ALERT November 10, 2009

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Major update: TMS TAdvStringGrid v5.0

We're proud to inform a major update for our feature-rich and award-winning TAdvStringGrid v5.0 for Delphi and C++Builder has been released now. TAdvStringGrid is packed with productivity capabilities that are enabled with just setting a few properties or writing very little code. TAdvStringGrid offers printing, rich editing capabilities, sorting, filtering, grouping, cell merging, all kinds of graphics in cells, import and export to various file formats including native Excel .XLS file import & export. In this version v5.0 we've introduced again a huge range of time-saving capabilities and features that allow a richer user experience for inplace editing in the grid.

What's new & improved in version 5.0

  • New: Detail,time,memo,colorpicker,imagepicker,trackbar,grid dropdown inplace editors
  • New: Cell rating control
  • New: Shapes in cells
  • New: Auto filerting added
  • New: Automatic URL in text recognition added
  • New: property OriginalCells[Col,Row]string added to access cells irrespective of column moving
  • New: Method grid.SelectCells() added
  • New: grid.MouseActions.PreciseNodeClick added
  • New: ColumnSize.Row property added to select for which rows to perform auto column sizing
  • New: grid.DateTimePicker.WeekNumbers property added
  • New: grid.DateTimePicker.ShowToday property added
  • New: grid.DateTimePicker.ShowTodayCircle property added
  • New: public property XYOffsetTopLeftOnly property added
  • New: Column sizes can be preset in TAdvGridImportDialog
  • New: OnClipboardAfterPasteCell,OnClipboardAfterPasteWideCell events added
  • New: MouseActions.DisjunctRowSelectNoCtrl property added
  • New: Event OnCheckBoxChange added
  • New: Navigation.AutoAdvance will now also move to the next cell when MaxEditLength is reached
  • New: Public property EditMask added to avoid implementing an extra event to set a mask
  • New: 3 new sample applications showing auto-filtering and new inplace editors
  • Improved: edValidChars inplace editor type & grid.ValidCharSet public property added
  • Improved: IntelliZoom function
  • Improved: Clipboard support for multiline cells
  • Improved: Changed TInifile use by TMemInifile for faster operation
  • Improved: OLE file drop is now also possible on non cell area of grid
  • Improved: HTML form cell editing
  • Improved: Painting of inplace edit controls on Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • Improved: PDF developers guide has been extended
  • Various smaller improvements & fixes

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Update: TMS Component Pack v5.4

Access to the latest versions, improvements, new features in over 300 VCL components for building feature-rich, modern looking and native Windows application with Delphi or C++Builder is what the TMS Component Pack offers. With TMS Component Pack v5.4, we continue this over 10 year tradition, offering many enhancements to the included components and most importantly also the new major update TAdvStringGrid v5.0. Users with an active registration can as always obtain this free update now after login on our website with your registration email & code. The details of all improvements and new capabilities are described in the release notes.

For users with an expired registration, please login on our website for special discount upgrade offers to a full new version cycle of free updates and free priority support for TMS Component Pack or upgrades to our TMS Component Studio or TMS VCL Subscription.

Update TMS Advanced Charts / TMS IntraWeb Charts v2.5

Our team has been working hard on the newest version of TMS Advanced Charts v2.5. The TMS Advanced Charts is a feature-rich set of components for creating applications with DB-aware or non DB-aware, GDI or GDI+ business, financial, statistical or scientific charts. It includes a wide range of chart types: : Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Spider, Donut, Band, Stacked Bars, Stacked Area, OHLC, CandleStick, Histogram, Bubble, Error charts in single or multi-panes configuration with scrolling, scaling, splitter, drag & drop, synchronized scrolling with mouse or keyboard.

What's new in v2.5:
  • New: Horizontal charts, rotate your charts 90 degrees
  • New: Logarithmic Y-Scale capability
  • New: Bar shapes: rectangle, cylinder, pyramid for normal & stacked bar charts
  • New: Text values on bars to superimpose text on bar charts
  • New: IntraWeb chart features asynchronous events and asynchronous updates

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Update: TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro (Script Edition) v3.8

The TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro and TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition have been updated today. We're happy to inform that we have added 4 new components and several improvements to the over 70 controls that are already included. TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro contains a wide range of components that enhance the developer and user experience of IntraWeb applications with feature-rich grids, calendars, datepickers, navigational controls, advanced edits, HTML editor, menus and much more...

What's new & improved in v3.8:
  • New: TTIWSmoothTimeLine : IntraWeb timeline component with asynchronous events and updates
  • New: TTIWSmoothGauge : IntraWeb gauge component with asynchronous events and updates
  • New: TTIWSmoothLEDLabel: IntraWeb LED label component with asynchronous updates
  • New: TTIWSmoothLabel: IntraWeb label with gradient/texture fill with asynchronous updates
  • New: In TTIWAdvWebGrid: Added public property RenderStyleTag used internally to only render the style tag of the DetailGrid once.
  • New: In TTIWAdvWebGrid: Added check to only render the style tag if one of the columns has ColumnType set to ctNoWrap
  • New: In TTIWMainMain, TTIWSideMenu, TTIWPopupMenuButton, TTIWPopupMenuLabel, TTIWDocumentPopupMenu: Added properties: ItemCheckedGlyph & ItemCheckedGlyphURL
  • Misc: Various smaller improvements & fixes

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