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Update: TMS Component Pack v5.7.3.0

TMS Component Pack enables you to create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with over 300 components in one money and time saving bundle for Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009,2010 & C++Builder 5,6,2006,2007,2009,2010.

We're pleased to announce the release of an ugrade for the TMS Component Pack. In this update v5.7.3.0, several new components, major new features are added as well as latest improvements and fixes to existing components:

Users with an active registration can as always obtain this free update now after login on our website with your registration email & code. The details of all improvements and new capabilities are described in the release notes. For users with an expired registration, please login on our website for special discount upgrade offers to a full new version cycle of free updates and free priority support for TMS Component Pack or upgrades to our TMS Component Studio or TMS VCL Subscription.
TMS software team is working hard on support for RAD Studio XE as well and we'll provide a free update for RAD Studio XE shortly after its release for all active registered users.

Update: TMS Data Modeler v1.5.0.0

The ultimate tool for modeling databases with an easy and simple interface.

TMS Data Modeler is the ultimate tool for modeling databases with an easy and simple interface. It provides powerful features you need, such as diagramming, reverse engineering, SQL script generation and version control. It keeps track of your changes and generates SQL scripts to update your database according to them. It has smooth integration with development tools like Delphi and C++Builder. And all of these features are accessible through a modern & familiar user interface.


Feature overview:

Design your database model
  • Entity relationship diagram editor (ER diagram).
  • Create tables in diagram and/or in tab forms.
  • Multi-diagram interface.
  • Project validation allows you to trace errors in your model.
  • Supports logical (application-level) domains.
  • Design tables, fields, domains, indexes, triggers, relationships, constraints, views, procedures, generators and other database objects.
  • Several database systems supported and more will be added.
Database development lifecycle
  • Reverse engineering of existing databases.
  • Generate SQL (DDL) scripts to create databases.
  • Keep track of your changes by archiving and managing versions.
  • Compare models between versions or between projects.
  • Generate Alter SQL scripts to update database according to changes.
  • Convert model to a different database system.
  • TMS Data Modeler can be integrated with Delphi and C++Builder.
Simple and easy
  • Automatic online updates.
  • Modern ribbon interface.
  • Tables and other objects organized in tabs, all accessible through one click.
  • Easy and quick navigation. Create tables and fields swiftly.
  • Multi-project interface in Microsoft Office 2010 style, with cutting edge design.

New: Two new technical whitepapers

Two new technical whitepapers are available for download now

Creating Office 2010 style VCL applications with TMS Components
Article on how to use our components to create modern Office 2010 style applications

TMS Data Modeler introduction
Overview of features of the new TMS Data Modeler product, how it can be used and how to integrate with Delphi & C++Builder.

New: TMS documentation & FAQ center

TMS manuals centralized and FAQ made searchable

All TMS developer guide downloads are now centralized in a single documentation center page:
The FAQ items for our components are now also centralized, searchable and can be shown by date or author as well at:

Update: TMS Silverlight / WPF Planner v2.1.0.0

Feature-rich Silverlight / WPF component for single/multi-resource scheduling Silverlight applications.


We're pleased to inform an update of our Silverlight / WPF Planner component suite for a broad range of RIA planning and scheduling solutions. Whether a project requires the creation of a single-user Personal Information Management (PIM) application or time planning for multiple resources such as hotel rooms, rental cars and university courses, the TMS SilverLight Planner provides a fast, open and highly-configurable interface that will suit the project's needs.

  • Multi-resource / multi-day or combined multi-resource/multi-day modes
  • Day, Week, Month, Period views
  • Full drag & drop support
  • Time-axis orientation can be horizontal or vertical
  • Recurrency support & built-in recurrency editor
  • WCF based data binding to server-side database for Silverlight
  • Configurable editing of events, via inplace editing, popup editing,...
  • Highly customizable appearance via Expression Blend or XAML code.
  • Optional completion display per resource
  • Optional linked events support with link indication and various link types

What's new & improved in version v2.1.0.0:
  • New: ConfirmInsertText and ConfirmDeleteText properties to customize the insert and delete confirmation messages
  • New: AutoInsDel property to enable or disable the insert and delete confirmation dialogs
  • New: ScrollPositionHorizontal and ScrollPositionVertical properties to programmatically set the initial scroll position
  • New: PlannerItem.DBItem property to indicate if an Item was added programmatically or trough databinding
  • New: ClearDBItems and ClearNonDBItems to remove only DB items or only non DB items
  • New: Start editing a selected item by pressing the F2 or the Enter key
  • New: GetCellBackground event to customize the background color for each cell
  • New: CellClick and PlannerItem.CaptionClick events
  • Various smaller fixes & improvements. Check our website for more details...

Update: TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro (Script Edition) v4.3.0.0

The TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro and TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition have been updated. TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro contains a wide range of components that enhance the developer and user experience of IntraWeb applications with feature-rich grids, calendars, datepickers, navigational controls, advanced edits, HTML editor, menus and much more...

What's new & improved in v4.3.0.0:
  • New: TIWHTMLEdit: Added hint properties for each Glyph property to make the Hint text customizable
  • New: Webdings characters replaced with Unicode characters for improved cross browser compatibility of use of arrows in controls
  • New: TIWMainMenu, TIWPopupMenu: Added SubMenuGlyphURL property
  • New: TIWAdvWebGrid: Properties added in Columns[]: ColumnHeaderClass, CellClass, FooterClass: string; for CSS style control
  • New: TIWAdvWebGrid: Controller class name: “GridID”ctrlclass added for CSS style control
  • New: TIWAdvTreeView: Added ClientEvents.ItemClick(el, value)
  • Improved: TIWAdvRadioGroup: Redesigned
  • Misc: Smaller improvements & fixes

Active registered users can obtain this update free after login on our website.
Fully functional trial versions for Delphi 6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009,2010 & C++Builder 6,2006,2007,2009,2010 are available at: This product is also available in TMS IntraWeb Component Studio.

Update: TMS Flexcel Studio for .NET v5.3.0.0

100% managed code Excel (.XLS & .XLSX), HTML & PDF report generation for .NET

We've released an update of our first-class 100% managed code Excel, PDF and HTML report generation and Excel file manipulation component suite.

What's new in version
  • New: Support for Recalculation of 49 built in functions new to Excel 2007
  • New: Support for Recalculation of 8 built in functions new to Excel 2010
  • New: Support for all Excel 2010's "Renamed Functions"
  • New: "BALANCED COLUMNS" mode for reports.
  • New: FIXEDN ranges for reports
  • New: ROWS function for reports
  • New: TCopyRangeMode.Formats to copy formats from a block of cells to other
  • Improved: Medium trust support
  • Many small fixes and enhancement

Info: Delphi XE & C++Builder XE support available soon

Embarcadero released the new RAD Studio XE

Our team is working hard to get all our TMS products ready for Delphi XE & C++Builder XE as soon as possible and registered users will receive free updates immediately when ready. The progress of our team adding Delphi XE & C++Builder XE support can be tracked here.

Info: A busy Delphi fall in Europe

Coming fall promises to be a very busy period for Delphi and TMS software. Several cool events are coming up and TMS software will be present at at least three of these events.

Paris, France
The first event is the CodeWay tour 2010 in France. On september 9th, CodeWay organises a Delphi day in Paris. TMS software will be present and will do a session on our components. You'll have the opportunity to learn great things about Delphi development and to talk to us in person. Reserve your seat now for the CodeWay Tour 2010 in Paris.

Berlin, Germany
Friday 17 & saturday 18 September, the Delphi-Tage 2010 are organised in Berlin. Last year, over 200 Delphi developers gathered in Hamburg for an exciting event where TMS software was also present. This year, Berlin is the place where german Delphi developers unite. Unfortunately we can't attend this years Delphi Tage but TMS software is sponsoring the conference. Visit Delphi-Tage 2010 for more information and to confirm your presence.

Darmstadt, Germany
September 27 to 30, the EKON Delphi conference is being organised for the 14th time already. Many international and German speakers bring sessions on Delphi, Delphi Prism, VCL for the Web. TMS software will be present as exhibitor. It will be a great opportunity to meet with many of our existing & new German customers. More information on EKON14 and details to signup can be found on the Entwickler website

Verona, Italy
November 17-19, ITDevCon is taking place in Verona with November 18 - 19 entirely devoted to the European Delphi Conference. Three tracks of sessions are provided, thus plenty of choice to learn about designing and developing Delphi applications. TMS software is exhibitor and will also do two sessions. We look forward to meet our Italian existing & new customers for the first time. More details and signup for ITDevCon 2010 can be found on the ITDevCon website.

We'll keep you informed if more events do come up about Delphi here in Europe!

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