ALERT October, 2013

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TMS mCL v1.0.0.0

No compromises: finally a 100% Mac OS-X look and feel!

We're excited to announce the first release of a new set of components for true native Mac OSX application development : TMS mCL v1.0

  • 100% native Mac OS-X components for FireMonkey applications
  • Available as RAD set of Delphi components
  • TMSFMXNativeNSTableView: native tableview component with rows/columns and lots of features
  • TMSFMXNativeNSToolbar: native runtime customizable toolbar
  • TMSFMXNativeNSImageView: native image component with support for TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR, XBMs
  • TMSFMXNativePDFView: native PDF file viewer
  • TMSFMXNativePDFThumbnailView: can be connected to PDF file viewer for page selection via thumbnails
  • TMSFMXNativeNSButton: native button with many built-in styles
  • TMSFMXNativeNSTextField: native edit control with perfect integration in operating system
  • TMSFMXNativeNSLabel: native label control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSLevelIndicator: native level indicator with min/max/tickmarks
  • TMSFMXNativeNSProgressIndicator: native bar or circular progress control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSTabView: native tabview
  • TMSFMXNativeNSPopover: native popover control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSDatePicker: native datepicker as calendar,clock,edit control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSComboBox: native combobox control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSStepper: native up/down control with min/max and normal or continuous step mode
  • TMSFMXNativeNSRadioButton: native radiobutton control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSCheckBox: native checkbox control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSTextView: native multiline edit control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSScrollView: native scrollbox
  • TMSFMXNativeWebView: embedded Safari webbrowser
  • TMSFMXNativeNSSlider: native horizontal/vertical/circular slider control
  • Can be mixed with FireMonkey graphical controls used directly on the form
  • Includes various demos and an extensive PDF developers guide


TMS Component Pack v7.1.0.0

TMS Component Pack enables you to create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with well over 350 components in one money and time saving bundle for Delphi 7,2006,2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5 & C++Builder 2006,2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5

We'd like to inform a significant update for the TMS Component Pack is available now.

What's new & improved in version

Users with an active registration can as always obtain this free update now after login on our website with your registration email & code. The details of all improvements and new capabilities are described in the release notes.

For users with an expired registration, please login on our website for special discount upgrade offers to a full new version cycle of free updates and free priority support for TMS Component Pack or upgrades to our TMS Component Studio or TMS VCL Subscription.


TMS Flexcel for VCL/FireMonkey v6.1.0.0

100% Native .XLS,.XLSX,.XLSM,.PDF,.HTML file generation/manipulation for VCL & FireMonkey

We're pleased to inform an update of the TMS Flexcel Studio for VCL/FireMonkey has been released.

  • 100% Native support for Excel .XLSX, .XLSM file formats (Excel 2007 - Excel 2013)
  • 100% Native support for Excel .XLS Excel 95 - Excel 2013
  • 100% Native PDF report generation from .XLS/.XLSX files
  • 100% Native support for previewing and printing .XLS/.XLSX files
  • Fully standards compliant HTML file generation from .XLS/.XLSX files
  • Extensive API for Excel file manipulation
  • Support for cross platform use: Win32, Win64, Mac OS-X, iOS and Android
  • Support for formula recalculation with over 200 Excel formulas
  • ApiMate tool for automatically showing needed Delphi/C++ code for generating specific .XLS/.XLSX file cells with Flexcel

What's new and improved in v6.1:
  • New: Support for XE5
  • New: Support for Android platform for FireMonkey applications
  • New: Static events in TPDFWriter: GetFontDataGlobal, GetFontFolderGlobal, OnFontEmbedGlobal
  • New: Support for forcing codepage in Excel95
  • Improved: .XLSX autoshape rendering and conversion
  • Improved: Chart rendering
  • Improved: Rendering in iOS, Android. Texture bitmaps are supported on all platforms now
  • Improved: Some records in .XLSX files have been changed so the iOS7 viewer can show the files
  • A lot of smaller improvements & fixes


TMS Pack for FireMonkey v2.2.0.0

Set of highly configurable and styleable components for cross-platform FireMonkey software development

We're pleased to announce the availability of TMS Pack for FireMonkey v2.2.0.0.

  • Highly styleable cross-platform FireMonkey controls
  • Support for Windows 32 bit, 64 bit, Mac OS X, iOS and Android
  • Support for HTML formatted text, including hyperlinks in various parts of the components
  • Productivity feature-packed grid with Visual LiveBindings support
  • Versatile TTMSFMXTableView control with support for LiveBindings
  • Syntax-highlighting memo control TTMSFMXMemo with syntax highlighting, autocompletion for Pascal,Basic,C#,HTML,Javascript
  • Navigational controls: TTMSFMXTileList, TTMSFMXPageSlider, TTMSFMXNavBar
  • iOS styled Popup control TTMSFMXPopup, iOS styled Spinner control
  • Calendar and date picker with multi select & disjunct select capabilities
  • Set of instrumentation controls: gauges, LEDs, meters, sliders, knobs, scope
  • Includes various demos and an extensive PDF developers guide
  • Includes various helper controls (badge, button and html enabled text controls) that can be used separately as well

What's new & improved in v2.2:
  • New: Delphi XE5 & C++Builder XE5 support
  • New: Android support
  • New: TTMSFMXListView, listview component with VCL-like programmers interface built on top of the standard FireMonkey grid
  • New: Width and Height properties on lookup list in TTMSFMXEdit
  • New: Redesign of TTMSFMXPopup to support iOS / Android
  • Various smaller fixes & improvements


TMS WebGMaps for iOS / Mac OSX v1.5.0.0

FireMonkey component with extensive configurability for integrating Google Maps in iOS / Mac OSX applications

We'd like to inform an update for TMS WebGMaps is available now with support for Mac OS-X.

  • Different map modes are available: default road map, satellite view, hybrid view and terrain
  • Extra map information can be displayed: Bicycle View, Panoramio (pictures of interest) information, Traffic information
  • Get & show directions on the map
  • StreetView can be selected
  • Position markers may be added to the maps, including default Google balloon markers and custom image markers.
  • Moving over a marker can display a hint with the marker title information
  • Extensive configuration options over the different Google maps controls are available: MapType control, OverViewMap control, Pan control, Scale control, StreetView control and Zoom control.
  • Capability to add polygons, polylines, circles, rectangles on top of the map
  • Capability to add labels with markers
  • Capability to show flight routes from point to point (based on longitude/latitude)
  • TWebGMapsGeocoding/TWebGMapsReverseGeocoding helper component to facilitate conversions between address and longitude/latitude coordinates

What's new in v1.5.0.0:

  • New: Support for Mac OS-X
  • New: XE5 support
  • New: Public property APIKey
  • New: Procedure GetDirections() overload to use coordinates instead of string values as origin/destination
  • New: Function Distance() added

Available separately and also included in TMS Component Studio for iOS.


TMS WebOSMaps for iOS / Mac OSX v1.5.0.0

FireMonkey mapping component to integrate, display & control OpenStreetMaps in iOS / Mac OSX applications

We'd like to inform an update for TMS WebOSMaps is available now with support for Mac OS-X.

  • Position markers can be added to the maps. Markers can be default balloons or custom images.
  • Markers is a collection of positions that are indicated on the map. Markers are based on longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • A custom label text can optionally be displayed on top of a Marker, polyline or polygon or anywhere on the map.
  • Polylines is a collection of lines that are displayed on the map. Polylines are based on a list of longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • Polygons is a collection of closed lines with a filled region that are displayed on the map. Polygons are based on a list of longitude and latitude coordinates (for Polygons of type ptPath), a center point and radius (for Polygons of type ptCircle) or two longitude and latitude coordinates (for Polygons of type ptRectangle).
  • Different controls are available and can be turned on or off. LayerSwitcher, OverViewMap control, PanZoom control, Scale control and MousePosition. The position on the screen of the control as well as the visibility can be defined.

What's new in v1.5.0.0:

  • New: XE5 support
  • New: Mac OSX support
  • New: Function Distance() added

Available separately and also included in TMS Component Studio for iOS.


TMS Cloud Pack for iOS / Mac OS-X v1.5.0.0

Seamless connectivity from Delphi applications to cloud services like SkyDrive, Box, DropBox, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Twitter, Windows Live Calendar, PushOver, FourSquare, Instagram, Wunderground weather service, ...

We'd like to inform a new update for the TMS Cloud Pack for iOS is available now with one new component to access the FourSquare services and Mac OS-X support.


  • Components to access cloud storage DropBox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive
  • Components to access social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Components to access cloud image services Flickr, Picasa, Instagram
  • Components to access online calendar & contacts of Google & Microsoft
  • Component to get access to Wunderground weather forecast service
  • Component to display images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP) from an URL
  • Component to shorten URLs based on Google URL shortener service
  • Component to send push messages to other iOS or Android devices running the PushOver client
  • Component to access FourSquare services

What's new in v1.5.0.0:

  • New: Support for Mac OS-X
  • New: TTMSFMXCloudFourSquare: component to get access to FourSquare API
  • New: HasNextFollowers, GetNextFollowers method added in TTMSFMXCloudTwitter for paging through followers
  • New: Added root and sandbox mode for TTMSFMXCloudDropBox
  • Improved: Smaller fixes & improvements


TMS Flexcel Studio for .NET v6.1.0.0

100% managed code Excel file manipulation engine & Excel & PDF report generation for .NET, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac

We're proud to announce a significant update for our TMS Flexcel Studio for .NET product. With the new version 6.1, there are not only significant performance and memory usage improvements but Flexcel Studio for .NET is now also full cross platform enabled with support for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Oxygene. The new v6.1 release has at the same time numerous improvements and better than ever conformance with the entire Office line up to v2013.

What's new in v6.1
  • New: Cross Platform support: Flexcel.NET now supports Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Oxygene
  • New : iOS7 support
  • New : Visual Studio 2013 RC support
  • New : Demos added for Android and iOS
  • New: Support for the new Excel 2013 xlsx encryption
  • New: Support for recalculating XIRR and XNPV functions.
  • New: Support for changing how FlexCel displays the internal numeric formats.
  • New: Reduced Memory usage. FlexCel 6 will use from about 1/2 to 1/4 of the memory FlexCel 5 used.
  • New: New startPageToExport and totalPagesToExport parameters in TFlexCelPdfExport.ExportSheet.
  • New: In OSX and iOS the pdf engine doesn't need access to the "Fonts" folder anymore. It can get fonts directly from memory.
  • Improved: Many improvements and small bug fixes.


TMS iCL v1.6.1.0

Set of native iOS components for FireMonkey applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod. No compromises: 100% iOS performance, 100% iOS look & feel.

We're excited to announce the availability of TMS iCL v1.6 that includes 4 new components and XE5 support

  • 100% native iOS components for FireMonkey applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Available as RAD set of Delphi components
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIButton: Native iOS button
  • TTMSFMXNativeUISearchBar: Native iOS search entry edit control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUISlider: Native iOS slider control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUISwitch: Native iOS switch control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUITableView: Native iOS tableview with sections and items
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIToolBar: Native iOS toolbar
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPickerView: Native iOS pickerview control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIDatePicker: Native iOS date/time picker or countdown timer
  • TTMSFMXNativeUITextView: Native iOS memo control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUILabel: Native iOS label
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIScrollView: Native iOS scroll box
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIProgressView: Native iOS progress indicator
  • TTMSFMXNativeUISegmentedControl: Native iOS segment control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIStepper: Native iOS stepper control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUITextField: Native iOS edit control
  • TTMSFMXNativeMKMapView: Native iOS map view
  • TTMSFMXNativeFMXWrapper: Wrapper component to display a separate form as a subview of other native iOS controls
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIImageView: Native iOS image view
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPopoverController: Native iOS popup controller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIView: Native iOS view
  • TTMSFMXNativeUITabBarController: Native iOS TabBarController
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIImagePickerController: Native iOS ImagePickerController
  • TTMSFMXNativeMFMessageComposeViewController: Native iOS Message compose viewcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeMFMailComposeViewController: Native iOS Mail compose viewcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIActionSheet: Native iOS actionsheet
  • TTMSFMXNativeUINavigationController: Native iOS navigationcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIViewController: Native iOS viewcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPageViewController: Native iOS pageviewcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPDFViewController: Native iOS single PDF page drawing view
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPDFPageViewController: Native iOS PDF viewer
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIWebView: Native iOS WebView
  • TTMSFMXNativeMPMoviePlayerController: Native iOS movie player
  • TTMSFMXNativeSLComposeViewController: Native iOS view to compose a post for supported social networking services
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIActivityViewController: Native iOS view controller
  • Can be mixed with FireMonkey graphical controls or sub forms on a form
  • Includes various demos and an extensive PDF developers guide
What's new
  • New: XE5 support
  • New: Introducing TTMSFMXNativeUIWebView: Native iOS WebView
  • New: Introducing TTMSFMXNativeMPMoviePlayerController: Native iOS movie player
  • New: Introducing TTMSFMXNativeSLComposeViewController: Native iOS view to compose a post for supported social networking services
  • New: Introducing TTMSFMXNativeUIActivityViewController: Native iOS view controller


TMS software released website redesign

We're extremely pleased to introduce a complete visual overhaul of our website! We hope the new design will make your stay on our website a more pleasant experience.

If you have any further improvements or suggestions for our website, do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you for your purchase and we look forward to your continued feedback, comments, feature requests and suggestions. This is an invaluable help to steer our developments here at TMS software. We continue to look forward to all your further communications to direct our team to provide you better tools and components for your needs.

Kind regards,
TMS software team
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