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Update: TMS Component Pack v6.2

TMS Component Pack enables you to create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with over 300 components in one money and time saving bundle for Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2 & C++Builder 5,6,2006,2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2.

We're pleased to announce the release of a significant update for the TMS Component Pack. In this update v6.2, all latest component extensions & enhancements are included and most importantly also the new major update TMS TAdvStringGrid v6.0 is added.

What's new & improved in version 6.2 :

  • New: TAdvStringGrid v6.0 release added. See TAdvStringGrid page for details
  • New: Automatic undo for indent added via memo.BlockIndent() added in TAdvMemo
  • New: Function CanCut added added in TAdvMemo
  • New: Property SelectSingleLine added in TAdvMemo
  • New: Reorder property added in THTMLCheckList
  • New: Spacebar to toggle checkbox added in THTMLCheckList
  • New: Ctrl-A to select all items added in THTMLCheckList
  • New: CommentColor, CommentFont property added in THTMLCheckList
  • New: Event OnGroupCheckClick added in TAdvOfficeCheckGroup
  • New: AdvOfficePage.SetFloating() method added in TAdvOfficePager
  • New: OnResize event for floating pageform added in TAdvOfficePager
  • New: ArrowColor added in TAdvSmoothScrollBar
  • New: Attached label in TMS AdvDropdown controls
  • New: FocusBorderColor, BorderColor properties added in TMS AdvDropdown controls
  • New: ItemAppearance.BorderColorHot, ItemAppearance.BorderColorSelected added in TMS AdvDropdown controls
  • Improved: Samples distribution revised, improved & extended
  • Improved: Compatibiity with XE2 VCL Styles feature & 64bit target platform
  • A lot of smaller improvements & fixes in various components. See full version history for details
Users with an active registration can as always obtain this free update now after login on our website with your registration email & code. The details of all improvements and new capabilities are described in the release notes. For users with an expired registration, please login on our website for special discount upgrade offers to a full new version cycle of free updates and free priority support for TMS Component Pack or upgrades to our TMS Component Studio or TMS VCL Subscription.


Update: TMS TAdvStringGrid v6.0

We're proud to inform a major update for our feature-rich and award-winning TAdvStringGrid v6.0 for Delphi and C++Builder has been released now.

TAdvStringGrid is packed with productivity capabilities that are enabled with just setting a few properties or writing very little code. TAdvStringGrid offers printing, rich editing capabilities, sorting, filtering, grouping, cell merging, all kinds of graphics in cells, import and export to various file formats,...

With version v6.0, we’ve integrated many new time-saving features and user experience enhancements. At the same time, compatibility for 64bit development was fine-tuned, QA efforts have increased, performance was improved, documentation has been extended and all samples were revised.

What's new & improved in version v6.0:

  • New : Metro design language integration, Metro style minimalistic scrollbars.
  • New : Tristate checkbox support added.
  • New : TAdvHeaderList / TAdvHeaderListPopup column chooser components.
  • New : OnEditChange support added for fixed cell editing.
  • New : Added option to control export of images with TAdvGridExcelIO.
  • New : FilterNormalCellsOnly property added to skip filter on node/summary rows.
  • New : Group checkboxes.
  • New : edNumericUnitEditBtn, edFloatUnitEditBtn inplace editor types.
  • New : Groups grand total automatically displayed in floating footer line.
  • New : Public properties SaveFixedCols, SaveFixedRows added.
  • New : Grid.ControlLook.DropDownCount property added.
  • New : FilterDropDownCheck to have multiselect dropdown filter.
  • New : Combo edit & combo list fixed cell editor.
  • New : Inplace editor alignment will automatically match display alignment.
  • New : DISTINCT, STDDEV column & group calculation function added.
  • New : Cell control to expand/collaps rows.
  • New : Method grid.EditCell(Col,Row) added.
  • New : grid.SortSettings.ToggleDirection method added.
  • New : Event OnComboDropDown added.
  • New : Support for XY scatter charts added in TAdvChartLink.
  • New : OnColumnCalc event added.
  • New : DragDropSettings.OleColumnsOnly property added.
  • Improved : Flat node appearance.
  • Improved : Various code optimizations.
  • Improved : Behavior with cell scroll.
  • Improved : TAdvGridImport selection between delimited & fixed column with files.
  • Improved : Column OLE drag & drop.
  • Improved : 64bit compatibility, performance improvements, code improvements.
  • Various smaller improvements & fixes.
Active registered users can obtain this update free after login on our website.
Fully functional trial versions for Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2 & C++Builder 5,6,2006,2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2 are available at:
This product is also available in the TMS Component Pack


New: TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls Pack v1.0

Unleash the power of HTML5 in your IntraWeb web applications.

We're pleased to present a new control set focused on HTML5 capabilities to give a new powerful dimension to your IntraWeb web applications, including low bandwidth usage and ultra fast asynchronous updates.

The first control available in this pack is the TMS TTIWHTML5Chart. This component is designed to render various chart types in a browser using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. The component currently offers following chart types: bar, area, line, stacked area and stacked bar. Multiple series can be simultaneously shown in the chart.

  • Different chart modes: area, bar, line, stacked area and stacked bar.
  • Automatic display of a legend in both vertical and horizontal mode.
  • Annotations and value labels can be added to series points for any chart type.
  • A 3D effect can be optionally applied to each chart type.
  • Square, circle, rectangle or image markers on series points can be set for chart types: line, area and stacked area.
  • A separate item layer is available to add any type of additional information on the chart at a position of choice, either on top of the series or below.
  • Customizable text in X-axis, Y-axis and different X-axis, Y-axis per series.
  • Automatic Y-axis range calculation or configurable range.
  • Configurable helper lines and color banding.
  • Asynchronous updatable single series point or entire series and asynchronous updates of series properties, chart properties.
  • Different asynchronous events to handle clicks on various parts of the chart.
  • Display of series points values as hint on mouse-over.
  • Full asynchronous update support.
TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls Pack v1.0 is available for Delphi 7, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2 & C++Builder 2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2 with IntraWeb 10.0, 11.0, 12.0 and supports all modern browsers : Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE9, Opera, Safari on iPad, Webkit on Android.

Fully functional trial downloads with two included demos & PDF developers guide are available at:


New: TMS MultiTouch SDK v1.0

SDK to create immersive interactive multimedia applications or public point of sale touch based information systems.

We're excited to announce the initial release of the new TMS MultiTouch SDK.

With TMS MultiTouch SDK you can create immersive interactive multimedia applications or public point of sale touch based information systems in a matter of days instead of months. TMS MultiTouch SDK is designed for Windows 7 32bit or 64bit with single touch or multi-touch enabled screens.

  • Multi-touch manipulations of items: rotate, scale, pan, zoom, move,….
  • Display modes for items: Cascade, Grid, Position, Random, Stacked and Transform.
  • Items can have an image, text or combined image and text.
  • Items can have associated controls.
  • Items have default content & detail content with flip animation between default & detail.
  • Visualizer concept to allow to display any kind of file type (includes visualizer for shell preview & PDF).
  • Custom drawing on items.
  • Manipulation of region background (pan, zoom, scale).
  • Static control items on region.
  • Built-in methods to perform screen rotate (0°,90°,180°,270°).
  • Different states for each item : normal, selected.
  • Animation transitions.
  • Automatic paging in grid mode.
  • Automatic stack to other display mode transitions.
  • Configurable number of rows / columns in grid mode.
  • Complex fills on items, control items.
  • Includes the entire range of TMS Smooth Controls with iPhone/iPad style thumbnail list, calendar, touch keyboard, popup, buttons, trackbars, megamenu, dock bar,... and much more.

Comes with 5 demos:
PhotoAlbum, Music browser, ElectronicBoard, MagazineLibrary and TMS Products demo.

TMS software offers multi-touch ready POS hardware starting from 32” to 60” screens. Prices start at 3.990 EU for a 32” screen. We'll publish soon more details on the multitouch hardware solutions, technical info, pricing & ordering information here.

Fully functional trial versions for Delphi 2010,XE,XE2 & C++Builder 2010,XE,XE2 are available at:


Info: Full support across our entire VCL product range for Rad Studio XE2 is ready.

After weeks of intensive work, we are delighted to inform that all our VCL components are now supporting the latest Embarcadero IDEs. This means that active registered users can obtain free updates for any VCL product purchased with support for Delphi XE2 & C++Builder XE2. We now also have fully functional trial versions of all our VCL products specifically for Delphi XE2 & C++Builder XE2.

At the same time, our entire VCL IntraWeb product line now also supports the latest version IntraWeb 12 across all Delphi & C++Builder versions.

If you have an active registration please login on our website to download the update(s). For trial versions, check our product page.


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