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