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New: TMS Instrumentation Workshop for FireMonkey v1.0

We're proud to present a new set of instrumentation controls for cross-platform application development with the FireMonkey framework for Win32, Win64, OS-X 32 and iOS.

With the TMS Instrumentation Workshop we introduce the first set of FireMonkey controls that are created from scratch specifically for the FireMonkey framework. Similar to the TMS Instrumentation Workshop for VCL you will find gauge-, meter-, scope- and LED controls.

The TMS Instrumentation Workshop is designed to visualize data typical for instrumentation control applications, implementing the new architecture and design methodology of Embarcadero’s latest framework: FireMonkey. FireMonkey is a component framework that separates the visual and non-visual part of a component and offers the benefit of cross platform deployment. The layout or style of a control is designed in a separate file which is then loaded from the component. The calculations and interactions are handled in the code of the component and are connected with the graphical elements described in the layout or style file.

Included components:

  • TTMSFMXCircularGauge: circular gauge component with customizable divisions and subdivisions, support for setpoints, sections, extra needles
  • TTMSFMXLinearGauge: linear version of the circular gauge
  • TTMSFMXRotarySwitch: circular switch control with configurable number of positions
  • TTMSFMXKnobSwitch: circular switch control with configurable number of positions and LED indicators for on state for each position
  • TTMSFMXSpinner: smoothly animated spinner with customizable columns and datetime support, with look & feel of the iOS date/time selector
  • TTMSFMXSlider: stylable slider with animation
  • TTMSFMXLED: simple standalone LED control
  • TTMSFMXLEDBar: bar of LEDs with optionally different on/off colors per LED
  • TTMSFMXLEDMeter: smooth color transition LED meter with customizable colors and customizable number of steps
  • TTMSFMXLedScope: scope component consisting of a collection of LED meter channels
  • TTMSFMXClock: clock component
  • TTMSFMXCompass: compass component
  • TTMSFMXMatrixLabel: label with different text case formatting, different label sizes and colors
  • TTMSFMXScope: scope component with channel collection and customizable divisions, subdivisions and grid layout
TMS Instrumentation Workshop for FireMonkey v1.0 is available for Delphi XE2 & C++Builder XE2.
Fully functional trial downloads with demo & PDF developers guide are available at:


Update: TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls Pack v1.6

Unleash the power of HTML5 in your IntraWeb web applications.

We're pleased to announce an update with a new Pie chart control for the TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls.

TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls pack offers controls that take advantage of HTML5 capabilities to give a new powerful dimension to your IntraWeb web applications, including low bandwidth usage and ultra fast asynchronous updates that work on desktop browsers with HTML5 support as well as mobile browsers.

  • Fully asynchronous & ultrafast HTML5 based line, bar, area chart control
  • Fully asynchronous & ultrafast HTML5 based circular gauge control
  • Fully asynchronous & ultrafast HTML5 based linear gauge control
  • Fully asynchronous & ultrafast HTML5 based pie chart control
What's new in v1.6:
  • New: Pie chart control
    • Display one or more exploded segments.
    • Display pie chart as a full circle or a partial circle.
    • Automatic display of a legend in both vertical and horizontal mode.
    • A shadow effect can be optionally applied.
    • Apply different animation effects.
    • Display segment values or custom text as hint on mouse-over.
    • Asynchronous events to handle clicks on segments
    • Full asynchronous update support.

TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls Pack v1.6 is available for Delphi 7, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2 & C++Builder 2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2 with IntraWeb 10.0, 11.0, 12.0 and supports all modern browsers : Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE9, Opera, Safari on iPad, Webkit on Android.
TMS HTML5 Controls Pack is now also included in new purchases of TMS IntraWeb Component Studio.

Fully functional trial downloads with two included demos & PDF developers guide are available at:


Update: TMS Free IDE Plugins updated with Delphi XE2 support

We have released an update for all our free Delphi IDE plugins that adds support now for Delphi XE2.

  • TMS Presentation Helper & Clipboard monitor
    IDE plugin to monitor clipboard, track clipboard history and to save & load code snippets for giving presentations with Delphi
  • TMS IDE Rich Clip
    IDE plugin to copy source code with syntax highlighting to the clipboard
  • TMS Project Manager
    IDE plugin to easily ZIP and upload projects
  • TMS What's New IDE Plugin
    Delphi IDE plugin to keep current with the latest releases, blogs & tweets from TMS software

  • Enjoy these free IDE plugins. Looking forward to hear your feedback & ideas for enhancements or new plugins!


Info: Pre-announcing Flexcel 5 for VCL and FireMonkey

A new blog post has been published about pre-announcing FlexCel 5 for VCL and FireMonkey.

TMS FlexCel Studio 5 for VCL and FireMonkey is coming, bringing full feature parity with TMS FlexCel .NET (and this includes things like xlsx/m support, exporting to pdf, exporting to html, full recalculation, new reporting engine, and so many other things that I can't just mention them all). A public preview of the core engine is available to all our registered users and can be found under 'My products' after login on our website.

What's in the preview:

As the name says, this is a PREVIEW. Not even a beta. While the core engine is working, and you will be able to run the demos, code is nowhere near production yet, we have a very big list of known issues to fix before we can call it a beta. So please don't install it in any production machine, and don't use it for any serious work. This is not a "Google beta" that can be used anyway.

Also, for this release we are focusing on the API, so the report and rendering engines, even when included, are commented out and not working. We plan into getting the Core Engine working first, and soon the rest. Core engine is 400,000 of the 500,000 lines of code anyway, so a lot of work is done.

We would love to hear feedback from you. But just don't send in bug reports yet, we are aware of most bugs, and just haven't got time to fix them. Having thousands of reports in things we know they don't work yet will just delay us. On the other hand, things you can report are issues with the installer or any performance issues (a file taking too much to load, for example). Those things should be working fine, and we will investigate any report about them right away.


Info: A week in the TMS Labs

In the week of Dec 19-23, we’ll publish each day a new video of Delphi components recently developed in the TMS labs, explaining the features & capabilities and showing the components in action in the demos. Each day, a new video will be announced on our Facebook page:

Watch this space all week from Dec 19 to Dec 23!


Best wishes for a happy & prosperous New Year from the TMS team!

TMS software remains open during the holiday season and sales & support is standby for your most urgent questions.


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