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Best wishes for a happy & prosperous New Year from the TMS team!

TMS software remains open during the holiday season and sales & support is standby for your most urgent questions.


Update: TMS Cloud Pack v1.5

We're pleased to announce the availability of TMS Cloud Pack v1.5.

Set of VCL components to offer easy access from Windows applications to cloud services.

Seamless connectivity from Delphi applications to cloud services like DropBox,GDrive,SkyDrive,Twitter,Facebook,Google Calendar, Live Calendar,...

What's new & improved in v1.5:

  • New: TAdvTwitter component to access Twitter
  • New: TAdvFacebook component to access Facebook
  • New: TAdvGCalendar component for access to Google calendar
  • New: TAdvLiveContacts component for access to Microsoft Live Contacts
  • New: TAdvLiveCalendar component for access to Microsoft Live Calendar
  • New: TAdvURLShortener component to created shortened versions of URLs
  • New: TAdvWeather component for access to Wunderground service
  • New: TAdvWeatherLocationLookupProvider for location lookup based on Wunderground weather service
  • New: TAdvGoogleLookupProvider component for access to Google search completion lookup
  • New: TAdvGoogleLocationLookupProvider component for access to Google Maps service
  • New: TAdvCloudLookupEdit edit control with lookup capabilities based on cloud data
  • New: TAdvCloudImage component for displaying internet images

You can download the trial version from our website: TMS Cloud Pack is available for Delphi XE,XE2 and XE3.
TMS Cloud Pack is also included in TMS VCL Subscription.


Update: TMS Aurelius v1.7

We're pleased to announce a new version of our ORM framewok for Delphi has been released.

TMS Aurelius is an ORM framework for Delphi with full support for data manipulation, complex and advanced queries, inheritance, polymorphism, and more...

What's new & improved in v1.7
  • New: Full JSON support makes it easy to build distributed applications
  • New: Enumeration field as string now possible in TAureliusDataset by using field name suffix ".EnumName"
  • Improved: IdEq method in TLinq
  • Improved: TGlobalConfigs.AutoMappingDefaultCascade now split in two different properties for Association and ManyValuedAssociation (breaking change)
TMS Aurelius v1.7 is available for Delphi 2010, XE, XE2 & XE3. Trial download with PDF developers guide is available at:
TMS Aurelius is also included in TMS BI Pack.

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New: TMS (DB)Planner import/export to Google Calendar/Windows Live Calendar

We're pleased to announce an update for the TMS Planner add-on components.

2 new components are added to perform import/export of TMS Planner items to Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar


Update: TMS WebGMaps v1.5

TMS WebGMaps was updated with new capabilities

VCL Component with extensive configurability for integrating Google Maps in VCL applications


What's new in v1.5
  • New: Support for getting direcion information & showing directions
  • New: Support to show & interact with polygons on map
  • New: Support to show & interact with polylines on map
  • New: Support to add labels for markers
  • New: TWebGMapsLookupEdit control for address auto completion
  • New: TWebGMapsDirectionList control to show steps of direction info
  • New: Functions to get & set viewports coordinates based on longitude, latitude
  • New: Demo showing directions, polygons, markers with labels, lookup & route list
TMS WebGMaps v1.5 is available for Delphi & C++Builder 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2 and XE3. Trial download with PDF developers guide is available at:


Time-limited special offer: Save 10% on TMS VCL Subscription, offer until December 31!

We’re pleased to inform that the current contents of the TMS VCL Subscription has been extended with 2 new component packages! The new component packages we have added are:

TMS MultiTouch

With TMS MultiTouch SDK you can create immersive interactive multimedia applications or public point of sale touch based information systems in a matter of days instead of months. TMS MultiTouch SDK is designed for Windows 7 or Windows 8 32bit or 64bit with single touch or multi-touch enabled screens and gives your applications immersive graphical user interfaces including versatile multi-touch capabilities like item linking, rotation, scale, zoom, selection, multiselect, flip and much more.

TMS WebGMaps

A new VCL component with extensive configurability for integrating Google Maps in VCL applications. Different map modes are available (default road map, satellite view, hybrid view and terrain) and extra map information can be displayed. Position markers may be added to the maps, including default Google balloon markers and custom image markers. Extensive configuration options over the different Google maps controls are available: MapType control, OverViewMap control, Pan control, Scale control, StreetView control and Zoom control. On top of the map, polygons, polylines, circles, rectangles, labels, ... can be displayed. Image files can be created of the displayed map. Images can be saved in different formats: .BMP, .JPG or .PNG. Different mouse and keyboard options to enable/disable: mouse or keyboard panning, mouse or keyboard zoom, mouse wheel scrolling. TMS WebGMaps comes with a TWebGMapsGeocoding helper component to facilitate conversions between address and longitude/latitude coordinates. Directions can be automatically calculated and displayed on the map as well as step by step route description in a special TWebGMapsDirectionList component. The included TWebGMapsLookupEdit offers auto-completion while entering addresses based on Google Maps data.

With this enhanced TMS VCL Subscription content, we have a special time-limited discount offer: until December 31, 2012 all users receive 10% discount on all new orders of new licenses for the TMS VCL Subscription. With our VCL subscription you not only receive all current TMS VCL products for Windows application development, updates and support but also our future VCL products for Windows application development + support for the upcoming Delphi & C++Builder versions. Visit and have a look at all the VCL products for Delphi & C++Builder you receive with this one saving money bundle.

New licenses discounts:

  • TMS VCL Subscription Single developer license: now 625,50 EUR instead of 695EU, you save 69,50 EUR!
  • TMS VCL Subscription Small team license: now 895,50 EUR instead of 995EU, you save 99,50 EUR!
  • TMS VCL Subscription Site license: now 2.245,50 EUR instead of 2.495EU, you save 249,50 EUR!
To take advantage of this discount offer, after selecting your payment type in the online order form, enter your valid coupon code TMS-75-RT-63 in the field labeled "Your coupon code". The discount that comes with your coupon is applied after you have completed entering your personal data and have been redirected to the second page of the online order process.


Info:A new technical whitepaper is available: Using TMS FlexCel for VCL and FireMonkey

A new technical whitepaper is available for download now

Using TMS FlexCel for VCL and FireMonkey
A fast review of the core features available in TMS FlexCel for VCL/FireMonkey and how to do common things with FlexCel


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