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TMS WEB Core v1.1 Verona coming closer. Improving the debugging experience!


Monday, December 10, 2018

In an earlier blog article, we have already explained how the Pas2JS compiler, with the help of its generated source map files, enables debugging TMS WEB Core web applications from the browser in full Pascal source code. This means that in the browser, you can set breakpoints at Pascal source code lines, inspect Pascal variables, objects, ...< br>
While this is an extremely convenient feature for us Delphi developers, we took this one step further with the upcoming TMS WEB Core v1.1 Verona.

With the current method, you need to open the Pascal sources from the browser debugger, locate the code where you want to set a breakpoint and only then the debugging session can start. What if you could just set the breakpoints already from the Delphi IDE, as this is where the development happens and there you have the code in front of you which makes it the logical & intuitive place to do so. With TMS WEB Core v1.0 Brescia, you probably already experienced settings a breakpoint in the Delphi IDE out of pure habit and noticed nothing was done with this breakpoint when the web application is running in the browser.

Now, our team got an idea and started working on it to bring you that a breakpoint set in the code from the Delphi IDE will effectively result in a breakpoint when the web application is run in the browser. The 'trick' used here is that breakpoint locations in the source code in the IDE result in JavaScript debugger calls that are treated as breakpoint.

For example, set the breakpoint in the Delphi IDE:

and run the web application in the browser results in:

So, the browser debugger is automatically forced to stop just before the line where the breakpoint was set in the IDE. This saves you from locating the code in the browser console and set any breakpoints again from there.

What is more, when you use the Chrome browser and compile & run your applicaiton in debugging mode, the IDE will now also automatically start the browser with the debugging console open, so you do not need to open it again each time with the F12 key.

To make it even more clear, our colleague Holger created a short video demonstrating this feature:

TMS WEB Core v1.1 Verona (our next city in the Mille Miglia after start from Brescia) is around the corner. This new convient debugging experience enhancement is one of the many new features coming in v1.1. See the blog article for details like support for Progressive Web Applications, Google Charts, Google+Facebook signing, Paypal payment integration, autocompletion edit control and much more ...!

Interested in fast RAD component based web client application development with Delphi? Get started today: TMS WEB Core, TMS FNC UI web-enabled controls, web-enabled TMS XData, the first parts under the TMS RADical WEB umbrella are all available separately now or as part of the TMS-ALL-ACCESS subscription!

Bruno Fierens


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