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Update: TMS Pack for FireMonkey v1.5

We're pleased to inform the TMS Pack for FireMonkey is updated with several new controls: TMSFMXGrid, TMSFMXNavBar and TMSFMXEdit.

Set of highly configurable and styleable components for cross-platform FireMonkey software development.

After many months of research, developing, testing, polishing and documenting, the team at TMS software is proud to announce the availability of our first TMS FireMonkey cross-platform grid! Read the full details about the release of our productivity feature-packed grid in this article or download the whitepaper.

  • Highly styleable cross-platform FireMonkey controls
  • Support for Windows 32 bit, 64 bit, Mac OSX and iOS
  • Support for HTML formatted text, including hyperlinks in various parts of the components
  • Productivity feature-packed grid
  • Versatile TTMSFMXTableView control with support for LiveBindings
  • Navigational controls: TTMSFMXTileList, TTMSFMXPageSlider, TTMSFMXNavBar
  • iOS styled Popup control TTMSFMXPopup, iOS styled Spinner control
  • Set of Instrumentation controls: gauges, LEDs, meters, sliders, knobs, scope
  • Includes various demos and an extensive PDF developers guide
  • Includes various helper controls (badge, button and html enabled text controls) that can be used separately as well

What's new & improved in v1.5:
  • New: TTMSFMXGrid: feature-rich cross-platform FireMonkey grid
  • New: TTMSFMXNavBar: Outlook style navigation bar
  • New: TTMSFMXGridPrintPreview: Print preview dialog for TTMSFMXGrid
  • New: TTMSFMXFindDialog, TTMSFMXReplaceDialog: Find & replace dialogs
  • New: TTMSFMXExcelIO: Native XLS import / export component for TTMSFMXGrid
  • New: TTMSFMXRTFIO: Native RTF file export component for TTMSFMXGrid
  • New: TTMSFMXEditBtn: Version of TTMSFMXEdit with included button
  • New: TTMSFMXEdit : Advanced edit control with edit types, auto completion, lookup
Fully functional trial downloads with demo & PDF developers guide are available at:


New: TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack v1.0

We're excited to announce the first release of the new TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack

Set of IntraWeb components for easy integration of authentication via services (OAuth) of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live and Paypal based payments services in IntraWeb web applications.

Features :
  • 4 components TTIWFacebookAuthClient, TTIWGAuthClient, TTIWTWitterAuthClient and TTIWWindowsLiveAuthClient that offer easy & unified authentication/identification & site login via Twitter,Facebook,Google,Windows Live and allows to post to Twitter feed or Facebook stream via client component.
  • The included TTIWPayPalClient enables to integrate a Paypal based payments service in IntraWeb web applications.

You can download the trial version from our website: TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack is available for Delphi XE and XE2.
TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack is now also included in new purchases of TMS IntraWeb Component Studio.


Update: TMS Aurelius v1.5

We're pleased to announce a new version of our ORM framewok for Delphi has been released.

TMS Aurelius is an ORM framework for Delphi with full support for data manipulation, complex and advanced queries, inheritance, polymorphism, and more...

What's new in v1.5
  • New: Support for Absolute Database
  • New: TExpression.Sql and TProjections.Sql methods for adding custom SQL syntax to a query, increasing flexibility in query construction
  • New: Guid, Uuid38, Uuid36 and Uuid32 identifier generators allow client-side automatic generation of GUID and/or string identifiers
  • New: Support for properties/fields of type TGuid, which are now mapped to database Guid/Uniqueidentifier fields (if supported by database) or database string fields
TMS Aurelius v1.5 is available for Delphi 2010, XE & XE2. Trial download with PDF developers guide is available at:
TMS Aurelius is also included in TMS BI Pack.


Update: TMS WebGMaps v1.1

TMS WebGMaps was updated with new capabilities

VCL Component with extensive configurability for integrating Google Maps in Delphi & C++Builder


What's new in v1.1
  • New: Option to view weather indications on map
  • New: Option to show cloud layer on map
TMS WebGMaps v1.1 is available for Delphi & C++Builder 2007, 2009, 2010, XE & XE2. Trial download with PDF developers guide is available at:


New: Feature request voting on TMS website

We're pleased to announce the new feature request voting system integrated in our website.

From now, the website offers feature request voting capabilities for registered TMS customers. New request can be added, requests can be filtered (Newest requests, requests with most votes, own requests). You can also vote on requests from other customers and the number of votes will help us to prioritize development of new components and new features. Requests can also be found on all component pages and the feature request overview page under Support.

Also new is a redesign of the support
page, the page has been improved with visual clues.

We hope you like the improvements and look forward to any further suggestions and comments to keep improving our website.


Info:TMS support during holiday season

TMS software remains open during the holiday season and sales & support is standby for your most urgent questions.


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